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(WF) Vanilla Cream Extra SC

By: Wonder Flavours (WF) - Buy Direct

Used in 691 recipes at an average of 1.602%.


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This is my blueberry trifle!! I am very pleased with how this recipe turned out. I really like this recipe and I hope you do too!!!!There are many types of trifles this one is layered with blueberries, vanilla pudding, whipped cream and pound cake. How can you go wrong???

The blueberry:
I love this blueberry combination I have been developing a few recipes lately and this combination of flavor west blueberry and Flavorah blueberry muffin is the perfect blueberry for me. I love it.

The pudding and whipped cream:
Obviously I used Flavorah vanilla pudding for the pudding. For the whipped cream I used a combination of Bavarian cream by tfa and vanilla cream extra by wonder flavours. The Bavarian cream helps the vanilla pudding a bit as well.

The pound cake:
I used Flavorah pound cake and real flavors sc sugar cookie. I will say it again real flavors sugar cookie is awesome with or in any cake. It brings out a fluffy cakey goodness like no other.. If you don't have or haven't used it you should be using it and or getting some.

Sorry for the brief description I have been so busy at work with broken frozen plumbing pipes I can't see straight and I am surprised I wrote anything.😉 I really liked this on day 3 but its slightly better by day 5 but anyway I really enjoy this and thought you would too. So her it is my blueberry trifle.

Flavorah sweetness is just my choice of sweetener use whatever brand you prefer or none at all totally your call!!!


merry Christmas everyone and this is what I will be vaping on sunday and Monday guys mix it up and enjoy


This is a remix not a clone of FRYD e juice which is a deep fried Twinkie. A Deep Fried Twinkie is exactly what this is and I mean spot on. This is a strange recipe I suggest a 2 to 3 day steep but you only have about 2 weeks before it starts to fade. So I wouldn't make huge batches because a long steep doesn't help this recipe. Either way I think you will really enjoy this recipe!!!!!


well I have been trying too mix up a good yogurt and Ive been having a good healthy snack from the hospital and this is it boys and I'm trying too start an early diet so wish me luck boys and girls


Made this on a whim, gonna give it a week before i try it.
My initial thoughts, PUR butter pecan pralines ice cream at this % along with LB vanilla ice cream and FW butter pecan acts as boosters for it. PUR marshmallow to give it alittle further depth and mouthful feeling. And WF vanilla cream extra for that extra creaminess to this mix like when u get that last bit of melted ice cream at the bottom of the bowl. I think the blend of these flavors brings enough sweetness and richness to this mix to make it satisfying


just alil Christmas treat for you guys well here it is I used ooo o's as the oreo cookie and fa cookie as the cookie base, I used fw white chocolate & wf white fudge as the main flavor note in this and added alil wf vanilla extra to give it some sweetness and tfa marshmallow fa condensed milk to fill it all in with some body too it. the last thing I added was some super sweet to help out with oreo cookies

Lowered the Acetyl P. It was just a tad higher than what I wanted over time.

Adjusted the creams.

Hey guys!

While on honeymoon in Thailand, my wife and I were lucky enough to have a housemaid that left us (and kept refilling) a jar of coconut caramel toffees. She kept refilling this jar, since I sneakishly kept stocking up the caramels in a bag, obviously to get more of them from her. (She were hansomly repaid, ofc).

I'm by no means an experienced mixer. Been mixing for about a year now, and these are my thoughts around this mix.

My goal were to make these caramels, like butterscotch, gooey caramels that stick to your teeth, just with the touch of creamy sweet coconut milk. Just as I remember the caramels mentioned.

FA Caramel: The bass to this whole coup. Its by no means the main schaufeur in the mix, but my thoughts were to make it the main layer for everything else to grow on.

Acetyl P: In there to bring the nuttyness that most caramels have about them.

White Fudge SC: This one gives the FA caramel and the sweet coconut a gentle kiss.

The main idea behind the creams and custards were to make a blend that folds together with the caramel. Vienna cream to add a buttery touch to the creams.

Well thats about it.. English aint my main language, so bare over with my ramblings

We are still married, but the caramels are all gone.

Hope you enjoy this one..


This is a recipe I have been playing with. It is my take on a Bourbon banana foster. This recipe is good after an overnight steep! Give it a try and let me know what you think in the reviews!!!!!😃😜 I just realized I had to put butter pecan pie wonder flavors when I used butter pecan pie real flavors super concentrate because it wasn't available for a selection teach me to put up recipes late at night because I forget to right down what I did. Sorry if anyone mixed it the way its written but I bet its good either way lol.

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