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a simple cookies and cream Chewie would be proud of

A very tasty RY4 Vanilla Pistachio Cream. I blended both TPA Pistachio and WF Pistachio Cream. Although WF Pistachio Cream isn't quite a pistachio, it is a very flavorful and creamy nut. It works great with TPA Pistachio and in effect, adds more nuttiness to the recipe. I used TPA RY4 Double and added 1% of WF Vanilla Cream Extra and .5% of WF Cookie Butter to give it even more creaminess, sharpness and butteriness.

Please enjoy and feedback welcomed!


just an awesome donut base with a sick ass vanilla buttercream frosting killin it on top. Releasing this per ID10T's suggestion and inspo. Thanks buddy!

Omit the Frostings and Vanilla cream for a pure donut base to work off of but imo swap out the vanilla cream for:

Wf chocolate frosting 2%
Ooo Strawberry jam 2%
Ssa raspberry syrup 1%
Wf salted caramel 2%
Ooo Blood Orange 1.5%

Add FW Sprinkles

Add CAP Cinnamon Sugar

Add WF Bavarian Cream

Add some VTA Vanilla Cream

Top it with .75% wf lemon orange rice candy + 1.5% tpa Crunch Berries for a better attempt at pebz.

Add flv Blueberry Muffin to this at 2-3%

Add rich cinnamon at .2%

Add wf Chocolate chunks at 1.5%

have at it!


Wow this tastes almost identical to (The Fix) from Twisted Tongue 👅 ejuice except the fix is a strawberry cheesecake that tastes like strawberries and cream and this tastes just like that but a little sweetener and imo better! Tested on a wasp nano rda. This recipe gets better with age so at least 3 days before you crack the bottle.

I'm only keeping the name ATF provided because it's hilarious.

Pretty straightforward here. I have tried so many cookie recipes and I am settling on this. One of my all-day vapes.

Soft baked cookie base has a grainy quality and RF Sugar cookie has a soft sugar cookie quality that forms a great cookie base. If you don't have RF I would substitute maybe JF Cookie or WF Sugar Cookie as CAP will give you a crunchy spice note. I was looking for that store-bought heavy frosted sugar cookie vibe and I think this achieves it nicely.

The creams. I tried FLV Frosting, FLV Cream, WF Buttercream frosting, and so many others trying to get a heavy frosted feel and no matter what I tried I kept feeling like I was coming up short. WF Tahitian Vanilla Cream has a nutty note that complements the cookie quite nicely and when paired with the Vanilla Cream Extra and Sweet Cream thickens up and forms a nice heavy frosting note.

Super sweet is optional.

Try it. Leave a rating if you like it. Thanks. You can vape it after an overnight steep but it starts to shine after the 3 - 5 day mark. Add a little bit of strawberry or your favorite fruit if you want to change it up a bit.

A rich and creamy French Vanilla Pie with Graham Cracker crust. I'm in love with TPA French Vanilla Deluxe. It's so thick and creamy with a nice custard taste. Combined with FA Meringue and WF Vanilla Cream Extra, it gives an amazing pie filling.

Please enjoy!! Feedback welcomed!!

Ube Milk Tea.

Y’all excited?

FLV Yam for the starch and flavor.
WF Plum to turn the Yam purple.
FA Milk for the dairy and thickness.
VT Avocado cream to add nuttiness that taro has.
WF Vanilla Cream Extra to act as the sweetened-condensed milk.
SC/FE Black Tea because it truly is the best black tea.


Delicious, sweet English trifle for this weeks episode of The Mixin Vixens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5_xjQ2g8Ag

I used SSA Whipped cream as it is a rich, heavy whipped cream that pairs beautifully with WF Vanilla Cream Extra and VT Sweet Cream as the base for this delicious dessert.

If you like what we do and would like to support is in a fun tasty way, check out our one shots:

An "everything but the kitchen sink" custard made with mostly new and newer WF flavors. AT 5 days, I could not put this down . . . unfortunately, I didn't make a big enough test batch. Off to make another, bigger bottle and let it sit before digging in. Lots of flavors . . . high percentage . . . blah blah blah. Again, took the classic vanilla custard route with new/newer flavors. Spurred to release this to show my appreciation for Frank and the folks at Wonder Flavours for their overwhelming generosity in the Developed WF giveaway and to showcase how Wonder-ful their Flavours truly are. This is a solid vanilla custard . . . I'm proud of it and stay impressed by the great things WF puts out. Add 0.5% of the sweetener of your choosing.

A Cranberry & Apple Pie finished with a serving of Vanilla Cream, created for the Fresh From the Kitchen monthly challenge (Fall Recipe)

Tested on a Hussar II Rda with a 2.5mm I.D Ni80 Alien @ 39watts

Off the Shake:
I am getting a heavy apple filling with a slight cranberry & pie base with a hint of cream,

Day 3:
After 3 days it has developed its pie base that is buttery thanks to the Flavor Art Apple Pie & Wonder Flavours Shortbread Cookie, the apple filling and cranberry are both presenting themselves, all the spice notes have settled and are currently offering a good spice note to the Mix. The creams are there but still not as pronounced as I intended.

Day 5:
Tested on a Haku Riviera Single 0.2ohm Alien coil @ 48 watts
FA Apple Pie/ WF Shortbread Cookie are giving me a buttery Pie crust, the fruits are where I want them to be with the right amount of spice, the pear & liquid amber are giving me the stewed fruit texture that I am after. The cream is starting to sit into the tail of the vape as intended, however would still like it to be more prominent.

Day 7: The cream is finally present & playing its role in finishing off the pie.

Day 10: Everything has settled into its place and I am getting a nice buttery dessert pie crust with a stewed apple & cranberry filling with a light amount of spice, finished with a serving of a vanilla cream.

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