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This is this is my rendition of a breakfast crepe I had once in a diner in Georgia. A sweet crepe filled with a luxurious vanilla cream and peach compote.
We start with WF Crepe because its a thin pancake, WF Angel Cake to give the pancake some extra body, WF Cannoli Shell for extra flavor and to add a cooked aspect to the pancake and WF Bavarian Cream to keep it moist. Then to fill the Crepe I used WF Peach Pie and Cream which has a very light crust, light cream and a great peach flavor. Also I boosted the cream with WF Vanilla Cream Extra and a little bit of WF Peach Gummy Candy to really make that peach stand out.

Sweeten to your liking. This recipe will probably change sometime later (this will of course be reflected in the description when it happens), this is a recipe in progress.

Finally, i made a good cherry.
Cherry compote is now my go to for cherry flavourings, this is a rich cherry ice cream. I get no off notes in this at all and is well worth a try.

The cow cream is back with this new and improved butterscotch cookie.
Let this sit a couple days, its ok off the shake but around day 5 its great.

The apple pie was bothering me so I reworked the cookie base of the original
fa cookie and apple pie became JF cookie and WF cookie butter, the combo fixes the cookie base
Buttrip was also turned down to 2%
OOO Marshmallow (Vanilla) and buttrip are two flavors I enjoy so I decided to combine them.
It was ok but needed help, so FLV Caramel came in to smooth out the buttrip
WF Vanilla Cream Extra SC just gives it a little more creaminess.

Add sweetener at your own liking. This is a simple Wonder Flavours recipe, with some marshmallow from Flavour Art for mouthfeel, moisture and sweetness.

Hope you like it

Peanut butter.

I took a sniff of dx pb and Ripe cherry together and instantly knew they belonged in a mix together. And boy was i not wrong!!

Milkshake IPA with Kiwi.

Born from an idea that @isuamadog had entirely too late one night. I let me mind run wild. This is one of those fancy Milkshake IPAs that your cool cousin drinks. Not because he thinks he’s better than you, but because he KNOWS he’s better than you.

Most of it is self explanatory.

FLV Yakima Hops for hops.
FLV Pink Guava for hops support and to give the kiwi a tartness.
FW/FA Kiwi to fill the "real and artificial flavors".
FA Milk for the real dairy.
WF Vanilla Cream Extra for a light, sweeter vanilla cream.

This was originally made for mixers club Duets but it go too far off the mark and became its own thing. I was messing with the FM Green apple a lot recently and Thought "why not dip it in caramel and throw that shit in some cream" so yeah that's what I was aiming for.
FA Fuji and FM Green apple make a nice apple together and MB Shape up pear just makes it perfect.
WF Caramel butter was added in testing because its great and FM caramel is high because it needs to be.
CNV Van Pudding is just great and is fully supported by the WF Vanilla cream extra and makes a nice rich cream.
And I threw in the whipped cream because its great.
Tested on a Hadaly 30GX3/38G .44 ohms at 51.5W


So many custard and cream junkies out there i doubt anyone needs many notes anymore, i think we mostly get the picture on how things work now.
Used this raspberry base to add a more authentic touch to the raspberry syrup swirling in rich & buttery vanilla cuzzy.

Inspired by the movement to bankrupt hedge funds.
Ape stronger together.

A blue raspberry ice drink. Like a creamy frozen one..

I robbed the VT Persian Lime and FLV Cream idea from DEVELOPED's Gallagher's Ice Pop.


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