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I wanted another tropical vape but with more creaminess and a touch of strawberry & cooling. This is a variation of my "Summer Wedding" recipe https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/228359#summer_wedding_by_mindfloodz

I used MB Pineapple lassi is this recipe to give a touch of cooling and add a little pineapple to the mix. I like the pairing of WF Passionfruit with CNV Passionfruit and used it as such is this recipe. VT Banana Custard and MB Strawberry Milk work as my smoothie base to carry the weight of the tropical fruit blend. My tropical fruit accents I chose were FLV Ripe Mango and WF Tropical gummy candy to give it a thicker and more syrupy tropical fruit vibe to this mix.

I've vaped over 100mls of this recipe so far and keep coming back to it for more. Its one of my favorite tropical fruit recipes at this point in time. If you mix it up, I hope you enjoy. I appreciate any feedback

After the miserably cold winter we have just had I wanted to make something summery, tropical and fruity. I was aiming to juxtapose the brighter, tarter fruit with the deeper, rich creaminess and I think I achieved that. This mix reminds me a lot of a Solero ice cream.

Coconut Custard - as well as adding some creaminess and coconut it has a distinct pineapple note which works nicely with the other fruits.
Tropical Gummy Candy - is a really nice, if a bit artificial, guava. It also adds a lot of juiciness.
Island Mango - really tasty mango, plus when combined with Tropical Gummy Candy it seems to give the mix a lovely syrupy feel. Kind of like a tropical fruit compote.
Lime - I only added a touch to cut through the rest of the fruits.
Passionfruit - adds a bit of tartness and adds to the tropical vibe.
Tahitian Vanilla Cream - I think it works well as it has a fruity sweetness to it already

Can SNV. I like to vape it before the Passionfruit starts to fade. But it's still tasty after that, just a bit less passionfruit.

If Shirley Temple had a cousin from SoCal, this would be it. I loved Shirley Temples as a kid. Hell, I still do. This reminds me of a tropical version of that. Like, a tropical syrup mixed with sprite. There's a lot going on in here, but all of the flavors blend together to make an obviously tropical, if non-descript, soda.

The lemon lime soda is definitely adjustable, depending on how much you want. I may take it up to 3%, but 2.5 seems good right now. If I could change one thing, I'd give this a Pineapple note because I love pineapple, but I don't think WF has the right one just yet. Once they come out with it though, I'll have a 2.0 up ;)

Feel free to leave any feedback, good or bad!


A tropical gummy candy.

WF Tropical Gummy Candy is just a guava gummy.

FLV Pink Guava for a little sharpness

FLV Pineapple to add another layer and wetness.

CAP 27 Bears for texture and to reinforce the pineapple.

SSA Ripe Coconut for warmth and a little creaminess.

FA Meringue to gum this up more.

A tropical fruit mix which is perfect for the hot summer weather . Sweetener is optional if you prefer it .

Best after 24 hour steep

A tropical fruit mix which is perfect for the hot summer weather . Sweetener is optional if you prefer it .

Best after 24 hour steep

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