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(WF) Thai Apple SC

By: Wonder Flavours (WF) - Buy Direct

Used in 75 recipes at an average of 1.483%.


15 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Inspired by Sangria. Not sure how close it is as I haven't had Sangria in years but it's very fruity with a slight hint of wine.


Working to make my own apple cinnamon tobacco. I'm using an apple trio that I find makes a GREAT red apple, all around. I went with dryer tobacco's to try to dry the wetness of the apples.

An Australian based spin on a dessert. From what I saw this is something many Aussies enjoy, so I figured with the theme of Fresh's show, this is what I would try. This is a great full flavor red apple, like biting into a fresh red one. The caramel/butterscotch blend gives a deeper caramel taste, its "slightly high" but the apple muscles to the top. Rose is a little high, but needs to be there due to blending from the apple and the pear. You can drop it and get an amazing caramel apple as well.

Mixed live Wednesday night on Mixing with me Mates

I wanted to play around basil in some mixes and feel like it could be used in place of mint. One of my favorite beverages is a Moscow mule, which is a ginger beer, vodka and lime beverage. Any good cocktail has a nice balance of sweet with acid so that is what I went after here.
The Ginger ale creates the base note for this mix. While the ginger is a weak note it does add some sweetness and adds the impression of the ginger spice at 4 - 5 %
The cranberry apple and Thai apple create the mid note of this mix and blends well.. Thai apple is a thin sweet bright apple with a slight pear note that adds some juicy notes The FLV cranberry apple is a very strong flavor and needs to be used low % but could be boosted a bit more if you want a more prominent cranberry note.
Lemon lime soda and lime work to create that citrus and acid balance
The basil works really well as a accent note that is present on the exhale and is similar to what you may experience with mint but slightly sweeter and not as prominent.
The sweetner is added to contrast the citrus

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