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Strawberry and cream filled wafers.

Developed on the Barrage rda.

N80 quad core fused clapton @ 0.19 ohm

Steep: 5 days (you can shake and vape but it needs a few days to come together)

A desert made in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii created by a very special someone a few years back inside a little Poké Shop on the volcanic side of the island in which eight months later was destroyed by an eruption. Although the place is gone, the memory of this experience lives on with each vape. This is Pavlova inspired by short grain rice. It is a light and elegant dessert, simple enough to make, but impressive! Topped with fresh vanilla cream, plums, blackberries and kiwi puree. Ginger on the side to cleanse the palate before this most tasty dessert. Enjoy as a shake and Vape but best after 4 Days.

Trying to build a light feel with a lot of creamy Pineapple and Coconut. Admittedly now this would have been better if I would have went down the pudding route but I'm new to mixing so sue me. I came up with a lot of variations of this that included Walnut and Roasted Pecans & Cream but this is the one I decided on because I like it. I tried to bring out the Pineapple more with Pineapple Baked but didn't like it at all. Tried Lime but that kept taking over and settled for Lemon Custard. which I think if you mix this you will agree accents it very close to the pineapple I was looking for. Special shout out to folkart who has been very patient with me and my learning curve on this recipe.


Beginning Mixer: Nothing comes out right. I hate myself. Why did I ever start mixing. I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Why don't I quit now. That's right because I'm always in pursuit of that one mix that I can look back on and say, yeah I did that.

If Shirley Temple had a cousin from SoCal, this would be it. I loved Shirley Temples as a kid. Hell, I still do. This reminds me of a tropical version of that. Like, a tropical syrup mixed with sprite. There's a lot going on in here, but all of the flavors blend together to make an obviously tropical, if non-descript, soda.

The lemon lime soda is definitely adjustable, depending on how much you want. I may take it up to 3%, but 2.5 seems good right now. If I could change one thing, I'd give this a Pineapple note because I love pineapple, but I don't think WF has the right one just yet. Once they come out with it though, I'll have a 2.0 up ;)

Feel free to leave any feedback, good or bad!

I wanted to create something WonderFul and unique with the wonder flavors flavorings.

I wanted something that I haven’t tasted before but still something I could Vape all day between my custards.

I have been playing around with eucalyptus mint for a while, and it gives fruit a nice and complex flavor experience. It has a sort of floral flavor to it, so wanted to find something that could stand beside it and really boost that floral vibe. Hibiscus candy with a touch of papaya does the work. Papaya to add a little “funk” to the hibiscus and to add some body to the passion fruit.

So what you get it a kinda fruit smoothie soda. It’s kinda soft and creamy but still a bit fizzy and sparkling 🙂

A classic strawberry vanilla ice cream cone.

Good luck to everyone #DevelopedWF

Mom says sharing is good, so that is what I am doing for the #DevelopedWF assignment. Gosh, that Cinny girl loves her late night Cappuccino with some spice to it. While this may appear to be a lovely bakery treat, it is in fact a nice coffee related vape experience not to be missed. The Chocolate Chucks can be on the dark side, which is ok, but Cinny likes chocolate a tad lighter in a cappuccino, so I added the Nanaimo Bar to lighten the chocolate. The Coffee Cake helps with a smoother coffee flavor as we all know one coffee flavor is rarely enough.
I wanted to have a cinnamon flavor and Apple-Cinnamon Strudel SC is all I have in stock that is Wonder Flavors at this time on Earth. I doubt you will taste any apple or strudel. The cinnamon can be very sharp if bumped up. Just a hint works fine here.
Who doesn't like creams with their coffee? The Bavarian Cream adds a nice soft caramel flavor.
Cinny and I both like our coffees to be lightly sweetened, you are free to add more to your taste. We don't mind a bit.


I wanted to create a chocolate glazed donut in the style of a krispy Kreme dreamcake.

The glazed donut and butter cake make up the donut, the thick french vanilla and buttermilk make up the filling and the chocolate is the frosting/glaze on top.

I wanted to vape a plain almond cookie so I came up with this. 7th version.... almond cookie at 4% taste burnt as a shake and vape but after 5 to 7 days it disappears. Shortbread to boost a little bit the cookie part, cookie butter for....the butter. Macadamia nut...trying the boost the almond and add cream. To me molasses at 0.5 act the same as FLV caramel at 0.25....for brown sugar. Enjoy mother truckers!

Working with the new WF line!

I'm happy with these numbers!

Cookie dough lays the base down very well. Imo it's a lighter flavor but here 4% works great. We add some depth and butter with the cookie butter, and some grain with the sugar cookie, just a little extra depth.

Chocolate chunks in the background with that Caramel sitting so nicely on the mix, MUUUUUAH!

3 days on this.
I didn't make it last 2.

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