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Hopefully my goal is to have everyone get Squished by the end of 2021. Everybody needs to get Squished sooner or later. If you haven't got Squished, now is your time. A simple recipe. Just mix it up shake it and vape it. A squishy, gooey gummy type berry candy. Enjoy!!

A classic strawberry vanilla ice cream cone.

Good luck to everyone #DevelopedWF

A bunch of berries in ice cream on a light angle food cake with a fluffy meringue topping.
Sweeten to your liking.
DrSeuss aka Fat Cat.


Wild Berry Taffy

Holy shit Nevans thank you for that Taffy Base

This is. Fantastic.

Developed WF challenge!!

Haoliyuan Chewy Strawberry Milk Candy

This creamy milky bold strawberry chews are to die for if have never had one its a must try.

Developed WF challenge!!

A mixed berry/ cherry, dark fruit, Custard trifle.

Developed Gentleman, please remove me from final prize raffle

This is a Victoria jam sponge cake filled with cream and topped with fresh strawberries.


DEVELOPED is back with Season 4!
We wanted to do a mainstream profile but with a bit of a twist; A Strawberry, Banana, Pudding. We haven't had much success with banana profiles, except for our Banana Bread French Toast recipe. So, we're super happy that this turned out so well. The pudding is rich and thick. The strawberry sits a bit on top of the banana flavor, but is very well balanced.

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I refuse to root for anyone but my team. Tom Brady can eat his Avocado Ice Cream, Patrick Mahomes can go shill for State Farm with Aaron Rodgers during the off season.
I stole the sweet yogurt trick from EyeAmSam, it adds a nice milky quality to cheesecakes while adding richness.
Milky caramel fudge and FW butterscotch give you a great caramel stripe.
Lemon cheesecake helps pump up the strawberry to a main note while adding to the already magnificent WF strawberry cheesecake.

Just another strawberry custard.
The VT strwbry cstrd i feel vapes great even solo at 8% but wanted to push out the rich deep vanillas, creams and strawberry here. Sturdy recipe and a smooth strawberry ADV

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