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This is my attempt at a Yoplait style Kiwi Strawberry yogurt.
I started with the Kiwi's and FW Kiwi is a good natural Kiwi and FA Kiwi adds that contrasting candied kiwi flavor. For my strawberry trio I like Cap Sweet Strawberry, Tpa Strawberry (Ripe) and Wf Strawberry Gummy Candy. Now for the difficult part the yogurt, I wanted a full yogurt flavor with a slight sour yogurt taste. I settled on TPA Greek Yogurt with FW Yogurt and then I added WF Buttermilk to help with filling out the yogurt and because it has a sour taste to it. FLV Sweetness works great in this because it helps keep the yogurt creamy and sweet. Give it a few days to steep and allow all the flavors to settle and blend.

One of my first loves in vaping was Kilos Dewberry Cream . Since 2015/16 I have recreated the liquid over and over this will be my final time . The Combination of Honeydew with Blueberries and Strawberries is amazing. Vanilla Swirl helps bring all the fruits together and the FV ( thick) rounds out the cream part . Honeydew/ Strawberry /Blueberry together create Dewberry...I do have another Dewberry recipe I enjoy as well but that recipe uses a couple flavors that a lot of people dont use. I remade this to share so others can mix ...Hope you enjoy

I have to write ten words in order to share

I have to write ten words in order to share

Just a quick thought late at night that turns into a nice recipe. Most of my recipes are that. "that'll do". I hope it'll do you too. I'm tired of creating descriptions. I'm terrible at it. This tastes like Tropic waters. I plan on turning it Blue or purple. This was just something i wanted to mix, so i did it. My main focus was dragonfruit and wanted to compliment it. So I started adding flavors that i thought would help encourage the DF to be unique and not so bland. SO i added a Strawberry gummy candy to give it some thickness, juiciness and some candy vibe. I added Pineapple and Kiwi to kinda help part of the DF off notes. I enjoy this after a shake. I'm assuming the smoothie is gonna steep in or be a tad bit masked which is what i wanted anyways. Good SNV


I have a weird pallet. Fruits and creams seem to be my thing. This is also my first published recipe so be kind.

My favorite fruit is a Pineberry. It's like a pineapple and strawberry had a illegitimate love child. I made that happen and tossed in kiwi, zeppola, and cream for this fresh from the farm fair vape.
Tpa strawberry ripe and strawberry gummy prop each other up as I'm strawberry mute to a degree.
Add in some kiwi for a more lush mouth feel and sweetness.
I went with ssa Thai pineapple for the full body it provides to round out the fruits.
The creams are light in this recipe and the zeppola just adds a hint of depth.

Huge shout out to the guys and gals and pals on the discord who helped me figure mixing things out.

Strawberry and cream filled wafers.

Developed on the Barrage rda.

N80 quad core fused clapton @ 0.19 ohm

Steep: 5 days (you can shake and vape but it needs a few days to come together)

everyone was submitting complex recipes so I figured I would post something simple and delicious

add ws-23 and ss to taste

Super simple 3-2-1 strawberry & apple gummy candy to satisfy your sweet tooth.


I was going for a big bowl of strawberries with a sugar syrup.

Strawberries, Strawberry gummy candy to add a contrasting candy strawberry, and Glazed Strawberries to add a little more depth and help to the sugar syrup note. I also wanted to add a little more strawberry here. I started with HC Fresh Strawberry, but hearing that it had been discontinued, I wanted to swap it out. I still prefer HC for this recipe, I'll just have to horde what's left of my stock. INW Shisha does a good job, but really almost any strawberry I think can work here as long as it has a little punch to it. I'll probably try some other strawberries in the future, but here it is as it stands.

Forest Fruits and Golden Pineapple to add some fruit depth.

Golden Syrup and Vanilla Swirl to round out the syrup and to help in blending and mouth feel.

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