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A Choc Mint Cheesecake Mix for Addy Tuney’s 61st Birthday

Developed WF challenge!!

Haoliyuan Chewy Strawberry Milk Candy

This creamy milky bold strawberry chews are to die for if have never had one its a must try.

A fluffy light cake served with a vanilla-strawberry foam (mousse).
Marshmallow was added to the 2nd batch to give a fuller mouthfeel.

Sweeten to taste.
Steep for 3-5 days.
Tested on citadel sfc .5 Ω @ 35watts

This is a Victoria jam sponge cake filled with cream and topped with fresh strawberries.

Inspired by Mixin Vixens viewer submitted picture, 3/7. Ice cream with strawberry shortcake bar, berry crunch cereal and light peanut butter Captain crunch note.
This does not steep well so I would vape before a week's end.

This is delicious! A Strawberry cheesecake ice cream with capn crunch berry cereal!!

I'm stoked this worked out. So yum and rich.

Not much to it. I feel as the v1 has great flavor but v2 has more of the smoothie texture I was aiming for. This came out good

All I'm trying to do is use my Pur Strawnana smoothie which is going to be discontinued. I love it so I've been exploring with it. I just like to take it and add strawberry and banana to it. Shocker. I do have other ideas and work on them when my palate doesnt beg for another 60ml of this.

Banana puree is perfect for what I want. Nice chunky monkey in there. All authentic. Yes. Strawberry jam because it's my favorite. Meruca. Add some cheesecake even there. Why? It's a little....cheesy to me and gives this thick kinda texture I wanted, pair that with the smoothie tfa and flv cream and it created the smoothie texture i wanted. Meanwhile, flv cream and banana puree pair together perfectly.

It comes out to be....what it is.

Why did I name it after a singing fish on the wall? Idfk. I'm running outta names and honestly dgaf to think of a logical one. This reminds me of a nice hot day. So take me to the river, throw me down the water.

Maybe I shoulda called this "Van down by the river" but that will be in the future. Spoiler?

I refuse to root for anyone but my team. Tom Brady can eat his Avocado Ice Cream, Patrick Mahomes can go shill for State Farm with Aaron Rodgers during the off season.
I stole the sweet yogurt trick from EyeAmSam, it adds a nice milky quality to cheesecakes while adding richness.
Milky caramel fudge and FW butterscotch give you a great caramel stripe.
Lemon cheesecake helps pump up the strawberry to a main note while adding to the already magnificent WF strawberry cheesecake.

Who likes donuts and strawberry cheesecake? I like It like a Mofo ain't nothing better...

Simple and to the point crunch berry cereal and icecream...a basic cream layer and WF strawberry cheesecake and FA forest fruits bring a new dimension to this recipe..

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