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Strawberry Glazed Donut, a nice fluffy donut with vanilla cream and a hint of starfruit.

A very sweet, decadent Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream using all Wonder Flavors!
This is my first public recipe, & entry into the #DevelopedWF competition.
Off the shake, it's all strawberry & waffle cone, but over time, the ice cream should develop into a fairly rich, full mouth feel, ice cream-so patience is needed with this one!

WF Baked Strawberry (SC)-I absolutely love this concentrate! I think it makes a perfect jammy strawberry ripple!

WF Sugar Cone (SC)-Finding this concentrate recently, was quite the revelation-adding a small amount of WF Cannoli Shell (SC), I reckon, helps the Sugar Cone pop a bit more! They both combine, to make quite a nice old fashioned, traditional waffle cone.

For the Ice Cream-WF Vanilla Ice Cream (SC) wasn’t it for me on its own-so I’ve helped it along a bit with WF Vanilla Custard (SC), WF Buttercream Frosting (SC), & a tiny amount of WF White Fudge (SC). Hopefully, this combo “sells” the ice cream well! 🤞

I did have a couple of other concentrates in mind that would probably help the ice cream along a bit better, but this was also an exercise in making something all Wonder Flavors, from my existing stash only.
I don't generally use sweetener-you could add it if u really wanted/think you need to-but I don't think it needs it.

Hopefully you enjoy! I will definitely be playing with this more in the future, but, this is where it's at at this point!
Please feel free to provide any feedback-be it positive or negative...I'm totally open to that! Hit those comments up!!

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Tested on: Recurve RDA; Stainless Steel Fused Clapton (24 X 2+40); 5 wrap; 3mm ID; @60W; (.15 Ohms); 510 Drip Tip; Vaporesso Gen S Mod😁

WF Angel Cake is just about the best spongy white cake that’s out there and it’s my personal favorite cake flavor. It tends to get pushed around by other flavors so I’m using it at 4% here to get a nice full cake flavor it’ll need to steep for a few weeks.

WF Baked Strawberry is incredibly unique and extremely pleasant. It’s exactly a dark syrupy/jammy natural strawberry flavor and it paid really well with bakeries and creams.

Speaking of creams this recipe needs a little so I’m using WF Bavarian Cream just at 1% here. Well get that nice sticky sweet creamy texture with a little vanilla.

Lastly, I’m adding WF Caramel Butter to kind of blend the texture of all three flavors and add some sweet buttery notes to the finish.

Sweeten to Taste.

Watch the Video Here:


Balance. This recipe is all about Balance. Just as in real life this dense and rich cheesecake is balanced by a sweet and slightly tart Strawberry compote. This isn't your standard candied strawberry note, it draws on the deep jammy notes of OOO Strawberry Jam and WF Strawberry (Baked), making a more realistic cheesecake topping.
The cheesecake itself has Everything you could want from a cheesecake, a touch of crust, thicc ass cheesecake filling with a touch of that lactic acidity, just like mom used to make.
These flavors are perfectly balanced capturing the classic cheesecake combo.
I mainly use this in boro devices, more for compact carry than anything, but have tried it in just about every device I own, and it holds up. Hopefully you enjoy this recipe as much as I and the others who have tried it do.


A unique take on an old profile, 60 Hz is a syrupy strawberry custard with the kiss of sweet honey.

Strawberry mutes rejoice (I'm not one of them, but I wanted this recipe to be accessible). The three strawberries here should, in theory, present themselves to even those who have a hard time detecting strawberry in mixes. FLV Alpine Strawberry, WF Strawberry (Baked), and JF Sweet Strawberry bring a deep, dark strawberry to the fold. Strawberry (Baked), with its honey backend also serves as the secret ingredient in the mix.

TPA Vanilla Custard II is a fantastic new-ish vanilla custard. It rivals the boring ass original TPA Vanilla Custard with more body....well more everything. CAP NYC is in here to bolster that creaminess. It serves a place in almost all creamy/custard mixes. FLV Rich Cinnamon morphs the custard with a slight spicy warmness.

Let this one steep a couple weeks. The honey takes the forefront and kills the custard notes until then.

Profile: Strawberry and cream stuffed croissant. Recommend 5 days steep.

I really wanted something close to those soft little buttery cookies my mom makes for Christmas each year with a dollop of raspberry jam in the middle of each cookie then baked, they are great but I wanted it with strawberry instead of raspberry. So I came up with this recipe to scratch that itch when I can't have the real thing. It has quickly become part of my regular rotation of flavors that I ADV. It is fairly close and accurate to what I remember the cookies themselves tasting like.

TFA Butter: ....Because butter. It's my favorite butter next to VT Butter base and if you're going to make these cookies, you need butter. And this certainly provides that.

Cookie Butter: This is a great flavor and just works great with all bakeries, but especially cookies. At the recommendation of Fresh03, I put this with almost any bakery of cookie I am making. It is just great. It also adds some buttery aspect to this mix because I remember these cookies being very soft and buttery so the more butter the better.

JF Cookie/CAP Sugar Cookie: Equal parts of my favorite two cookie bases make an exceptional base for any cookie, really. But especially a straight up blonde sugar cookie. I love this combination and I first saw it used in Golden Oreo Pudding by DeeJayMills and it really is a good combo.

Graham Cracker Clear: Basically this exists in the mix just to accentuate the cookie base. This recipe works for me kind of like cookie butter, but for crusts and cookies as a "dryness" instead of butter. So basically I put it in everything where some kind of bakery crust is present as well.

Shisha Vanilla: A bright vanilla note that this kind of soft buttery cookie benefits from. I also remember these cookies having that vanilla note in the outer crust where there wasn't any jam.

Strawberry Jam: This was a no brainer. This is my favorite jam and certainly my favorite strawberry jam. So it was an obvious choice, and at 3% it's high enough to be the main note without being too buttery.

Strawberry (baked): This is present to act as the finished "crust" or baked top of the dollop of jam in the middle of the cookie. And seriously, this stuff is great. If you don't own any, go get some. It's the only flavor like it, it's definitely one of a kind.


Another strawberry banana milkshake! Wanted to try one using MB milkshake so here it goes! This is a collab with @wolfwheeler on the DIY discord, thanks for your help bud! This is currently my favorite ADV and am very pleased with how it came out, hope you all like it as much as I do!

Note: Increased wf banana custard to 2% and added a 2nd strawberry allowing this to be a Strawberry blind friendly recipe.


Dark baked strawberry pie.
OOO pie crust and cap sugar cookie, and ooo cornbread make up the crust. Ooo cornbread adds an interesting note to the crust, but it's low enough that it really isn't pronounced.
WF strawberry baked and ooo strawberry jam bring the cooked strawberry note. On their own, they were too dark so I added JF strawberry sweet to brighten it up a little bit.
The golden syrup and vt sweet cream replicate the sugar and cream you would add to this recipe to sweeten and thicken that strawberry filling.
It needs at least 3 days to settle down.


Just a very simple custard recipe using one of the newer fantastic custards out there. This is a nice a sweet banana custard with a hint of bake strawberries. I just wanted to use some newer 2019 flavors here and see what I could come up with in a 1-2-3 format.

The TFA VC II is an amazing vanilla custard. Its rich, a bit sweet with some nice vanilla notes to it. The banana custard at 2% isn't really a custard, but more just a nice fresh banana. This gives you a very interesting baked strawberry with ripe banana's mixed with a vanilla custard.

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