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(WF) Shortbread Cookies SC

By: Wonder Flavours (WF) - Buy Direct

Used in 340 recipes at an average of 1.878%.


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The white fudge has a fruity / booze note that blends in with the cranberry. I added a bit more white chocolate from the Love.
The Shortbread cookie and the sugar cookie compliment each other with a back note of nut from the peanut.
This has a chewy soft warm cookie taste with a little tang from the cranberry and a slight peanut note and a vanilla/white chocolate flavor.
This does need about 2 weeks I think for things to bloom nicely.

You can omit the tobacco if you don't like it. I would add your favorite vanilla if you choose to do so.


🏷️ A sweet cream corn mousse stuffed into a golden choux pastry. 🌽

Corn and Devon Cream are married together; creating a buttery, sweet, cream corn styled mousse. The vanilla accented tapioca styled Pudding Base, with its lightly chewy and creamy texture stabilizes the core filling. It not only enriches and thickens the mousse, it simultaneously enhances the subtle vanilla notes found in the soft and fluffy Devon Cream.

To create the crispy Puff Pastry, Shortbread Cookies and Croissant were combined. The warm, dry biscuit styled Shortbread Cookies serves as the toasted and crispy outer layer of the puff pastry; while Croissant serves as the soft and lightly flaky innermost layer. Combined these two flavors create a well-rounded light croux pastry.


Made for Mixin Vixens Ep.24

A heavy cookie with some brighter orange notes. Turned out rather pleasant with a full mouthfeel and a sweet orange backnote.

Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two shortbread biscuits. No faff, no bells and whistles, just a good ice cream vape.

This no-nonsense recipe is for indulging those summer ice cream cravings from childhood. It's simple, tasty and sweet.

CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream at 4% is nothing special. It's a generic but tasty plain ice cream with nice thickness. You can of course sub it with FW or TFA's equivalent. Have been growing fond of TFA Vanilla Bean Gelato lately. It's an old school flavour I've grown to like and thickens the ice cream base while adding some cheap but tasty bright vanilla notes; like in commercial ice creams.

As it stands, the ice cream base lacks buttery creaminess, however, don't want to resort to CAP Vanilla Custard, which throws the recipe off. LB Vanilla Ice Cream is a better fit here as it's loaded with diketones and lends buttery undertones at low percentages. Only a smidgen needed though as it runs riot when used over 1%.

For the shortbread sandwich, 2 % WF Shortbread Cookie is a no-brainer. It's a buttery, light biscuit flavour and FA, Cookie, which was raised from 0.50% to 0.75%, gives some crispy crust it lacks. By the way, I avoided adding chocolate here- an ice burger's biscuit contains a hint of cocoa- as it was too rich: wanted to keep this recipe straight forward.

Finally, to bump up that store-bought sweetness, 0.35% FLV Sweetness.

Best after 3 days, when the light buttery biscuit peeps through , but that didn't stop me from digging in the next day.

Boozy after-thought: It's funny how smells and tastes can encapsulate and evoke memories: that's why vaping will always trump smoking any day.

The pound cake base used here uses Flv Pound Cake with WF Shortbread cookies for the buttery outer crust
The Vanilla pudding used: Flv Vanilla pudding and VT Pudding base makes for a very creamy vanilla pudding, and 1.5% of FA vanilla bourbon to add to the vanilla experience. IMO Flv vanilla pudding needs a little help in the vanilla dept.

This is a creamy Vanilla pudding with a nice Pound cake flavor
I mixed up a 30 ML tester and after 3 days Began to destroy it. After a week its already a nice smooth tasty vape.
This will be one of my ADVs.. For a while anyway

Please drop a review if you decide to mix this
Thanks for checking it out!

Complex construction with 10 ingredients, carefully blended together to create the satisfaction of a soft baked shortbread cookie, cream and fresh strawberry filled - mmmmmhhhh!
Although it was not my intention to do so this recipe seems to be very close to the Jammie Dodgems by Just Jam. They need to be more buttery so i will try to add some. And the strawberries could be just a bit jammier.

This was made for a DIY Down under face group mixers challenge in which pear needed to be the main ingredient. if you are interested in joining the monthly challenges you can find the DIY down under group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/diydownunder/

Top note: I wanted the pear to stand out in this mix not the cream so pear candy will boost the FA pear nicely. and also add some sweetness to the mix

mid note: Hangsen ice cream has an almost caramel buttery note @ 1.5-2%. which is what I wanted to add to support the golden syrup and buttery note The FA custard combined with the ice cream and sweet coconut create a lighter cream base that I was after ..( the coconut is not necessary but it adds a bit of sweetness and fluffiness ) NOTE: can sub out regular FA custard but will give you a bit a citrus note which actually works to bring the the pear forward.

base : The shortbread and cookie create the buttery crust for the mix and add the base notes. The fig and golden syrup contrasts the brightness of the pear and create a fig glaze that coats the pear.

Lemon meringue pie milk shake!

Fe lemon is to push the flavor through the cream.

Layered the ice cream to get a nice rich buttery ice cream flavor.

Cream milky undertone is to thin the texture of the ice cream to milkshake without sacrificing richness.

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