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Have you ever had a malted milk ball and thought, "Wow, I wish this was spiced pear flavored!"?
Me either, but now you can vape it.

Big thanks to @spdrjrslm and @wolfwheeler for their input on this.

Hazelnut and Milky Caramel Fudge for a milk ball coating.

Shape Up and Ripe for the pear flavor combo.

Crispy Wafer and Milkshake Base for the malted ball.

Chai Spice because I throw spice or clove in pretty much everything.

Horchata brings the starchy cream, FLV chai spice boosts the spice notes (adds em, really), then LB Vienna Cream with a Touch of FA Milk round it all into a full drink thing. VSO Pear + WF Ripe Pear IMO are an awesome ripe pear combo, and here they fold into the drink quite nicely.

add sweetener to your style and taste!

A cardamom spiced pan fried cake, with a maple-pear syrup.

Bread butter toast gives the other two bread/cake layers that toasty pan fried taste. It works so well.

The pear, maple and golden syrup all seemlessly blend to create this awesome drizzle over the top.

5-7 day steep for everything to shine.

This is a absolute pleasure to vape and based on your preferences you can decide to use more or less sweetener but I think this flavor is perfect as it is and I don’t want to be cocky but this is the Water Malone of Mango flavors! Absolutely delicious ADV for me.

A blue raspberry green that's super reminiscent of a blow pop . For a sweeter version , cotton candy and sweetener can be removed for super sweet 0. 5. * Note LB's Blue Raspberry is mixed in 50/50 pg vg so you need to alter the pg vg ratio slightly to accommodate accordingly .

I love tobacco and apple, so pairing those two is always a win for me. Am4a, to me, is a little bit spicy and bright with a nondiscript fruity accent.Cured is for a little bit of generic tobacco behind the mix. Caramel and vanilla just to add sweetness and vanilla I guess🤔🙂. Pear to support the apple. Enjoy! 7 to 10 days steep is the way to go but it's good right away.

Update: changed vanilla classic vta for inw shisha vanilla, dropped cured to 0.4, added 0.7 fw sweetener and add 0.7 vta butter. It's creamier and more sweet that way and I think it was needed.


A creamy pear-coconut. I’ve been reworking this profile to death and I think this is the best it’s going to get.

MB Shape Up and WF Ripe Pear to get a real pear flavor with the gritty skin.

VT Desiccated Coconut for flavor and texture.

FW Graham Cracker for a little sumthin’ extra and to add dimension.

WF Vanilla Cream Extra add some middle ground between the Bavarian and the fruits.

Good after 3 days/better after 7.


A long time ago (2016, which is like decades in vaping/mixing years), I tried to make a pear recipe that captured my favorite type of pear, the Nashi pear or Asian apple-pear. I did the best I could with the ingredients I had at time. Here it is again, a little better. I've not eaten one of these pears in some time, but this is closer to what I remember. Here's what I used and why.

WF Ripe Pear is the foundation this whole thing is built on. I used TFA Pear before but it's really too sharp and strong to easily bend into one of these sweet and mild juicy delights. WF Ripe Pear is softer and sweeter but still has the body. FA Pear makes it juicy. A touch of TFA Honeysuckle gives it just the right kind of sweet florality, it's that lovely speckled skin of the apple-pear and part of the sugary juice at the same time. I used JF Fuji instead of the FA Fuji to get the appleyness right this time - the old recipe used FA Fuji but that kinda spicy skin too much and it was way too sharp. I smoothed it out with TFA Marshmallow before, but that pulled it off target a bit. Tasting the old recipe again, I get a hint of vanilla and creamiess from the marshmallow that just doesn't belong. Adding a bit of Marshmallow to sweeten, smooth over, and fill out things is so 2016, anyway. Just use better ingredients to begin with and you won't need to do that. JF being softer and not having that hard apple skin eliminated the need for all that mess.

CAP Kiwi is a terrible kiwi flavor. Don't buy it to mix this, it's not worth it. It's not offensive, it doesn't even really even taste like a kiwi. But it's very sweet and just a touch of it makes this taste more like the the Nashi pear than the Ethyl Maltol I used to try to blend with Honeysuckle to get the flavor right four years ago. I'm pleased to have finally found a use for the stuff, and if you have it already, maybe you will be too.

This is not a boldly flavored recipe. It's not meant to be. It's aping a fruit that has a pleasant mild flavor and is meant to be an ADV that doesn't stress the palate with intensity. I'll make a blow-your-face off recipe next, maybe.

WF apple-cin strudel adds pastry and cinnamon notes as well as light apple note which pairs well with pear. Croissant adds that note. Glazed donut at a low percentage adds mainly glaze (which goes with the LA cream cheese icing for the filling) and a light donut note. LA Cream cheese icing gives a cream cheese note. Marshmallow vanilla adds nice vanilla note and body.


A Juicy Hazy IPA.
Revised version of All Day with newer flavors.

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