(WF) Raspberry Jelly Bean SC

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This is a Raspberry Jelly (Jello)
Tested on a Profile 1.5 RDA 0.13 Mesh at approx 100w

27 Bears and Gummy Worm candy bring the gummy texture along with WF Raspberry Jelly Bean.

As these are more of a Gummy than the Jelly Texture I was going for VTA Red Soft candy softens the Gummy up bringing this into a Jelly along with the VT Raspberry Jam
The Raspberry is a blend of candy sweet Raspberries from all of the flavours except for Gummy Worm Candy


For US viewers: Pineapple, raspberry and orange taffy
For UK viewers: fruit salad chewits

This is a delicate mix, it has to be for the nature of the taffy, taffy can’t come through as a punch, it has to come through as a tickle on the end. I’ve tried time and time again to make the taffy bang in your face but it’s impossible due to it starting to taste more of a caramel than anything else. Originally this contained FLV cotton candy but I swapped it out to WF CCJB due to it fitting the profile better. There is no prominent flavour in fruit salad chewits, the pineapple and raspberry are pretty well balanced which make up the “fruit salad” element, and then the orange kind of comes after but it’s barely there so I’ve gone low just to ease my mind 😛 the super sweet helps the candy profile but drop it out if you wish.

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I did not want a boring cherry or strawberry gummy because I have done that before. So I tried to think of what other flavor could be a red gummy and decided I would try a punch again. I have tried in the past and was not impressed. However, I really like this mix. I have already made 120ML of it. The FLV Citrus Soda is a bit forward as a shake and vape (which I do not mind) but after a day or so, it starts to blend in and let the other flavors show. It's not super tropical IMO but I would say it's punchy. IMO sweetener is NOT needed and may mute things as it already has several candy flavors in it as well as the Jelly Candy.

As for exactly what it tastes like, it vaguely reminds me of a less sour, Sour punch straw candy type thing.

I know, I know, I know, it's a lot of sweetener. Look at the picture. It's a delicious sweet raspberry candy.

I have been trying to make a raspberry vape for the longest time but I haven't liked any of the raspberry flavors by themselves but a while back I found that I really liked the trifecta of raspberry flv, razzleberry fw and raspberry sweet tpa but I always wanted it to stand out a little more in a lemonade. The other day I recieved Raspberry Jelly Bean WF and added it to one of my favorite Raspberry lemonade mixes and after tweaking the recipes background notes a bit and adjusting the lemonade base this has become my favorite ADV.
Sometimes I taste the candy element more and sometimes I taste the lemonade more and I really like that..If you like a sweeter vape just bump the sweetness to 0.40 or so. This works fine as a shake and vape but a couple days and the raspberry really starts to pop.

VT Red Soft Candy is actually VT Red Chew Candy
Absolutely delicious, raspberry chew candy. Add sweetener to your preference. I added .5% Super Sweet.
Tested on Entheon .25ohms, @60 watts. Also va;ping in Cog MTL RTA .76ohms @22 watts.

check out


Premium Custard speaks for itself at 3%

Raspberry Jelly Bean adds a darker note which fits the custard well. Tastes like a raspberry jam

Portuguese egg tart and crumble topping make up the base-mid notes

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