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I created this for a wedding I am doing the photography for today. Its gonna be a hot one and I wanted something light and refreshing to vape during my down times during my work day today. This recipe came out so much better than I expected. Its a refreshing tropical smoothie with Mango, Pineapple, banana and passionfruit very well balanced in this recipe. The banana custard thickens things up to give it a smoothie like body as well as add to the tropical vibe. The ripe mango also works to thicken this mix with its syrupy goodness. Multivitamin is used to bring out more of the pineapple in the FLV Mango pineapple passionfruit as well as add a bridge between the Mango, banana, pineapple and passionfruits. I highly suggest this recipe for an amazing summer vape on a hot day outside you wont be disappointed

After the miserably cold winter we have just had I wanted to make something summery, tropical and fruity. I was aiming to juxtapose the brighter, tarter fruit with the deeper, rich creaminess and I think I achieved that. This mix reminds me a lot of a Solero ice cream.

Coconut Custard - as well as adding some creaminess and coconut it has a distinct pineapple note which works nicely with the other fruits.
Tropical Gummy Candy - is a really nice, if a bit artificial, guava. It also adds a lot of juiciness.
Island Mango - really tasty mango, plus when combined with Tropical Gummy Candy it seems to give the mix a lovely syrupy feel. Kind of like a tropical fruit compote.
Lime - I only added a touch to cut through the rest of the fruits.
Passionfruit - adds a bit of tartness and adds to the tropical vibe.
Tahitian Vanilla Cream - I think it works well as it has a fruity sweetness to it already

Can SNV. I like to vape it before the Passionfruit starts to fade. But it's still tasty after that, just a bit less passionfruit.


I really wanted my WF African Horned Cucumber to get a central place in my recipe.

Unfortunately this is on the first impression not an easy flavor to work with. The fruits taste has been compared to a combination of banana and passionfruit as I learned from Wikipedia. Other sources describe it as a combination of banana, cucumber and lime. Learning this I saw that as a gemstone looking to be polished.

So let's bring that fruit to shine by adding some WF Passionfruit to it. A nice inhale with the right percentage and not a throat killer as some of the other passionfruit of other flavor brands seems to be the right start.

With WF Soursop I was able to highlight the sourness of the unexposed but noticeable present lime in the body. This supports really the juice element of the mix.

The WF Tangerine takes over on the exhale, just slightly noticeable. This is a really great flavor to work with since it works always well in the background. Adding it carries the citrusy lime exhale to a joyful finish.

I hope you enjoy this refreshing summer vape.

If Shirley Temple had a cousin from SoCal, this would be it. I loved Shirley Temples as a kid. Hell, I still do. This reminds me of a tropical version of that. Like, a tropical syrup mixed with sprite. There's a lot going on in here, but all of the flavors blend together to make an obviously tropical, if non-descript, soda.

The lemon lime soda is definitely adjustable, depending on how much you want. I may take it up to 3%, but 2.5 seems good right now. If I could change one thing, I'd give this a Pineapple note because I love pineapple, but I don't think WF has the right one just yet. Once they come out with it though, I'll have a 2.0 up ;)

Feel free to leave any feedback, good or bad!

I wanted to create something WonderFul and unique with the wonder flavors flavorings.

I wanted something that I haven’t tasted before but still something I could Vape all day between my custards.

I have been playing around with eucalyptus mint for a while, and it gives fruit a nice and complex flavor experience. It has a sort of floral flavor to it, so wanted to find something that could stand beside it and really boost that floral vibe. Hibiscus candy with a touch of papaya does the work. Papaya to add a little “funk” to the hibiscus and to add some body to the passion fruit.

So what you get it a kinda fruit smoothie soda. It’s kinda soft and creamy but still a bit fizzy and sparkling 🙂

With this recipe I wanted to bring a little bit more of the Brazilian mixing style, since we live in a tropical country, we mostly vape citrusy and fruity stuff, and we are also flavor bangers where most vapers uses rebuildable atomizers, and is always searching for flavor saturation and accurate mixes.

What to expect from this mix?
A nice and juicy lemonade base, with a moderately dense body and a remarkable passionfruit top note. It's citrus from the beginning to the end, if you like this kind of stuff, go for it, you'll feel like you're in heaven.

Why each flavoring?
- The Lemonade Base

I Really like the combination of the WF Summertime Lemonade with WF Lemonade SC, those flavorings work really well together and they have a really nice lemonade base note, but i found it was lacking juiciness , and here the WF Starfruit SC comes in, is really juicy with a pleasant note that combined with the lemonades gives you a really nice Lemonade base that you can play with and add more stuff without muting it.

  • The Passionfruit

We all know that WF Passionfruit is one of the best passion fruits out there, that's because it is more similar to the yellow kind of it, it's more citrus and less floral than the other kinds, the only problem from this flavoring is that fades over time, so here i added the WF African Horned Cucumber, from my experience this flavoring is very versatile, bringing texture to the body and also pushing the passionfruit forward, and also filling a gap on this recipe.

Why WF Banana puree?
when i first mixed this, i thought it was lacking a little bit of sweetness and thickness, so the recipe could be more balanced, I try my best to bring balance to all my recipes and this one without the WF Banana Puree was way to citrus, even for my taste, and with just .25% of it i could bring this balance to the mix.

I strongly suggest you mix this stuff and maybe try some of those "underrated" flavorings that you see that much out there. If you wanna add a cooling agent of your taste feel free to do it.

Milkshake IPA with Passionfruit.

Born from an idea that @isuamadog had entirely too late one night. I let my mind run wild. This is one of those fancy Milkshake IPAs that your cool cousin drinks. Not because he thinks he’s better than you, but because he KNOWS he’s better than you.

FLV Yakima Hops because.
FLV Lemongrass because that's what a Colorado brewer named Wesley would do.
VT Yellow Passion for a syrupy version of the fruit.
FA Milk because lactose
WF Vanilla Cream Extra because lactose and this recipe doesn't work if it isn't sweet.
WF Passionfruit for the bright and tart version of the fruit.
FLV Pink Guava to support the hops.


Living in Hawai'i, I was absolutely addicted to POG, but it so bad for my teeth. This is a pretty authentic profile. Juicy, tropical, citrusy but not acidic, and sweet without being floral.

I was trying to make my own pog and this came out! To me it's a tropical bubblegum pog! I didn't try it as a s&v I let it steep for 5 days and I cannot stop vaping it! Rick's sugar daddy is pretty high at 2% I guess but the last time I used it at 1% it did nothing for me...now at 2% it's right where I like it. I'm not a big fan of fruit eliquid but I think this one gonna be in my rotation for quite a bit! Enjoy!

Mixed this up for Developed's summer profile assignment. This is a remix of a juice I used to vape alot before my mixing days. It's just a very satisfying blend of mango passionfruit and guava. Perfect for summer, and something I personally can't put down.

FE/FLV Mango: This to me is a very natural tasting blend of mangos. I love FLV mango but it needed a little more to shine in this recipe, so I included some FE mango to fill it out a bit. FE mango does fade a little, so if i were to let this mix sit for more than 2 weeks I'll throw in 1.5-1.75 depending on how freaky I'm feeling.

FLV Pink Guava/VT Blood Orange Champagne: The original has white guava in it, so I used FLV pink guava because I said so, and then VT Blood orange because the original also has orange in it, and the champagne is more of a dry texture than a champagne flavor, so that dryness helps the guava be a little less "pink".

WF Passionfruit: Easily my favorite passionfruit. It's really good, so it's in the recipe

No need for sweetener, this is very sweet as is.

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