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The dream-eating monster returns as a grape-infused licorice fluff abomination. Tasty off the SNV.

INW Grape and FLV Lychee pair up for a yummy fruity front.

FM Drop does what it does best: impart its candied licorice flavor without being an overbearing mess.

WF Marshmallow Gooey because "Gengar has to be fluffy" and it works to flesh this out and give it some yummy weird sticky goodness.

I've been working on this recipe on and off for about 5 or 6 months and after the WF Challenge this is first my official recipe. Started down this journey after trying a salted caramel macchiato commercial brand that was so damn awful it sent me on a search. After trying a lot of other mixers recipes which I thought were to dark for my palate I started on this mix. Special shout out to Duckie and Folkart who tried to explain to me about muting, EM and to leave out the kitchen sink but this is the best version that I came up with. I like my coffee light, creamy, sweet and love the white chocolate in this. If you want to bump up the sweetness I will sometimes put .25% of Super Sweet I totally understand if you don't I'm strange I guess.
Pur Caramel Coffee with Sweet Milk still being sold at Nomz
Beginning Mixer Creed: Nothing comes out right. Why did I ever start mixing. I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Why don't I quit now. That's right because I'm always in pursuit of that one mix that I can look back on and say, yeah I did that.

Mixers Club June 2021 White Whale - Pineapple Float

Thanks to Snapbackhatthat for inspiration.

So the base is pineapple Ice Cream. It contains
River Pineapple Sherbert - obvious reasons and somehow I picked it up on river sale so yeah.
Flv Vanilla Pudding - overall creaminess and nice vanilla touch plus good texture
Wf Marshmallow Gooey - make it thick. I said THICK
Lb Vanilla Ice Cream - more phat to ice cream base. Makes it a bit heavier and ice creamy.
The base turned out very well but unfortunately the pineapple juice made me struggle. Here is why
VT Sugarloaf Pineapple is the only pineapple I have left apart from some wf candy flavor. It was hard to make a bright pineapple juice part so I made my best. The base of juice it is.
Inw Cactus to make it a bit tangy and spiky and refreshing
Fa Kiwi - this one here is for the body of the juice. It is making everything in the juice part come together and slightly separate from the base. Adds extra juiciness and along with the creamy ice cream it plays very well.

But overall I am pretty sure the juice base will benefit from another pineapple flavor but I am yet to discover it

Very mild, restrained taste in which flavors work together to create a palette of profiles. Something one would vape after a long day. Lightly creamy base created with help of FA Cream Fresh. Layered on top of it a juicy WF Galia Ripe Melon with FLV Wild Melon to add more body to melon and cap juicy peach to round it. Some WF Marshmallow Gooey added for more thickness to this combo. But then a lightness needed indeed, so WF Champagne Soda gives a slight ringing to mix followed by FLV Citrus Soda to up the effervescence and bind it all together in pleasant thick melon cream drink.

Thank to @foment_life for inspiration from his summer yum

Add sweetener of your choosing.

My attempt at a strawberry cream filled cannoli. Very creamy and smooth. Solid as a shake and vape but gets better after a few days.

It's not 100% just yet, but a good start. Any variations/revisions/feedback to improve this, would be greatly appreciated.

This recipe was created on our LIVE Interactive Mixing Podcast. We picked the profile and the viewers picked the flavorings, and they didn't let us down!

With this session of Interactive Mixing, the viewers helped us build a pretty damn good Blue Raspberry Bubble Gum. There's many ways to add to this profile to make it your own, but the combination of MB American Bubble Gum and WF Marshmallow (Gooey) as the base, and the LB Blue Raspberry/FLV Blue Raz as the top note, make for a fantastic Blue Raz Bubble Gum. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/EZBG-Z3t8M0 .

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Situation solved lemon cream pie shake and vape the best yet😉


DON'T VAPE THIS... unless you're ready to have your mind blown by a recipe so simple that the deliciousness of it will shock you to your core! If you have a sweet tooth and a LOVE for thick, creamy vanilla ecstasy, this might easily become your all-day-vape. Three days, that's all the steep time you'll need, but if you can wait for three days, I'll be amazed. It's like someone poured love straight into a bottle and decided to make your dreams come true. Seriously, it's that good! Feel free to prove me wrong (you won't) and mix it up. There are few times in my life I've been this cocky over a recipe, but this one ticks all my boxes. If it doesn't tick yours, you're probably broken LOL

This was made to help and mix along with the guys from #developed during there live stream for S'mores. This mix came out very nice and balanced for a hard profile. Enjoy this mix!

Trying to build a light feel with a lot of creamy Pineapple and Coconut. Admittedly now this would have been better if I would have went down the pudding route but I'm new to mixing so sue me. I came up with a lot of variations of this that included Walnut and Roasted Pecans & Cream but this is the one I decided on because I like it. I tried to bring out the Pineapple more with Pineapple Baked but didn't like it at all. Tried Lime but that kept taking over and settled for Lemon Custard. which I think if you mix this you will agree accents it very close to the pineapple I was looking for. Special shout out to folkart who has been very patient with me and my learning curve on this recipe.


Beginning Mixer: Nothing comes out right. I hate myself. Why did I ever start mixing. I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Why don't I quit now. That's right because I'm always in pursuit of that one mix that I can look back on and say, yeah I did that.

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