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Flavorah blue raz.. worth the hype? Abso-fuckin-lutely

3 different blue raspberry’s form to make the blue raspberry base and then I just chuck my taffy base on top, I know, sour ball candy isn’t necessarily a blue raspberry but it is to me and you know What I say goes 😉 give this 32 seconds to steep, or let the bubbles fade and you’re good to go.

Sweetener subjective but this is a candy profile after all, Don’t be a chicken.







Idk its a salted banana caramel Licorice taffy

Thanks nevans for the base or whatever
..... yall get it by now.

I was messing around with the idea of mixing VT Banana Custard with Wonder Flavours' new Salmiak Liquorice (Salty) flavor. I had a feeling it would work based off the banana profile that VT Banana Custard has. I used that combo to create a taffy like banana flavor to add to Nickevz's taffy base. I give credit to Nick Evans for the Taffy base I used in this recipe using cotton candy jelly bean and marshmallow candy at their respective percentages. Its an excellent base to work off. The liquorice in this recipe also adds to the salt water taffy vibe I get from this recipe's combo of flavors.

A delicious treat for an ADV. This recipe was inspired by Nick Evans "Taffy Base". For all the Caramel Taffy Lovers...


Again Nevans Taffy Base here

A classic blue ras combo (for me)


Wild Berry Taffy

Holy shit Nevans thank you for that Taffy Base

This is. Fantastic.


For US viewers: Pineapple, raspberry and orange taffy
For UK viewers: fruit salad chewits

This is a delicate mix, it has to be for the nature of the taffy, taffy can’t come through as a punch, it has to come through as a tickle on the end. I’ve tried time and time again to make the taffy bang in your face but it’s impossible due to it starting to taste more of a caramel than anything else. Originally this contained FLV cotton candy but I swapped it out to WF CCJB due to it fitting the profile better. There is no prominent flavour in fruit salad chewits, the pineapple and raspberry are pretty well balanced which make up the “fruit salad” element, and then the orange kind of comes after but it’s barely there so I’ve gone low just to ease my mind 😛 the super sweet helps the candy profile but drop it out if you wish.

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That’s it, 2 flavours... chewits, starburst and fruitella are all possible with this simple mix.

The back vanilla note, the caramelised sugar, the dairy yet no dairy vibe that the candy marshmallow gives, the subtle gelatinous candy vibe that’s given at the end of the cotton candy jelly bean all work together, even with bolder fruits this base just sits behind that and pops up right at the end of the vape to give that iconic taffy taste.

At a touch of sucralose for even more authenticity.

Make up a one-shot concentrate and Use at 2.5% with fruit, the combinations are endless.

This took me quite a few renditions, and going back to basics, to get good enough to publish. I'm quite happy with this final version.

A soft almond cookie sandwich with a sweet fluffy cherry filling.

If you want something different here it is...off the shake i am getting a slightly tart apple marshmallow candy. made on fresh03 saturdiying show

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