(WF) Maple Syrup Candy

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Used in 20 recipes at an average of 1.4%.


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Tested on a profile 1.5 @ 90w.

A sweet fudge infused with maple syrup.

The fudge is made up of CCW Vanilla Fudge, a decent fudge that lacks a little on mouthfeel used at 4% here to give a beutiful low spice Vanilla with a little mouthfeel, layered with CCW Clotted Cream Fudge to add a little creaminess and help the mouthfeel out a little at 2% this also helps thicken the mouthfeel slightly, WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean @1.25% helps add the gooey sugary mouthfeel that is missing from the 2 CCW Fudges, adding a wonderful authenticity to the profile.

Finally WF Maple Syrup Candy at 2.25 adds the sweet authentic maple syrup taste into the fudge, the very slight candy aspect to this also serves to add a little mouthfeel to the fudge aspect.

This was sweet enough for me without any sweetener added however if you feel this isn't sweet enough for you feel free to add your sweetener of choice

Put some South in your Mouth !
➡️ “Rocky Toony Original” ☑️
This has been a long time project of mine and I’m finally satisfied with the end result. It ended up with much less cream / milk than I initially envisioned for the profile… BUT this is so dang good it’s my new (alternate) ADV… (second to my “State Drink”)

No sweetener needed

Needs a minimum 2 week steep


I wanted Vanilla tobacco to be the main note in this recipe. I used it as 3.5% for that purpose. The tobacco notes are backed up by the Turkish and Native tobaccos. Maple syrup candy adds that Canadian thin maple note I wanted rather that the maple you'd get if using FA Maple Syrup. It blends well with the FLV Vanilla tobacco. I would let this recipe steep at least 5 days.

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This release is awesome. Having so many great ideas!!

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