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Simple and nice recipe. Blue Raspberry is the main profile. Sour Gummy Candy bring some bubblegum/jelly feeling, and Lemon Lime Soda helps on fizzyness and sourness. Enjoy.

Passionfruit, Papaya candy on the top, finished with Pineapple Soda
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If Shirley Temple had a cousin from SoCal, this would be it. I loved Shirley Temples as a kid. Hell, I still do. This reminds me of a tropical version of that. Like, a tropical syrup mixed with sprite. There's a lot going on in here, but all of the flavors blend together to make an obviously tropical, if non-descript, soda.

The lemon lime soda is definitely adjustable, depending on how much you want. I may take it up to 3%, but 2.5 seems good right now. If I could change one thing, I'd give this a Pineapple note because I love pineapple, but I don't think WF has the right one just yet. Once they come out with it though, I'll have a 2.0 up ;)

Feel free to leave any feedback, good or bad!

I wanted to create something WonderFul and unique with the wonder flavors flavorings.

I wanted something that I haven’t tasted before but still something I could Vape all day between my custards.

I have been playing around with eucalyptus mint for a while, and it gives fruit a nice and complex flavor experience. It has a sort of floral flavor to it, so wanted to find something that could stand beside it and really boost that floral vibe. Hibiscus candy with a touch of papaya does the work. Papaya to add a little “funk” to the hibiscus and to add some body to the passion fruit.

So what you get it a kinda fruit smoothie soda. It’s kinda soft and creamy but still a bit fizzy and sparkling 🙂


A dark purple lemon-lime soda!!

This is super tastey and very reminiscent of the mtn dew drink. Maybe a bit more grapey than the OG but this is yummy.


Had to push on the Grape Juice to keep the floral notes from the SSPD in check. Not a Paradox clone, but still a pretty tasty remix. Might add 1-2% Sour to help it out if you like more sour that sweet, good balance here.

My attempt at a citrus cherry soda. Doesn’t really need a steep, also the ws-23 is optional but is my preferred way of vaping it.

With credit to ID10T for the inspiration, this needed a soda push.

I give you cherry lemon lime soda (akin to 7up)

This is so tastey and saturated and juicy idc if you snv it just mix this up

This is something that my mother and grandmother used to make for special occasions - not only weddings but baby showers and birthdays too. There are a few variants of this recipe - the "leaded" one contains pink champagne instead of the traditional 7up. Some people make this with ginger ale, some add Hawaiian punch, and I have seen it with orange juice and pineapple juice. This reminds me of being a kid :-) Its a sweet juice, but it is meant to be. Enjoy a little blast from my past. PS - it really DOES need a week to steep.

A friend asked me to make a fruity drink vape and since I was three sheets in the wind I turned a cocktail into a vape. I hope you like it, it’s pretty close. The drink is melon liquor, vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice and a splash of sprite. It can be shake and vape, but it does get better after a day or two. I made it max vg with vg nicotine since he has a pg allergy. Tested on Titan RDTA 4 core Clapton (4*26KA 32KA) 6mm ID 7 wraps .22 ohm 120 Watts

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