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Pineapple, mango, cantaloupe

Nice sweet mixed fruit profile, pretty straightforward pineapple, mango and the wild melon/prickly pear combo leaning cantaloupe to me. Sweeten to taste, SnV but better after a day.

Oh Boy!

I've been waiting for this day for about 6 months. FW Gingerbread is the flavor the randomizer gave us today. I first picked up this flavor for the gingerbread episode of Noted on the DIYORDIE channel. It tastes exactly like turmeric, ginger and cream. It screams yellow curry to me. Ever since I've tried it I wanted to make a curry recipe.

Here it is. FW Gingerbread the highlight here. Ginger and turmeric with splash of cream, there's no bread, cookie or butter not even a crumb.

We used it with FLV Vanilla Pudding and FLV Cream to make a curry pudding. FLV Chai Spice for that delicious trio of cardamom, nutmeg and ginger. Last we topped it with a little juicy green mango combo of Island Mango and Indian Mango Spec.

Sweeten to Taste. I used 0.5% FLV Sweetness.

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I was thinking back upon the times I used to drink Cream Sodas, and having Italian Sodas from CPK. I thought hey why not add mango to this mix? I love mangos especially mango juice. So here we are, a mango cream soda with a refreshing bit of cool to it.

WF Island Mango is a really excellent mango and really does a great job at capturing the sweetness and flavor to a very ripe yellow mango. FLV Mango is yet another excellent one and adds the body of the fruit without the common overwhelming chese notes. VTA Shisha Mango is sweet yet has a bit of sour bite which is perfect for rounding off the fruit and giving it a bit of acidity to it.

VT Creaming Soda is the real player here and is quite phenominal for a cream soda base. I used it here at 1.5% as I didn't want to overwhelm the mix with notes of vanilla.

Now mangos are pretty naturally sweet fruits, and I wanted to replicate that profile especially since a cream soda is sweet on its own. I didn't want any off notes or muting so I settled for FW Sweetener and used it at 0.4% here just to give it a touch of sweetness since WF Island Mango is already sweet enough.

Lastly two drops of WS-23 or 0.25% provides just enough coolness to the mix to give it that nice iced finished without overtaking the whole mix.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have making it. Please feel free to rate and comment it.

A Delicious mango sorbet, sweet mango mixed into ice cream, thick and tasty the Wonder Flavours island mango is the ultimate star of this recipe, it's sweet and fleshy. The FA Costarica Special (mango) offers some more authentic mango flavour and candy side from the Cap sweet mango. The VTA Banana Custard just adds, extra thickness and I think Banana just really goes well, with mango. This is possible the nicest tropical style recipe I've ever made add 1% WS-23 30% dilution if you like it colder but it's great without. 😋

Just trying things and fighting the good fight! Give it a few days to level out!

LB Vanilla Ice Cream, TFA Vanilla Swirl, and SSA Ice Cream Vanilla fill out the ice cream base, while the CCW Devon Cream (optional) helps to add some extra creaminess. Then we have the mix of CAP Sweet Mango and WF Island Mango, a combo which I’ve been using recently, really like, and think works well! I’ve kept the Mango low overall as not to overpower the Ice Cream, but feel free to increase it to your liking if you so desire. Lastly, a bit of Polar Ice and SS are added. Adjust to your liking…or not 😃

Give it a try! Let me know if it sucks or if it’s awesome! This is the first recipe I’ve published here, so your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

A recipe derived from Fear's Abuela.I really liked the idea of a fruity tobacco,so i used Fear's idea as a starting point,but i used a couple of different ingredients,mostly because i really don't like FLV's Connecticut shade and Virginia.This one is creamier than the original and needs a couple of days steeping.After a week mango settles down and tobacco with cream comes forward

Derived from https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/47894#abuela_by_fear

The recipe was named by NaChef from Developed DIY.

Escarchado means Frost in Spanish.

The idea here was pretty simple, Mango Jarritos and Vanilla Ice Cream. I really do like WF Island Mango in spite of my complicated relationship with mango flavors. I think Island Mango is a nice artificial green mango flavor with little to know mango funk. I added a little fizzy sherbet here just to give it some bubbles.

The ice cream note is just 5% LB Vanilla Ice Cream and man is it good. I’ve never mixed mango and vanilla before but it is an INSANE combo. The sweet floral from the vanilla and the fleshy floral from the mango are a perfect combo. Mango is one of the creamiest fruits it’s like they were made for one another.

Sweeten to Taste.

This recipe could benefit from cooling or WS23.

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If this is the first time you’re looking at one of my recipes thank you so much for checking me out. These recipes are geared towards mixers who are just starting out making their own eliquid. All of the flavors in this recipe are from a limited list of 35 ingredients. Check out my YouTube channel for lots more recipes!

It’s Always Sonny is a bright refreshing mango mojito perfect for those warmer days.

Starting off with the mint note because this is a mojito. FW Creme de Menthe is a really good artificially mint flavor. It can be used for lots of different profiles. I’ve used it here with VT fizzy sherbet to get a mint citrusy soda kind of vibe.

For the lime note I pushed VT Persian lime all the way up to 3%. You get a really bright lime note without all that nasty bitter citrus. I did feel the recipe needed a little more separation between the mint and the lime and mint so I added 1% of SC lemon and that seemed to do the trick.

For the mango 4% WF island mango. Yeah, island mango is my favorite mango. It’s artificial, creamy mango without any of that mango funk that I hate so much.

Sweeten to taste.

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This is my interpretation of a mango macadamia cream for the #DevelopedWF contest. Simply & delicious ...

After the miserably cold winter we have just had I wanted to make something summery, tropical and fruity. I was aiming to juxtapose the brighter, tarter fruit with the deeper, rich creaminess and I think I achieved that. This mix reminds me a lot of a Solero ice cream.

Coconut Custard - as well as adding some creaminess and coconut it has a distinct pineapple note which works nicely with the other fruits.
Tropical Gummy Candy - is a really nice, if a bit artificial, guava. It also adds a lot of juiciness.
Island Mango - really tasty mango, plus when combined with Tropical Gummy Candy it seems to give the mix a lovely syrupy feel. Kind of like a tropical fruit compote.
Lime - I only added a touch to cut through the rest of the fruits.
Passionfruit - adds a bit of tartness and adds to the tropical vibe.
Tahitian Vanilla Cream - I think it works well as it has a fruity sweetness to it already

Can SNV. I like to vape it before the Passionfruit starts to fade. But it's still tasty after that, just a bit less passionfruit.

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