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(WF) Glazed Donut SC

By: Wonder Flavours (WF) - Buy Direct

Used in 558 recipes at an average of 2.516%.


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Want a little donut with your icing?
Mostly a fruity red glaze with a hint of donut hiding underneath, this recipe will satisfy the most stubborn of sweet tooth.

Marshmallow cream filled Doughnut coverd with Sugary Frosted Flakes.

Not much to explain but some good combos like Wf Glazed Donut with TPA Vanilla Custard which i like a lot and it makes it heavy, rich and buttery.
Used with Cereal 27, more than giving the cereal flake note (which it adds it anyway) it helps with the donut part quite well.

TPA Marshmallow + TPA Vanilla custard another great combo and mixed with VTA Sweet Cream makes a fluffy, dense rich and sweet cream, the type of artificial cream you get in store bought bakery.

Marshmallow Vanilla helps adding more marshmallow flavour as TPA Marshmallow does not give much marshmallow flavour per se.

I like to think this recipe tastes like a store bought donut so 0.75% super sweet makes it reaaally sweet... to me its OK as its what i intended but 0.5% is enough as its already pretty sweet.

Just a good jelly filled doughnut with a little powdered sugar.

It’s a jelly filled powered doughnut, but with cranberry.

This tastes very simular to the Greggs style Caramel Doughnut. No offnotes just creamy buttery doughnut goodness.

A cinnamon doughnut drenched in glazed icing...

The base for my recipe is FW Cinnamon Roll. It's got all the elements to build a foundation for a great cinnamon doughnut, Paired with WF Angel Cake, it gives the recipe that yellow cake-like body. WF Glazed Donut is amazing! A greasy fried doughnut with a glaze of icing and a very nice pastry feel to it. The exhale is smooth and sugary with this flavor. The glazed part of the doughnut needed a little help so I used FW Cake Batter Dip. When paired with WF Glazed Donut, It's a wonderfully crafted Icing packed with creaminess and body.

Please enjoy and share your feedback!


A nice and simple Maple Bar Donut. FLV Maple Bar and Frosting are a perfect match. The body is made up of WF Glazed Donut SC and JF Biscuit. The JF Biscuit does well rounding out the edges while the WF Glazed Donut gives a great doughy baked flavor.

Enjoy and share your feedback.


Pebbles donut for this weeks show.

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Bread (sweet), Fluffy White Cake, and glazed donut make up my donut base here. Sweet bread and fluffy white cake making the base bakery, and glazed makes it a donut.

I add some buttercream frosting on top bolstered by some wf vanilla cream extra and flv frosting, and cover it with wf lemon orange rice candy which, to me, tastes/smells a LOT like fruity pebbles, but without any of the berry pebbles. So in comes fruit circles. I used FW here because it has less of a sharp citrus note than tpa, which i am already bringing with wf.

Give this a week so settle the sharper citrus notes and bring balance to the vanilla, buttercream, and bakery notes

I will be adding some CAP super sweet into this, probably around .3%, but as always sweeten to your individual tastes!

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