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Strawberry Glazed Donut, a nice fluffy donut with vanilla cream and a hint of starfruit.

This is my entry for Developeds #DevelopedWF contest.

A chewy, sweet glazed donut with dark coffee notes. Goes well together with some real coffee.

You can most probably leave out the Brazilian Coffee and add some other ingredients to the donut base.

Hope you‘ll enjoy this simple recipe and please leave some feedback if you do!


Recipe made for the Mixing Vixens weekly show Blueberry pie with glazed crumble Topping and lemon curd.


I wanted to create a chocolate glazed donut in the style of a krispy Kreme dreamcake.

The glazed donut and butter cake make up the donut, the thick french vanilla and buttermilk make up the filling and the chocolate is the frosting/glaze on top.


Doughnut filled with Fruity Pebble Cream.

I ripped the doughnut base from Major to rework my first public recipe.

TPA Fruit Circles for for a clean fruity pebbles/loops/whatever.

FA Florida Key Lime for a nice lime pop that adds some funk.

FA Zeppola for body and over-all darkness

WF Glazed Doughnut/Crispy Wafer for the main body.

WF Bavarian Cream because it envelopes the cereal part more than CNV Vanilla Pudding.

This is a simple, Bavarian Cream Doughnut.

The WF Glazed Donut = base of the recipe.

OOO Yellow Cake = light, cake flavor.

WF Bavarian Cream = excellent, "heavy on the cream," Bavarian Cream flavor that can stand on it's own.

Australian Chocolate = although a definite coconut flavor, also adds a great chocolate flavor without overpowering the Bavarian Cream.

By far the best I’ve ever tried or made myself and I’ve made ALOT of banana breads, ok, this is a really moist banana bread, almost a banana nut bread pudding for the first few days but then the AP comes through and is just an utter delight, the Creme brulee caramelises the outskirts of the bread, the bread pudding keeps the inside nice and moist and buttery and the doughnut just stiffens that bread up and gives the bread more texture and mouthfeel.

If you like this recipe and what I do then please rate and review accordingly. 7-10 days steep.

Possible subs :-

increase tpa banana nut bread to 10% instead of using DIYFS.
OOO Creme brulee - Vta creme brulee

(Although I’ve supplied subs I highly recommend you use the concentrates in the original recipe)

You can omit the sweetener but it really helps.

Donut holes covered in nuts and a sweet butterscotch sauce for this week's episode of the mixin vixens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee-nyu2Zn6I&feature=youtu.be The avocado adds just the right amount of greasy mouthfeel to make it feel more authentic. If you like what we do and would like to support us in a fun tasty way, check out our one shots at https://www.diyflavorchaser.com/mixin-vixens

Greek doughnut are fried Doughnut holes drizzled with sugar syrup and a sprinkle with pistachio.
Doughnut recipes are never easy or simple for me because there are always so many aspects of a doughnut that need to be played into a recipe so it doesn’t end up tasting like cake or like play dough. This is a fried doughnut balls so of course the right choice is Zeppola but the body of the doughnut is full so I combined it with Glazed doughnut and Biscuit to thicken up the body and a pinch of pastry zest adds an interesting zesty note. For the outside part, I used avocado in combination with pistachio and kinako soy for a realistic nutty flavor and then the glazed aspect is made out of golden syrup. I didn’t use sweetener but you should Sweeten to taste

Cake donut with light honey glaze and a hint of pistachio. I still have yet to find a true pistachio flavor but it's good none the less. If you don't have or can't get Sesami, you can sub for whichever nut or pistachio you have/prefer.

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