(WF) Frozen Yogurt SC

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Omg guys I bought some of this other day and I figured that I try my hand at it and it actually turned out pretty fuckin good and it's refreshing to the tongue so mix this up and enjoy guys

well I have been trying too mix up a good yogurt and Ive been having a good healthy snack from the hospital and this is it boys and I'm trying too start an early diet so wish me luck boys and girls


A wonderful mix of strawberry and blueberry with a nice creamy vanilla yogurt.

Holy sh*t WF frozen yogurt is just amazing. Love this stuff. Very dairy heavy but it's a great concentrate.


Fw blueberry - IMO the king of blueberries. 2% is all that's needed here. Nuff said.

Wf frozen yogurt - as I said this stuff is the bomb! 2.5% is a good amount in this recipe. Super rich dairy creamy yogurt.

Fa juicy strawberry - Another bomb concentrate. Juicy sweet strawberries for days. 1.5% of this stuff is just right to mix with the blueberry and yogurt/vbic.

Fa red touch - 0.5% just to back up the juicy and give our berries that little extra depth.

Tfa VBIC - This is here to add some vanilla and a little extra cream.


Violet Hops is a take on floral notes, maybe even a bit herbal.

I got some new flavors in to play and i thought these 3 main notes could play well together.
So here we are, smelling a blend of 3 quite opposite flavor profiles but there is a thing in common in all of them.
It's not a flavor combination that fits something you'll find on the store shelves, but to me it is a very interesting mix.
Maybe you want to give it a try, let me know what you think.
Do not, i repeat, do not vape this right after mixing!
You will smell just cold feet!
But after 3 days the magic happens!

FA Violet - floral, slightly herbal, smells purple
FLV Yakima hops - herbal, beer-ish, green leaf flavor
FA Mangosteen - exotic, in the range of pineapple, smells green&yellow
TPA French Vanilla - the glue between the floral top notes and the soft vanilla/yogurt
WF Frozen Yogurt - the bed, the creamy bed, just a touch of tartness, brings the edge in this mix

I repeat once again, please do wait 3 days at least after mixing, this is not a shake and vape!

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