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Sweeten to taste. A creamy sweet frozen yogurt topped with sweet blackberry sauce.

I have always loved the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I made this recipe to honor The Great Master Shake.

Something between an Orange Julius and a mango lassi. Twangy and yummy. The Orange Cream and Sweet Tangerine meld well with the mango and almost overtake it, so add more if you feel it needs it. Would love any criticisms, if you please. I want it to be perfect!


So one of my all day vapes from before i started diy was a flavor called spoon licker by ITC Vape. Its a strawberry cake batter flavor and believe it or not i cant even begin to come close to making it like they do. But then again it has been around 3 years since i was buying this e juice so maybe i am closer than i think. So because i dont think my spoon licker is as good as the original i have never released one of my spoon licker remixes. So instead of going after spoon licker i decided to go after a different yet close profile. I went with a strawberry cake batter and and wowzer is it good. I mean it is just an over glorified strawberry cream so how can it be bad?

Sweeten to taste with your preferred sweetener.

Tried VT Yoghurt Drink for the first time and this is the recipe i came up with.

Rhubarb stands out with the tartness but gets some help of lemon and apple.
Yoghurt Drink combination of Frozen Yogurt and Yoghurt Drink seems to be a good combo, i'll guess with that base there can be a lot of variations of this recipe.
If you like this with cooling, use WS23 but very low.

This seems like a really complex recipe but in all honesty, if you don't have some of the berries in here you could likely just omit them or sub and you'd still get something really tasty. That being said, I feel the juicy lemon is pretty crucial as it adds a touch of tart undertone that gives the frozen yogurt a more authentic taste as well as giving a slight tart edge to the fruit notes, though Im sure almost any realistic lemon would suffice.

I used a combo of raspberries to get an authentic berry taste, strawberry shisha to round up the top notes and a touch of pear to give it some juiciness. To me, boysenberry has that kinda fresh squished berry taste that I was looking for and is an awesome flavor with so much use. You wouldn't regret buying it.

Saskatoon berry is another really interesting flavor that I like very much, its rather reminiscent of dewberry. I know this is a flavor that some really don't like, Its really not essential to the mix so leave it out if you don't have/like it, it wont make it or break it. However, if you're looking for an interesting deviation from your typical boring stone fruit recipes, I suggest trying this.

Add whichever sweetener you like, in this mix, I prefer FLV sweetness @ 2% which gives it a more "sweet from within" taste & doesn't mess up coils.

Chill! You can add whichever cooling if you like, IF you like it frosty. WS23 @ .50% did it just right for me in this mix.

Doesn't really need a steep but I do find the yogurt comes in nicer after the 2nd or 3rd day.

Please comment & rate if you do mix it up, not enough people do this here and its important for mixers to get feedback as a way of saying thank you for their hard work! :) ENJOY!

Please DO NOT repost this to any other sites in any format, I have my reasons for only posting on ATF

I was after that OG ice cream truck ice cream bar - with the almond cake shell and vanilla ice cream. I used WF frozen yogurt and FLV cream to achieve that ., WF almond cookie and toasted almond were perfect for the outer almond cake shell . I love FLV coconut so I added it here but it is not needed if you are not a coconut fan. The vanilla whipped cream was just for more volume and vanilla accent for this mix.

mixed up for mixing in the kitchen episode on yogurt https://youtu.be/JS7fE5ONxx8

Another classic dessert, My take on a Nutter Butter Pie, melding HS PB and FW PBC as my main profile to get that deep peanut butter taste sweet thru and thru with a hint of that chocolate drizzle with that classic cookie crust base , im using the sweet cream to add fluff and some added sweetness, the frozen yogurt and epic vanilla are adding to that thickness of the PB pie filling ....MMMMmmmmm damn


Who doesn't like a refreshing sorbet? With spring right around the corner and my trip to Florida coming up soon, it was time to make a refreshing vape to bring with me. This is my take on a lime and coconut sorbet.

I understand many people will not have Vape Train's Sorbet Base, get it if you can. Chefsflavours carries it. It's a magical potion. When you get it, be careful not to get too heavy handed with it, as you will mute the sharper notes. Without this flavor, the recipe is still good, it just doesn't have the sorbet effect.

For the lime note, it was a no brainer to use Lime FLV, because it tastes like sweet lime slushy juice. It's a phenomenal flavor that holds its potency as the juice ages. I could have used it as the only lime flavoring, but, I experimented with a few other limes to add. When I tried adding Lime Tahity Distilled FA for some zest, it just filled the lime note out so well. This is optional.

The coconut note is not very strong in this recipe, and that's what I was going for. Sweet Coconut FLV is what I decided to use. It's a milky coconut that sits nicely in the recipe, and comes out more after a few days. If you want more coconut, I added Coconut Candy TFA at 0.75% in my different variations while developing this recipe.

For the base of the recipe, I chose Frozen Yogurt WF. It's a sweet, creamy and not very tart. This is a great flavor. I experimented using Vanilla Bean Ice Cream by FW and TFA, but decided that the frozen yogurt worked better for my liking.

To sweeten it up, I added 0.50% of Super Sweet. This is optional. It's pretty sweet without it.

Additional cooling agents are optional. The Sorbet base provides some cooling effect.


I tested many different variations and I'm happy to release this.

This is a shake and vape, but the flavors pop after 2-3 days. I primarily use the wasp and serpent mini, and usually mix it at 60-70VG. I don't like a hot vape and usually use a resistance around 0.5


This is supposed to emulate a ice cream sandwich using caramel popcorn slabs as the outer sandwich and vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt in the middle. I thought they looked and sounded delicious so why not make it into a vape juice flavor???? So I did and here it is!!! ENJOY!!!!

So I have been playing with this profile for a little while each time the recipes were really good but each time I wanted to adjust a few things keeping the main ingredients the same. The thing I kept adjusting was the popcorn percentage and the ice cream and or combination to make the ice cream. I found with the popcorn .75% was a little weak and 1.25% was a little strong with a butaric note so I met in the middle at 1%. Flavorah popcorn mixed with caramel rice crispy treat makes a perfect caramel corn flavor. So once I had that perfect its on to the ice cream I did a version with just 5% LB vanilla ice cream and it worked and was good but I am just not a huge fan of LB vanilla ice cream but it is a viable substitute for my ice cream combination. I also tried a thicker more buttery ice cream mixture using tfa and the was OK but still not what I wanted pet say. Lately I have been playing with wonder flavours sc frozen yogurt and what I have found is that 2% of wfsc frozen yogurt and 2% vanilla cream extra it works in almost all the places you would use a vanilla ice cream concentrates. I used frozen yogurt at 2.5% because the caramel popcorn is a strong flavor combination and figured a little extra creaminess could only help the ice cream come through the caramel corn aspect of this recipe.

Sweetener: Use it or don't use it it doesn't matter to me its an additive for a reason. I am possibly going to only list sweeteners In my recipes if the recipe absolutely must have it to taste right. This is not one of those mixes but I still used .35% of Flavorah sweetness but you use or don't use your sweetener of choice. Flavorah sweetness is my favorite sweetener and the only one I use now.

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