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This is a mushy cake with marshmallow cheesecake type frosting covered in toasted coconut

Inspired by the hostess Snowball cake. Fluffy white cake + cocoa = chocolate cake. (the only chocolate cake I used to like was reformulated / LB Lava Cake) Coconut candy provides a creaminess to the desiccated coconut which is very dry on its own. I Used Marshmallow vanilla by Flavorah for texture. The OOO adds a nice flavor. VT sweet cream for the cream filled center.
The cake note, to me is light... but if I recall correctly, thats what I remember from a Snowball. The marshmallow outside is what truly stands out to me and this combination was perfect.
If you have a chocolate cake you like, you can sub for the WF Fluffy cake/Cocoa combo. The rest really isn't substitutable
I mix low percentage wise so you may need to adjust, as usual.

A remix of the Developed classic Creme Brulee donut.
In order to give this more donut feel I dropped the VT Croissant and upped the WF Glazed Donut and replaced the croissant with WF Fluffy White Cake to give the donut more fluff. I added FA Zeppola to finish the donut with a fried flavor. Then because the VT Creme Brulee has a custard already in it I added TFA Bavarian cream to help fill out the custard. For the top layer glaze I added VT Scorched Caramel to add to the burnt sugar effect on top of the donut. I changed the sweetener to Fw because it is more fitting in a bakery recipe.


just an awesome donut base with a sick ass vanilla buttercream frosting killin it on top. Releasing this per ID10T's suggestion and inspo. Thanks buddy!

Omit the Frostings and Vanilla cream for a pure donut base to work off of but imo swap out the vanilla cream for:

Wf chocolate frosting 2%
Ooo Strawberry jam 2%
Ssa raspberry syrup 1%
Wf salted caramel 2%
Ooo Blood Orange 1.5%

Add FW Sprinkles

Add CAP Cinnamon Sugar

Add WF Bavarian Cream

Add some VTA Vanilla Cream

Top it with .75% wf lemon orange rice candy + 1.5% tpa Crunch Berries for a better attempt at pebz.

Add flv Blueberry Muffin to this at 2-3%

Add rich cinnamon at .2%

Add wf Chocolate chunks at 1.5%

have at it!

It's a Twinkie! Not sure what else to say.

Twinkie Cake Base: Fluffy White Cake, Philadelphia Buttercake... Crumble topping for the outer layer of darker yellow cake.
Filling: Vanilla Cream, Vanilla Pudding for the creamy center with Frosting to give more of that sweet taste twinkies are known for!

Hello everyone! So the idea I had for this recipe is taking the foundation of how the tres leches cake is, you know with how milk and moist the cake is? Well this is basically taking that recipe and making it into a blueberry tres leches if you will.
I have went through a few versions of this recipe since it's first creation, the best thing about this recipe and the very few people's input that helped me out since it's creation has helped out a bunch. I plan to do more desserts like this and in different various areas to expand towards.
so please enjoy this tasty vape! Let it age about two weeks at most...


Dark Chocolate Cake, coffee and malt nuances topped with a cream cheese icing.

Nothing fancy to add about this mix, everything does what is supposed to but to add a few notes:

VTA Coffee Liqueur adds a nice syrupy chocolaty/coffee.

Wf Fluffy white Cake adds vanilla and the cake body.

LA Cream Cheese Icing adds the creaminess to the mix, the frosting and some sweetness.

TPA Malted Milk adds malty notes And some grainy feeling.( helps the body of the cake)

FLV Chocolate Deutsch is our main dark cakey chocolate note.

We mix Angel and Fluffy White cake together for an incredible cake base, then take Sweet Cream and Frosting, for a delicious buttercream frosting, toss in some sweetener, and congratulations on your new wedding cake recipe! I work with a beginner's DIY group so I try to make a lot of simple recipes that work well together. This is simple but really sweet and tasty. I hope you enjoy it.

This recipe gives you a great opportunity to use those ripe bananas nobody wants to eat anymore.

A butterscotch cake, not much else to say.fa vanilla ice cream is also known as gelato vaniglia fyi... use your own sweetener at the % you like,i like my juice sweet and cap and pur sweeteners mixed work perfect for my taste buds

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