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This recipe gives you a great opportunity to use those ripe bananas nobody wants to eat anymore.

A butterscotch cake, not much else to say.fa vanilla ice cream is also known as gelato vaniglia fyi... use your own sweetener at the % you like,i like my juice sweet and cap and pur sweeteners mixed work perfect for my taste buds

Hazelnut cake with cream and chocolate . If you prefer more chocolatety then WF Cocoa can be increased . Sweetener is optional and can be added if wanted.

A yummy poundcakish bakery, with nice nuts, on a light vanilla-caramel frosting.
I like it how it is, but there is enough space to add a fruit or a other note, if you like!
I.e. 0.25-0.5% INW Raspberry(Malina) or 1.75-2% TPA Banana Cream is working well with the cake and the nuts.
2% TPA Dulce de Leche is also a secret wappon, to make anything special out of this cake.
Change and/or add sweetener to taste.

"Publiched yesterday for the the WF-Online-Mixing-Challenge".
Notes follow!

Fw blueberry & tres leches work great together almost like they was created to be paired up and wf white cakes makes the combo even better. Switched out a few flavours to the origional i made last year to deliver a better and more buttery vanilla cream filling and decadent cake combo.

A delicious cappuccino cake pop. Beautifully baked sponge cake with a cappuccino infused French vanilla cream centre. Truly irresistible and goes great with your morning tea/coffee. If you try my recipes please be so kind to leave a review and rating on said recipe for other mixers to checkout. Enjoy all and stay safe. 💙


This tastes like a mouth full of buttery mash up of white and yellow cake with a little bit of pink frosting. After a night of failed gross mixes, I woke up and started fresh and attempted to follow one flavor down a rabbit hole. I started with Cupcake batter and wanted to do something with that because Ive barley used it. I spent a few minutes huffing flavors and thinking about what would pair well with its use.

Vanilla cupcake/White cake
These are my cake, I like white cake but am never really satisfied with it as the star of a recipe. I felt like it had some very similar cake notes to cupcake batter and the two might mesh well. They both have buttery presence to me and are very creamy. I think they work well I really wanted to throw some sugar cookie in there for more density but I refrained(this time).

Vanilla bean ice cream/Vanilla custard
I like a good cream base in most of my recipes. This one seemed to fit, I feel as if these two both have some of the same strong notes that my cakes had as well. I was kind of just pairing those notes so I felt like they fit well. They definitely add moisture to the texture, at least for me.

Strawberry Ripe/ Strawberry (RF)
These just give it a pink feel, I don't fuck around with a lot of strawberries. Strawberry RF is the goat for me. I don't know if you can even get that shit anymore (I panic bought a shit ton). Also contemplated going Sweet strawberry and WF strawberry gummy(might still try that). This part is really subjective I imagine any favorite strawberry combo will fit well.

Rarely post recipes, figured Id drop this one was feeling grateful for all the resources that are available. I follow the reddit community religiously (never post), hopefully someone with similar basic tastes as me will enjoy this one.

Those little Debbie Vanilla white cakes with Creamy insides.

Fluffy white cake and rf sugar cookie make up my cake base here, rf sugar cookie is a more "cakey" cookie, like a cupcake, so here it fits very nicely.

For the cream notes i used vta sweet cream and vta love. The white chocolate notes in love arent too prevalent, but love acts as a nice bridge between the cream layer and the frosting layer, working both ways. Flv frosting and fa oba oba make up the shiny outter coating of this treat, and everything on this just adds to the whole vanilla aspect of things.

Steep this for a week for best results, 3 days minimum.


This is a sweet fluffy strawberry cake, using WF Fluffy White Cake as the main base i find its accurate to the profile and packs plenty of puch at this %. SSA Ice Cream Vanilla helps lift the cake by providing some bright vanilla and dairy notes whilst WF Butter Cream Frosting bring in some sweet icing and buttery notes to the cake - Marshmallow vanilla works its magic by some what helping to bind it all together i find, rounds the edges and adds to the fluffy mouthfeel.
The strawberry combo here is pretty awesome - WF Juicy strawberry needs no intro and SSA Strawberry ripe is very bright and lifts the whole profile to a fluffy strawberry cake.

The Crumb cake base uses WF Fluffy White Cake with WF Crumble Topping and WF Sugar Cookie for the crumb topping
Infusing WF Bourbon Aged Cream and WF Thai Apple create such an awesome flavor, the apple is in the back but is definitely detectable.
Add sweetener to taste, But in my opinion, it helps the flavors pop.

Tested recipe on Recurve Single Coil RDA with a fused clapton. Ohms at .20 vaping at around 60 Watts

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