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(WF) Dweeb Candy SC

By: Wonder Flavours (WF) - Buy Direct

Used in 41 recipes at an average of 1.679%.


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Well it's been almost a year since I crafted this recipe for the Vegas show. We were told liquid barn, and Chef flavors, we're going to carry all of the recipes as one shots, and so I have been sitting on it. Pretty clear that's not going to happen 😅 hope you guys enjoy I really think this is one of the finest recipes I have crafted. It is missing the honeydew if your honeydew fan a little bit of FLV honeydew will probably do the trick. I was happy with it the way it was and so....

Giant raspberry/blackberry gumdrop candy. Has wings and laser eyeballs. Is powerful giant from space. Does collateral damage + battle. This is Dropra, your Quixotic deity in red and black.

HS Blueberry, INW Cactus, and TPA Sweet Raspberry to the core. When your honor and your city are at stake, Dropra will fight to preserve your honor.

WF Dweeb Candy adds the armor coating of tart, tiny, nerd-like spheres. Crisp surface tension and crisp flavor, right up front. If looks could kill, it wouldn’t be Dropra’s fault. He respects innocence! Hence the sweeteners.

Dropra’s ornamental exoskeleton is filled with some sort of ...mysterious ... space goo. Thin outer layers of pineapple gummy bear (27 Bears) form a big fat sack around a sloshy core of soapy stirred jello (Jelly Candy). And ...I suppose there’s gotta be some glands in there, pumping the hormones of heroism that drive him? Oh right, we already covered that with the berries and cactus.

Grinch Punch
This is a delicious vape based on a recipe using these ingredients::
2 Liter Sprite
1 Packet Lemon Lime Kool-Aid
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
Red Sugar Sprinkles

To create this punch WF SC Lemon Lime Soda creates the perfect base for the Sprite.

For the kool-aid, I am using Cap Lemon Lime. The Lenon Juice is Cap Juicy Lemon
Here is the magic and fun part of the recipe, for the Red Sugar Sprinkles, I used WF SC Dweeb Candy, this has a couple of uses in the recipe, not only does it give the candy, but it also helps the cap lemon lime feel more like kool-aid. To give the candy a bit more authenticity, I add VT Sour Lemon
Sweetner is needed so Add Sweetener of your preference,I like super sweet @ .25%.
If you like coolant, add some ws23

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This is something of a concept recipe. A few people have seen this before, hopefully one of them chimes in.

sweet and tart, dweeb candy, and Bubblegum- la bubble gum is a delicious pink bubble gum, it becomes the canvas,on which we're going to paint this weird-ass candy. Weed candy gets the mix a hard candy shell. Sweet tart ads contrast, sweetness, and the dryness of the concentrate, pairs perfectly with Bubblegum.

Been on a bit of a Blackberry kick lately. It's like Frank's Red Hot sauce I put that shit and everything. Pairs great with the sweet strawberry, add sweetener and boom.

hope you enjoy.

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