(WF) Double Mint SC

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Going for an old school hard boiled peppermint lollie. Please not this is a work in progress and any advice is welcome

On a trip to the beach years ago we stopped at a small bakery that had a coconut and nut cookie with bright lime and mint flavor. It was the perfect summertime treat. It is a popular cookie in Mexico called Piloncillo Cocada, but it will always remind me of those days playing in the sand on Galveston Island.

The Almond Cookie SC and Coconut Candy form the base of the cookie.
The Persian Lime and Double Mint leave a refreshing aftertaste, but are not overwhelming.

Testing: 60/40 mix, OBS Nano, 0.32 ohm ss316, 45 Watt

Started as something light. fruity and cold (no hazelnut, 1% for each mint), but i felt like it needed a bit of a twist and some body so in comes FW Hazelnut.
WS-23 to taste. I like it @2%, 30%.

  • I was mixing 30mls and just vaping straight in a couple days, just let some sit for 10~12 days and it's so much better, super clean mint with a fruity undertone and a blast of cold, just awesome.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Nothing celebrates the man who drove the snakes from Ireland like a frosty green sickly sweet treat from the Golden Arches Super Club! Sweeten to taste, add chocolate if you want! (I suggest 2.5% lb lava cake for a bice chocolate sauce note)

Choc mint ice cream.
This is my first shared recipe. Great as a snv. Will update after steeping to see if anything changes.
This double mint is amazing!

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