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5 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is my entry for the fantastic Developed WF Assignment.
I wanted a coffee cocktail that didn't taste like a coffee or cocktail vape, more like a smooth commination of both. This is not very sweet for those who like to change things up a bit. It is closer to a dessert vape rather then an ADV. Feel free to make it sweeter.
After about 3 days the taste really blends well and the coffee starts to fade. Off the shake it is coffee rich, which will fade with time.

Being a member of Developed has taught me more about DIY than all the years prior. I have discovered the wonderful Wonder Flavors in my first single brand assignment. At first it was tough, but then I discovered many of the cool WF for the first time.

KISS coffee crisp. I've tried so many combinations.....simple recipe, straight to the point, super tasty and to me the most accurate to date. Enjoy

This was a request from a buddy of mine, he wanted a heavy coffee with a noticeable chocolate. Also, I will add that this recipe was designed to Vape MTL, as he uses an original Nautilus. I found it very difficult to get this profile down, keeping both notes present without creating any off notes. At the same time I feel that I’ve achieved this profile, and it is absolutely delicious!

Crispy Coffee WF + FA Up:
This is used to create the coffee notes, and does a great job at doing so without giving any muddy/off notes. I started with Brazilian Coffee WF and noticed that flavor would be the ideal replacement if this were a DTL recipe, but too muddy to be MTL

Double Chocolate Clear TFA + FLV Milk Chocolate:
This creates a very nicely balanced chocolate flavor that is more of a chocolate syrup as opposed to a cocoa which would seem more “dusty”. These shine right through the coffee base very nicely. Another thing I found difficult to achieve. Started off with JF Milk Chocolate and realized it was too muddy, along with INW Milk Chocolate. Better for DTL.

Vienna Cream + Vanilla Cream Extra:
The dairy base, also enhances the chocolate flavors a bit. I find that Vienna cream is almost required in a coffee flavor.

Super Sweet:
I like my coffee black, but not in my vape. Gotta taste like something, and super sweet helps pull it all together. I highly recommend using this even if you’re not a fan of sweet flavors, as I’m not. Very important for the chocolate imo. Started with FLV Sweetness, noticed it’s not the best sweetener for MTL flavors, just feels underwhelming in comparison to sucralose. Sweetness is my go to for anything DTL though.

I myself Vape this out of the innokin Ares mtl tank at around 4-4.2 volts. If you Vape it under 4 volts you will taste more chocolate than coffee, go 4-4.2 volts and you get much more coffee. I wouldn’t recommend going higher than that.

Mix it up and enjoy!


Christmas is fast approaching and so are the Holiday recipes! I wanted to create an Eggnog recipe but put a bit of a twist on it, an Eggnog Coffee and donuts. This is one of those recipes that may not be an ADV due to its rich sweetness, but would be great after a big Thanksgiving or Christmas meal, to be vaped in front of a roaring fire or while watching the snow outside fall.

I am really enjoying the new WF SC line and although I'm not a big fan of most coffees, I do enjoy the depth and layering of the WF Crispy Coffee SC. It does however need a bit of a boost for a darker coffee and that's where the FA Up comes in, but just a touch. I wanted the eggnog to be the star of the show so, the coffee sits in the back while the eggnog and donut are in the middle of the vape.

This was the first time experimenting FLV Eggnog, and while it has an authentic eggnog flavor, it can over-power a mix. So using it at 1% would be the max I would use this at.
The whipped cream is to soften the spices from the FLV Eggnog and WF Cinnamon Pastry a bit and add a nice fluffy topping to the recipe.

The donut. Of all the WF that I have tested, this seems to be the most accurate to the profile. It is the perfect blend of pastry, creamy sugar glaze, and cinnamon.
I added a bit of CAP Super Sweet as well but you don't have to use it if you like a less sweet vape.
Can be a shake and vape but is best after a 3 day steep.
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I set out to create a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha, just in time for the holidays. Now this seems easy enough, coffee, chocolate, milk, and peppermint. Well, it may seem that way, but for us who have tested coffees, chocolates, and milks, it can be quite the challenge to find the right flavors for this profile. There are many ways to get there with this profile.

This is how I approached it.
First the coffee. WF Cripsy Coffee SC really hits the mark for a medium roast coffee with hints of cream and texture. It does however, need a bit of a boost for a richer, darker coffee hence the addition of FA Up. Not too much though, it can take over a recipe and give the mix a burnt coffee off note.

The chocolate. This was probably the hardest part. There are a lot of chocolates to choose from, but picking the right one that doesn't give you an artificial taste or plastic note is very difficult. I chose HS Australian Chocolate. At 1% this chocolate has a nice creamy chocolate syrup-like flavor and texture that pairs well with coffee.

The Milk. My first 6 versions I used TFA Bavarian Cream, and while I love this flavoring, it seemed to push out the coffee and chocolates and made the mix a bit flat and not very layered. I went back to my stash and found a rarely used flavoring that I had, Real Flavors Condensed Milk SC. I haven't used many Real Flavors but after testing it I knew this would be just the sweet, creamy, milk I needed. It seems to sit somewhere in the middle of the vape while not interfering with the coffee or the chocolates.

The Peppermint. My first few versions I used Flavor West's Chocolate Mint. This flavor seemed to have too much mustiness to the chocolate and the peppermint wasn't quite right. So when I introduced HS Australian Chocolate to my mix, CAP Peppermint was the obvious choice. I tried it at 1%, .25%, .5%, and then settled on .5%. This percent gives a peppermint taste on the front and a bit on the end of the vape while the coffee, chocolate, and milk stays in the middle. I added a bit of CAP Super Sweet to brighten things up as well.

Can be a shake and vape but is best after a 3 day steep.
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