(WF) Cotton Candy Jelly Bean

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Tested on a profile 1.5 @ 90w.

A sweet fudge infused with maple syrup.

The fudge is made up of CCW Vanilla Fudge, a decent fudge that lacks a little on mouthfeel used at 4% here to give a beutiful low spice Vanilla with a little mouthfeel, layered with CCW Clotted Cream Fudge to add a little creaminess and help the mouthfeel out a little at 2% this also helps thicken the mouthfeel slightly, WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean @1.25% helps add the gooey sugary mouthfeel that is missing from the 2 CCW Fudges, adding a wonderful authenticity to the profile.

Finally WF Maple Syrup Candy at 2.25 adds the sweet authentic maple syrup taste into the fudge, the very slight candy aspect to this also serves to add a little mouthfeel to the fudge aspect.

This was sweet enough for me without any sweetener added however if you feel this isn't sweet enough for you feel free to add your sweetener of choice

A sherbety lemon chew bought to you with the help of Nick Evans, he doesn't know he helped so don't tell him but I stole his taffy base for help with this. Find it here: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/218080#nick_s_taffy_base_by_nickevz

This is great off the shake. Enjoy 😋

I have to write ten words in order to share

I have to write ten words in order to share

Inspired by the description of a commercial juice.
A tasty blend of Skittles candy and silky cream
Tested on a profile 1.5 @ 0.13ohms at approx 100w

MB Skitta at 5% is good enough to stand out as the only Skittles type flavouring needed, pretty authentic on it's own, WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean @2% just gives the extra sweetness, mouthfeel and candy coating needed to recreate the iconic candies.

Bavarian cream from FW used here at 3.25% to give a delocious lightly stiff cream and to give some light caramel like notes in the bacground, clotted cream fudge from CCW at 1.75% thickens the overall mouthfeel up whilst further enhancing the 'chewiness' of the candies.

Finally TFA VC 2 used to give a thick almost pudding like mouthfeel to the cream layer and to pop up some of the vanillas.


An ice cream mix with a tropical topping
Tested on a profile 1.5 with 0.13 Ohm Mesh at approx 100w

when I found out that hawaiian punch was originally created as an ice cream topping/Syrup I had to see if this would work in an Ice Cream profile.

WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean added in at 0.5% just to turn the Hawaiian punch into more of a syrup along with Wild Berry Gummy Candy, at 0.75% this thickens it up a little and also adds some wild berries deep in to the background to add depth.

Hawaiian punch at 2% adds in the Hawaiian Punch topping, taken higher than this it starts to take away from the ice cream, 2% gives the perfect balance to this as a topping

FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream used at 4% to ensure that this excellent Vanilla ice cream punches through the other flavours, this is then thickend up with WF French Vanilla thick at 0.75%.

the only possible sub in this recipe would be for the ice cream. first choice would be WF VIC cloesly followed by LB VIC, however I expect this would also work with TFA VBIC.

While SFT the SSA Cola i had a "Ratatouille moment" that immediately brought me back several years when i enjoyed those fizzy cola candies.I knew i had to recreate those in a vape form

The candies had a fizzy candy cola flavour with a tart+sour note and a dash of lemon

VT Fizzy Sherbet was used for the lemon note and adds to the wonderful fizzyness/effervescence you get from SSA Cola
CAP 27 Bears adds the gummy candy note
WFs Sour Ball Candy and Cotton candy JB are great additives that complete the recipe by giving it a sour/tart and candied sugary note

Enjoy this after an overnight steep and sweeten to taste

Tested on a citadel SFC 0.5Ω @ 33Watts

A bright, almost tropical lemon on the inhale, that turns into Orange Taffy on the exhale.

Give this like a full day for the lemon, it's a bit sharp at 1% of the shake but settled below the orange after a day, so give it a little extra and a full day and they're balanced quite well if you ask me.

The powdered sugar helps this have a slight sugar coating.

Thanks again Nevans for the Taffy base.

I sweetened with .5% Capella super sweet.


Sour Watermelon Berry Punch Hawaiian style. Sweeten to taste, better without sweetner though.

My Attempt at a Raspberry Jelly Belly, made much simpler by the new WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean.

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