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This is a delicious Cookies and Cream vape.
This needs the 2 weeks for all the flavours to blend together and for the creams to settle into the mix
You should be able to use Pur Condensed Milk in place of the SA one, VT Sweet Cream should also work in place of the FLV no other subs.

As always I have ommited sweetener out as I find this sweet enough for me, however feel free to add your own sweetener to preference

Tested on a Profile 1.5 at 85w and a Titan V2 (RDA) at 202w

Sugar Cookie used at 5% to ensure this is the main cookie taste, although an older flavour this is still one of the best sugar cookies out, WF Cookie Dough used at 2.25% to fill out the sugar cookie more and provide some texture to the cookie, MB Belgian Waffle at 1% then provides a dark baked taste at this low of a %.

The cream base is then made up of FA Milk for the excellent dairy milk taste this provides, FA Meringue then sweetens this up and makes it a little fuller, SA Condensed milk thickens this up slightly whilst adding that sweet condensed milk taste pushing this more towards dairy, FLV sweet cream then adds the finishing touches with thickening and sweetening the cream base

After tasting WF Creme Brulee Cookie and with the new Orange Cream out I had to create this to showcase these two flavours.

VT Creme Brulee is one of, if not my favourite Creme Brulee, so adding this is in was always on the cards, at 1.5% this gives a creamy creme backbone with a wonderful caramelised sugar topping that works perfectly with WF Creme Brulee Cookie, the creme brulee in this flavour gives depth to the VT, the cookie note forms the basis of the cookie part of this recipe, the cookie is further enhanced with the use of CAP Sugar Cookie to enhance those crispy cookie notes amd WF Cookie Dough to give depth and provide the cookie mouthfeel.

WF Orange Cream is a silky blend of cream and a great orange flavour even if slightly artificial, the orange isn't too juicy/wet in this so is perfect to use for creamy mixes without making the whole thing 'soggy'

Vanilla custard 2 added for a boost to the creme part of the VT Creme Brulee and add some additional vanilla to the mix.

FLV Vanilla pudding used to thicken up the whole mix and add a rich deep vanilla


I'm going for a Belgium Waffle topped with cookie dough and chocolate whipped cream. Why? Because some midwestern house wife thought this monstrosity up and I could help but make a run at it vape form.

As always sweeten to taste.


A simple lil cookie dough recipe that tastes really accurate! Wf did a great job with their cookie dough. I’ve had a hard time getting it to work in a recipe, but by itself along with some chocolate it gives me exactly what I’d want in a cookie dough. Add some fw sweetener and it’s a done deal.

Huge thanks to Developed for hosting another awesome mixing challenge! If you’re new to mixing or just haven’t had the chance to check these guys out yet, they’ve got a lot of really useful information and tips to become a better mixer. All packaged in a very entertaining show that’s fun to watch.
Check em out:

Another mixer recommended Inw Green Joy and I went to work trying to make this profile. I am a fairly new mixer and not a lot of notes on Green Joy so here is what I came up with. All input is welcome.

All exclusive Wonder flavors recipe all these flavors are so amazing and I love my cookie dough 😋 five day steep minimum.


Chocolate Milk/chocolate milkshake

Nevans does chocolate??? Yes, Oh boy yes. It’s my greatest chocolate accomplishment yet, I know there hasn’t been many attempts at chocolate but I’ve turned over a new leaf! I’m joking, F#%k Chocolate! 😛

The chocolate frosting and milkshake combine to make the majority of the recipe with the whipped cream coming in to add an airy dairy (I’m a poet) feel, the cookie dough adds mouthfeel As it’s a very light/blonde concentrate and sweetener is subjective.

If you like this recipe and what I do then please don’t steal my ideas and pass them off as your own miraculous discovery 😛


Wonder flavors is killing the game with their new flavors if you don't have them do yourself a favor and pick them up....this new version of Wayne's Obsidian is fire 🔥seriously.

Working with the new WF line!

I'm happy with these numbers!

Cookie dough lays the base down very well. Imo it's a lighter flavor but here 4% works great. We add some depth and butter with the cookie butter, and some grain with the sugar cookie, just a little extra depth.

Chocolate chunks in the background with that Caramel sitting so nicely on the mix, MUUUUUAH!

3 days on this.
I didn't make it last 2.

Awakening from a deep slumber, the moon fades away and sunrise takes its place. It's a new dawn, a beginning to refresh your soul as you ponder what the day has in store. Let it sink into your senses, giving you a new sense of purpose. As the past slips away, your journey begins anew.

Wishing you a world of promise as you enjoy this delicious mocha frappe with a cookie twist. May all your day be filled with light and love.

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