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Delicious sweet blueberry tart for this week's episode of Mixin Vixens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrCc_4n3Zkg

An "everything but the kitchen sink" custard made with mostly new and newer WF flavors. AT 5 days, I could not put this down . . . unfortunately, I didn't make a big enough test batch. Off to make another, bigger bottle and let it sit before digging in. Lots of flavors . . . high percentage . . . blah blah blah. Again, took the classic vanilla custard route with new/newer flavors. Spurred to release this to show my appreciation for Frank and the folks at Wonder Flavours for their overwhelming generosity in the Developed WF giveaway and to showcase how Wonder-ful their Flavours truly are. This is a solid vanilla custard . . . I'm proud of it and stay impressed by the great things WF puts out. Add 0.5% of the sweetener of your choosing.

This is my entry for Developeds #DevelopedWF contest.

A chewy, sweet glazed donut with dark coffee notes. Goes well together with some real coffee.

You can most probably leave out the Brazilian Coffee and add some other ingredients to the donut base.

Hope you‘ll enjoy this simple recipe and please leave some feedback if you do!


Delicious coconut cookies, crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside but filled with sweet creamy coconut flavor and a nice play of textures.

FLV Sweet Coconut is creamy coconut. Adds to the sweetness of the cookie.

FA Coco to support FLV Sweet Coconut. These two are always together when I mix anything coconut. I will probably do a v.4 with VT Dessicated Coconut.

FW Bavarian Cream is a light buttery and sweet cream used to carry the coconut part.

FA Meringue is thick and adds more sweetness, here to support FW Bavarian Cream.

WF Cookie Butter is sweet and supports both the buttery notes in FW Bavarian Cream and CAP Sugar Cookie and give it some chewyness.

FA Cookie for a crunchy cookie outside.

CAP Sugar Cookie for the bulk of the cookie here, buttery sweetness, and chewy inside.

I wanted to vape a plain almond cookie so I came up with this. 7th version.... almond cookie at 4% taste burnt as a shake and vape but after 5 to 7 days it disappears. Shortbread to boost a little bit the cookie part, cookie butter for....the butter. Macadamia nut...trying the boost the almond and add cream. To me molasses at 0.5 act the same as FLV caramel at 0.25....for brown sugar. Enjoy mother truckers!

Working with the new WF line!

I'm happy with these numbers!

Cookie dough lays the base down very well. Imo it's a lighter flavor but here 4% works great. We add some depth and butter with the cookie butter, and some grain with the sugar cookie, just a little extra depth.

Chocolate chunks in the background with that Caramel sitting so nicely on the mix, MUUUUUAH!

3 days on this.
I didn't make it last 2.

A rich buttery pastry with a pecan pie type filling. I made this on one of Fresh's Saturday shows but it turned out so good I had to post it here as well. Good after 7 days but gets even better the longer you can hold out.

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This is a Butter Pecan Cookie for the Developed Assignment.
Sugar Cookie, Short Bread Cookie and Cookie Butter make up the cookie layer.
Butter Pecan Pie is one of my favorite Butter Pecan flavors and it's purpose is obvious.
I used Crispy Wafer and White Fudge as an attempt to dry out the cookie some for a cooked feel but it didn't really work.
I left them in since to me, the slight cocoa taste and extra sweetness is pleasant. Texture helps as well.
This recipe taste more like Butter Pecan Cookie batter. Probably should have changed the name.
This recipe definitely needs a steep. I think 5 days is good enough for everything to settle. This is a sweet mix, I personally add 0.25% SS but not really needed.
Finger Guns to Developed Crew. You guys are awesome.

It's a recipe only with Wonder Flavors concentrates, for Developed's competition.
Not another one sugar coookie recipe, but an excelent cooperation, with concentrates of the same label.
Well, the first taste you get, is the old sugar cookies from granny's rounded tin box; now in this there is sewing items!
The Sugar Cookie have the first role with support of Shortbread Cookie. The Butter Cookie, tighten the dough and gives a little bit push to Cream Filling at the exhale.
I use Hazelnuts & Cream with Caramel Cream, (great pair for many uses) for the unique sense they gives!
For the cream, the Vanilla Cream Extra & Tahitian Vanilla Cream, with this combo, have the right balance.
Thin cream with the help of Cream Filling, make a smooth taste - not another cookies & cream.
Marshmallow use it, for the gummy effect but and for the connection between the creams.
Creme Brulee Cookie, is here for the cream, it seems like custard with a sense of caramel syrup and the cookie in addition, as a light buttered cookie.
Last but not least, both cream vanillas, give us no more-no less vanilla we want. The Tahitian is a delicate vanilla, perfect for bakery and the cream from Vanilla Extra, give us a "bold" and rounded filling.

I am a tobacco boy now. I know, I know. This guy can't do tobaccos too. How are the rest of us going to compete? You can't.

I am on brand.

I bought a few tobacco and then talked with @nowar about them. A few weeks later, I was sent a handful more and this is one of the love children spawned from it.
This is the warmer weather dessert tobacco that I really really fell in love with.

FLV Native for a mild and straight-forward tobacco.
FLV Turkish to add some spice.
FLV Cured because Duncan said so and he was right.
FLV Sweet Coconut to cream this up.
VT Dessicated for a more authentic coconut.
FLV Pumpkin Spice to make you all regret those preconceived notions about it.
WF Cookie Butter for a hint of bakery and some richness.

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