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Poor ol’ mister meringue. Got caught making whippey with the neighbour again so his wife gave him the boot. He blew all his money on powdered sugar so now he pimps himself out on the street corner for spare lemons.

This is a Mr. Meringue by Charlie’s Chalkdust clone. Took me years to get it just right. Recently bought a bottle of the commercial and was amazed at how close it was. Smelling either bottle I can’t tell the difference.

It’s a commercial clone, needs sweetener.

Original artwork done by my crazy teenager.


Coconut with a slight banana nut bread back.

While testing coconuts for Noted I decided to try out a theory of mixing both MB and WF together to get a nice mix of the two and layer it into some banana nut bread with the eventual idea of layering in some tobaccos. I liked the initial layer and was only trying sort of hackneyed baccos with it. Not sure when I will get back to this so here's the bare bones good as it stands. Needs a bit of a steep for the BnB to come out. I waited over a week but I'm guessing at least 5-7 days should be sufficient. It's screaming for a tobacco layer so I hope you have fun with it.

Basic Coconut and Pear mixed with Bavarian Cream

I used WF Bavarian Cream for this recipe because it's delicious, but it also doesn't have the stronger caramel or brown sugar notes you get with many of the other BCs.

For Coconut I'm using both FLV Sweet coconut because as it's named, it's sweet, and delicious, and a little Coconut Custard to help bring a smoother coconut flavor, and sit well with the bavarian cream.

For pears, I've got the SSA Ripe Pear providing a majority of the body for a fresh pear, and am using the TFA Pear to bring a little of the floral top notes you'd expect from a fresh pear, as well as FA pear to provide a little more pear flavor, and add some juiciness to the pear.

Super Sweet could be optional, however I like the additional sweetness it brings, and it also helps stave off a little dryness.

This tastes fairly good when vaped right after a shake, but after a week long steep you're left with a smooth creamy light sweet coconut and pear cream that I find thoroughly enjoyable.

So! if you are a tobacco fan by far then you may like this recipe. I will be revising this recipe due to the fact that it did not turn out the way I was hoping for. I was actually aiming for a sweet-ish black cigar. As far as I am concerned, this recipe will be in the works for a while. The recipe is indeed the revised version. I am gonna see how it plays out this time around and give it awhile to age and go from there.

Ok so about two weeks go by and I must say I was about to give up on this recipe. Now I have made 5 or 6 different version and this one is the absolute closest to what I have been wanting since beginning the journey with EUR Orient Black Tobacco. Now i have a couple of flavorings in the stash that are really hard to mix with due to the over powering aroma that they give off. This one is up in that top 5 but I took it down to almost nothing and indeed it is present along with every flavor in this recipe which is what is so surprising about it. The main idea about this recipe was to get that nice rich and sweet tobacco and that is what this recipe delivers. 2 weeks to age and then vape on it. For all the tobacco lovers this is for y'all, enjoy!!

It has been a whole month and after vaping on this juice I can say that it is no the worst tobacco juice. Yes it is a bit overpowering due to the main tobacco flavoring but after a good steep it mellows out and is just a smooth sweet tobacco vape.

Remix of Gemini Vapors Koi is a Melon mix with a creamy combination of coconut exhale and sweet finish. I love all the old School recipes I found a few from 2016 but updated this with some newer flavors...


Credits due to wayne for inspiration and Luke loop for the idea, and to Shyndo for the OG.

So the idea here is this.
Sweet Rice is good, but it fades, BUT that panna cotta does something imo to that CAP chai tea, that makes this slightly rice-starchy thing go down, and instantly had the idea to pair em all together. CAP brings a creamy Vanilla vibe with all the chai tea going on with it as well, which is also very delicious. Then..
Luke comes in with this pic of a cherry coconut rice pudding, knowing I'm a cherry freak, and i took off....

Coconut Custard wf was my obvious choice to help this pudding vibe out, cuz its awesomely creamy.

Ssa Ripe Cherry + a little ssa compote cherry were my obvious choices here for that topping.

I made this recipe for the Developed Wonder Flavours contest. Wasn’t sure about the name, so I named it BCP. Enjoy.

After the miserably cold winter we have just had I wanted to make something summery, tropical and fruity. I was aiming to juxtapose the brighter, tarter fruit with the deeper, rich creaminess and I think I achieved that. This mix reminds me a lot of a Solero ice cream.

Coconut Custard - as well as adding some creaminess and coconut it has a distinct pineapple note which works nicely with the other fruits.
Tropical Gummy Candy - is a really nice, if a bit artificial, guava. It also adds a lot of juiciness.
Island Mango - really tasty mango, plus when combined with Tropical Gummy Candy it seems to give the mix a lovely syrupy feel. Kind of like a tropical fruit compote.
Lime - I only added a touch to cut through the rest of the fruits.
Passionfruit - adds a bit of tartness and adds to the tropical vibe.
Tahitian Vanilla Cream - I think it works well as it has a fruity sweetness to it already

Can SNV. I like to vape it before the Passionfruit starts to fade. But it's still tasty after that, just a bit less passionfruit.

Trying to build a light feel with a lot of creamy Pineapple and Coconut. Admittedly now this would have been better if I would have went down the pudding route but I'm new to mixing so sue me. I came up with a lot of variations of this that included Walnut and Roasted Pecans & Cream but this is the one I decided on because I like it. I tried to bring out the Pineapple more with Pineapple Baked but didn't like it at all. Tried Lime but that kept taking over and settled for Lemon Custard. which I think if you mix this you will agree accents it very close to the pineapple I was looking for. Special shout out to folkart who has been very patient with me and my learning curve on this recipe.


Beginning Mixer: Nothing comes out right. I hate myself. Why did I ever start mixing. I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Why don't I quit now. That's right because I'm always in pursuit of that one mix that I can look back on and say, yeah I did that.


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This is from a request on a FB Group, they wanted a Coconut Milkshake with Caramel and Wafer. After vaping through 400ml since batch mixing a few different versions I thought I better release it as I have enjoyed it so much.
This is a dairy based milkshake just like I used to have as a child, a generous amount of Ice Crean blended into a pint of whole fat milk.

The milkshake base appears throughout with the caramel leaving a sticky and sweet mouthfeel with pleasant coconut accents and the wafer appearing right at the end of the vape.

The Milkshake base consists of LB Ice Cream for the ice cream part, a good ice cream on it's own but does nornally need a boost with another if using as an Ice Cream as this was to thicken and add more dairy to a milkshake this is fine on it's own here. After trying different %'s they were either too much ice cream or not enough to thicken 3.5% is the magic number just enough dairy boost and thickening without going into ice cream.
FA Milk at 1.5% gives us that creamy yet unmistakable full fat whole milk taste, higher than this makes it too thin and lower doesn't give the right consistency.

WF Coconut custard used here for the wonderful soft and silky coconut (no suntan lotion) as well as the thickening from the Custard part, this adds to the dairy and gives you a pleasing thick milkshake

FA Caramel was my first choice as a sweet and slightly sticky caramel 0.75% is enough without making it sickly however it was missing depth this is where WF Caramel Butter comes in.
WF Caramel butter combined with the FA gives this a lightly buttery sticky and syrupy caramel exactly like you'd get from a a fresh caramel.

WF Crispy wafer gives you the actual ice cream wafer slightly dark with a pleasing wafer taste and texture, taken up to 2.5% as any lower and it just disappears into the mix the texture is then boosted with JF Biscuit at 0.75% to ensure that this doesn't fade out.

Finally dessicated coconut is used to boost the coconut notes, this was chosen as it is a dry shredded coconut, this ensures that it doesn't sink into the mix too much like a creamy coconut

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