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a nice creamy chocolate vape

personally i think the secret to a good chocolate vape, is a hefty serving of vanilla along with it.

Derived from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This is my take on Wonka's Chocolate River.

VT Chocolate Custard and WF Chocolate Frosting are similar in taste but different in body. VT Chocolate Custard gives the recipe a thick sweet creaminess while WF Chocolate Frosting gives the recipe a whipped light fluffiness. They are a wonderful combination. I added FA Meringue and VT Pudding Base to make it even thicker with lots of body.

VT Chocolate Custard is pretty sweet on it's own and taste great without sweetener but I like to add .30% of Capellas Super Sweet.

This taste great on a Shake and Vape but even better after 3 days

Please enjoy the recipe!! Feedback welcomed!

I'm going for a Belgium Waffle topped with cookie dough and chocolate whipped cream. Why? Because some midwestern house wife thought this monstrosity up and I could help but make a run at it vape form.

As always sweeten to taste.

Straight from Zoolander's hand.

Orange citrus and orange cream blend seamlessly together and mocha and Cream and chocolate frosting paired with this make for a really tastey treat.

Ws23 at your level (too high seems to mess with the citrus cream imo) and sweeten to choice .5% cap ss is great in this as well.


An extra chocolatey tiramisu that's works perfectly as a shake and vape. It sounds wrong, but tell me I'm wrong. I dare you 😁


When testing the new WF flavors, "Mocha and Cream" and "Chocolate Frosting" struck me very positively. I knew right away, you have to mix something with it.

"Mocha and Cream" is pretty good on its own, but becomes much rounder with more chocolate from "Chocolate Frosting", strong dark coffee from "Brazilian Coffee" and vanilla cream.
This is so actually the first mix with these flavors - and I think for it already well done.

Other sweeteners should also work well, but I was very taken with the fact that the Stevia Sweetener didn't bring any unpleasant aftertaste.

Folkart liked my recipe a lot:

Specially created for the VAPEDIA Mixers Club 03/2021 and submitted to DevelopedWF Contest as Flavourist: https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3949175/Mocha+Cream+%2523DevelopedWF
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Beim Testen der neuen WF-Aromen ist mir "Mocha and Cream" sowie "Chocolate Frosting" sehr positiv aufgefallen. Ich wusste gleich, damit musst du was mischen.

"Mocha and Cream" ist für sich genommen schon ziemlich gut, wird aber durch mehr Schokolade vom "Chocolate Frosting", starkem dunklem Kaffee von "Brazilian Coffee" und Vanillige-Creme deutlich runder.
Dies ist so tatsächlich der erste Mix mit diesen Aromen - und ich finde dafür schon gut gelungen.

Andere Sweetener sollten auch gut funktionieren, aber ich war sehr angetan davon, dass der Stevia Sweetener keinerlei unangenehmen Beigeschmack mitbringt.

Folkart hat mein Rezept sehr gut gefallen:

Speziell für den VAPEDIA Mixers Club 03/2021 kreiert und eingereicht beim DevelopedWF Contest als Flavourist: https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3949175/Mocha+Cream+%2523DevelopedWF
VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
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Hazelnut cake with cream and chocolate . If you prefer more chocolatety then WF Cocoa can be increased . Sweetener is optional and can be added if wanted.


Chocolate Milk/chocolate milkshake

Nevans does chocolate??? Yes, Oh boy yes. It’s my greatest chocolate accomplishment yet, I know there hasn’t been many attempts at chocolate but I’ve turned over a new leaf! I’m joking, F#%k Chocolate! 😛

The chocolate frosting and milkshake combine to make the majority of the recipe with the whipped cream coming in to add an airy dairy (I’m a poet) feel, the cookie dough adds mouthfeel As it’s a very light/blonde concentrate and sweetener is subjective.

If you like this recipe and what I do then please don’t steal my ideas and pass them off as your own miraculous discovery 😛


I wanted to create a chocolate glazed donut in the style of a krispy Kreme dreamcake.

The glazed donut and butter cake make up the donut, the thick french vanilla and buttermilk make up the filling and the chocolate is the frosting/glaze on top.

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