(WF) Caramel (Salted)

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This more than a remix from Developed Bourbon Custard is a bourbon custard my way hope you enjoy!

Sweet vanilla custard with a thick and dense mouthfill, egg notes and topped with Salted caramel is finished with a nice bourbon aftertaste.

I love this type of challenges! Developed team keep ‘em coming!

This is my impression of lovely Baklava, Off the shake I think it's good.
Is it though?

What's good what does it need? Anything?
Thank's to Wayne Walker Diy Or Die for your Live Mixing Inspo ( https://youtu.be/S0J0LXFkhZ8) for this profile that normally I would never think to make.

Almond Cookie - solid linear base line bakery concentrate & almond is always a great partner of pistachio's

Butterscotch - used low for a kiss of sweetness to help the honey/sugar syrup like notes shine a little.

Cereal 27 - A nice little bit of AP helps the bakery here as does the slight honey like note.

Salted Caramel - Makes all the sweetness shine here, this is a swiss army knife of a flavour enhancer. Salty notes always help accentuate flavours better!

WF Croissant - For that buttery flaky-like pastry notes

Golden Syrup - for a very slight dark sweet note

Green Joy - The mother of all pistachio concentrates and the secret weapon of choice here, such a perfect round pistachio flavor, not to dry, not to creamy, just right!

Honey Circles - Never overlook some of those good ol TFA staples like this, great bakery notes with some sweet honey like notes that really help with the body of this profile.

FW Pie Crust - I was wondering when or where I was ever going to use this slightly spicy greasy mess of a concentrate, but it was exactly what was needed in context of the recipe here. Lesson- Never throw out a flavour!
FLV Pisatchio - a little gives a contrast of that authentic dry pistachio edge.

I think it's great off the shake, can't wait to see what happens after a weeks steep!
Regardless, I think this is a winner in flavour.
Quite the shopping list, sure but well worth it for this high level of difficulty recipe to nail down.

I enjoy at 80w twin sst coil rda

Enjoy satisfying, milk caramel goodness with Sugar Daddy, America's oldest and most popular milk caramel lollipop.
The slow-cooked caramel pop, packed in its trademark confetti-adorned, non-stick wax paper wrapper, provides long-lasting, sweet tooth-pleasing comfort, the perfect go-anywhere candy treat.
Created in 1925, the portable caramel lollipop was originally called the Papa Sucker, later changing its name in 1932 to suggest “a wealth of sweetness”--hence, Sugar Daddy.

Now available in an E-liquid recipe!!!
“Rocky Toony Original”


Banana flambe with salted caramel creme brulee.
Monkey around with this one. FR ripe banana is nothing like TFA banana ripe. I have 27 bananas and I think these 2 bananas are the best for this profile. Mix it, it is such a joy.

I use an rda, at about 50Watts 0.2 Ohms.

All exclusive Wonder flavors recipe all these flavors are so amazing and I love my cookie dough 😋 five day steep minimum.






Idk its a salted banana caramel Licorice taffy

Thanks nevans for the base or whatever
..... yall get it by now.


Toffee peanut RY4 flavorah has some nutty dark notes I wanted to emphasize in this recipe it does need a steep a few days...


Apologies to those that might be perturbed by dropping of two versions of the same recipe. I was really hoping to have done more mixing with my Spring Break, but alas, lethargy won out. I am very fond of these two dessert style tobaccos.

Inspired by some Easter-themed carrot cake cupcakes my wife bought from an online farmers' market that delivers local-made stuff weekly. A dessert tobacco built around the flavors found in a delicately-spiced, lavishly-iced carrot cake. My wife thought it was more of a buttercream on the cupcakes . . . I thought it tasted of the classic cream cheese icing, so I just did both (with some added TFA VC 2 . . . because custard makes everything better). FLV Pumpkin Spice carries similar flavors to what would be found in a carrot cake. FLV Turkish adds the spiced tobacco note. FW Butter Pecan brings the brown sugar and pecans, with WF Walnut to add to the classic components. FW Graham Cracker rounds out the body.

This is the Deluxe version I've been vaping on (deluxe in the sense that this is the sweeter, stickier version of the original) . . . a little bit more tobacco in the way of FLV Sweet & Smokey, a little bit more graham and cream from JF Cheesecake Graham Crust, and a boost to the Butter Pecan with WF Caramel (Salted) . . . all wrapped up with a kiss of FW Sweetener. At 20% with 12 different components, this is unlikely to be everybody's cup of tea . . . and, while I'm still digging the original version, this felt like it needed to be shared, too . . . for the more adventurous mixers out there. The original is for a more subdued, porch swinging in the Spring air nursing a beer type vibe. I'm reaching for deluxe to take to work for the ride and for my 25 minute lunch break for it's punch in the palate of flavor . . . to enjoy while driving around listening to shoegaze music really loud.


Wonder flavors is killing the game with their new flavors if you don't have them do yourself a favor and pick them up....this new version of Wayne's Obsidian is fire 🔥seriously.

Working with the new WF line!

I'm happy with these numbers!

Cookie dough lays the base down very well. Imo it's a lighter flavor but here 4% works great. We add some depth and butter with the cookie butter, and some grain with the sugar cookie, just a little extra depth.

Chocolate chunks in the background with that Caramel sitting so nicely on the mix, MUUUUUAH!

3 days on this.
I didn't make it last 2.

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