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My attempt at a strawberry cream filled cannoli. Very creamy and smooth. Solid as a shake and vape but gets better after a few days.

It's not 100% just yet, but a good start. Any variations/revisions/feedback to improve this, would be greatly appreciated.

We have a delicious fresh waffle cone filled with awesome Vanilla ice cream and topped with a very satisfying Swiss Chocolate and mild peppermint sauce. My dreams of a tolerable chocolate vape have come true!

A very sweet, decadent Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream using all Wonder Flavors!
This is my first public recipe, & entry into the #DevelopedWF competition.
Off the shake, it's all strawberry & waffle cone, but over time, the ice cream should develop into a fairly rich, full mouth feel, ice cream-so patience is needed with this one!

WF Baked Strawberry (SC)-I absolutely love this concentrate! I think it makes a perfect jammy strawberry ripple!

WF Sugar Cone (SC)-Finding this concentrate recently, was quite the revelation-adding a small amount of WF Cannoli Shell (SC), I reckon, helps the Sugar Cone pop a bit more! They both combine, to make quite a nice old fashioned, traditional waffle cone.

For the Ice Cream-WF Vanilla Ice Cream (SC) wasn’t it for me on its own-so I’ve helped it along a bit with WF Vanilla Custard (SC), WF Buttercream Frosting (SC), & a tiny amount of WF White Fudge (SC). Hopefully, this combo β€œsells” the ice cream well! 🀞

I did have a couple of other concentrates in mind that would probably help the ice cream along a bit better, but this was also an exercise in making something all Wonder Flavors, from my existing stash only.
I don't generally use sweetener-you could add it if u really wanted/think you need to-but I don't think it needs it.

Hopefully you enjoy! I will definitely be playing with this more in the future, but, this is where it's at at this point!
Please feel free to provide any feedback-be it positive or negative...I'm totally open to that! Hit those comments up!!

Vaping is under attack globally...all I ask is that you do your little bit-in whichever way you can, in whatever capacity you see fit, whenever you can. We all need to unite in the fight to keep vaping available...not only for us in the vaping/DIY community, but for the smokers out there, yet to discover the life saving technology that is vaping.

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Keep on vaping on!!! ...
&, keep ur DIY'ing game on too!!! ✌️
Tested on: Recurve RDA; Stainless Steel Fused Clapton (24 X 2+40); 5 wrap; 3mm ID; @60W; (.15 Ohms); 510 Drip Tip; Vaporesso Gen S Mod😁

The idea for this was a cannoli cream with peach, matcha, and crushed shell pieces.

The flavors are all pretty self-explanatory.

FLV Eisai Tea because it is exactly matcha.
FA Joker is the main shell note.
WF Cannoli Shell adds crunch with a slight spiced anise flavor.
JF Biscuit adds the buttah.
JF Honey Peach is a beautiful, dark peach.
FA Apricot helps brighten it without losing any of either flavor.
LA Cream Cheese Icing has the funk for a cannoli filling.
CNV Vanilla Pudding has the mouthfeel and vanilla note.



cannoli with a K . πŸ˜‰ i used JOKER as our main note with a hint of cannoli shell for some authenticity and the cheesecake , sweet cream , and cream cheese icing is our filling along with some chocolate chips by using mike chocolate by jungle flavors . Then to top it off with some powder sugar dusting ... Please rate and enjoy.

This one is the bomb hope u all like. Let me know what u think let steep at least a week or that mascarpone cheese is narrly

This is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: NaChef, Max Savage, Graham, and Folkart.
This is a favorite of graham's. A churro crusted, pumpkin and cream cheese filled, fried "pie", sold at all of Popeye's locations. Full flavor notes on DEVELOPED Episode 36 at https://youtu.be/M_dMA-HsZJc .
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like Pac said changes... so after 3 batches and many changes this is where I presently am at. Still 1 drop per 10ml if inw biscuit mixed with the cannoli shell and graham cracker clear provides our shell flavor nicely in my opinion fw,vt, inw lemon come together with the meringue to give us our filing. Hope everyone likes it and feel free to Critique it in the notes.

Borrowed the pistachio and lime from ID10-T and the cream base and toasted almond from Fresh03 to make this recipe. VT Sweet Cream and NYCC make up the filling, while WF cannoli Shell and Biscuit Base make a delicious spicy wrapper. Subbing VT Sweet Cream with VT Creme Brulee at the same percentage is also a tasty combination. I also like to add 0.25% FA Meringue for added sweetness. Anyways, it’s good. Hope you enjoy!

I decided to use the FA Cannoli one shot because that is a very good Cannoli but it needs a little bit of buttery goodness so I enhanced it with some WF Cannoli shell and then added some extra creamy sweet goodness by using a touch of LA cream cheese icing. I used FA King for my fruit and and boosted the berry note with a touch of FA boysenberry. Enjoy it’s easy and delicious πŸ˜‹

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