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This is a golden Oreo

Everything except the FLV frosting is used for the biscuit. So many elements must go towards the biscuit because it’s the hardest part to get right, the FLV cotton candy brings that slight caramel note as if you have chewed the biscuit in your mouth and are left with a vanilla sugar paste.

Enjoy people.

Steep: 7 days+

Hello everyone! So the idea I had for this recipe is taking the foundation of how the tres leches cake is, you know with how milk and moist the cake is? Well this is basically taking that recipe and making it into a blueberry tres leches if you will.
I have went through a few versions of this recipe since it's first creation, the best thing about this recipe and the very few people's input that helped me out since it's creation has helped out a bunch. I plan to do more desserts like this and in different various areas to expand towards.
so please enjoy this tasty vape! Let it age about two weeks at most...

I initially created this for for my son who bought a kiwi strawberry yogurt from a local shop. He sent me a sample and it wasn't bad more of a strawberry cream with a hint of kiwi. So I created this and sent it back to him. He now orders (3) 120ml every month guess it must be good. LoL
I started with the kiwi because I wanted that to stand out. I started out using VTA Kiwi because well I love VT. For this version I used FW because they are very similar. I added a touch of FA Kiwi because it has a more candied flavor that really make the kiwi stand out. For my yogurt I bought all of the avail yogurts and decided I liked the punch I got from both TPA and FLV Greek Yogurts. I added WF Buttermilk because it adds a nice sourness that I love in yogurts. I did use FLV Sweetness as my sweetener but switched to Fw Sweetener when I ran out of FLV. Now for my strawberry blend I tried a few different combos but I settled on WF Strawberry Gummy Candy and Cap Ripe Strawberries because it's just a really bright strawberry. Use whatever strawberry combo you like they all work I just loved the flavor I got from this combo.

An "everything but the kitchen sink" custard made with mostly new and newer WF flavors. AT 5 days, I could not put this down . . . unfortunately, I didn't make a big enough test batch. Off to make another, bigger bottle and let it sit before digging in. Lots of flavors . . . high percentage . . . blah blah blah. Again, took the classic vanilla custard route with new/newer flavors. Spurred to release this to show my appreciation for Frank and the folks at Wonder Flavours for their overwhelming generosity in the Developed WF giveaway and to showcase how Wonder-ful their Flavours truly are. This is a solid vanilla custard . . . I'm proud of it and stay impressed by the great things WF puts out. Add 0.5% of the sweetener of your choosing.

Buttermilk? Nut? Pie?

@Sanctum said buttermilk pie and I ran with it. I liked this without the peanut butter, but it was too good to leave out. This recipe is something that I never knew that I needed.

SA Vanilla Custard Nougatine for the filling.
FW Butter Pecan to add that dark, nutty vibe.
OOO Pie Crust for the crust flavor.
WF Buttermilk to sour(?) up the filling.
SSA Milk Caramel Fudge to sit like a glazed.
SSA Peanut Butter because it needs to be here.
WF Crispy Wafer for crust texture.

Long list of ingredients for this one but totally worth it. Raspberry and waffle at the forefront.

Now I’ve never eaten one of these before but here’s my interpretation of a bourbon buttermilk pie. Two really good pie crusts paired together form the crust here what could go wrong, and the filling obviously has to have buttermilk and Wf buttermilk is really good imo I added to that vanilla custard cheesecake to fill it out some more and the aged bourbon cream supports that also and adds that hint of bourbon I was looking for this is a v3 and I’m happy with it now as when I tried with other bourbon concentrates it overpowered things for me where as using the bourbon cream adds a subtle note whilst also supporting the other creams.

Tested on svbm mod recurve single coil rda 0.20 alien coil and can’t put it down.


I wanted to create a chocolate glazed donut in the style of a krispy Kreme dreamcake.

The glazed donut and butter cake make up the donut, the thick french vanilla and buttermilk make up the filling and the chocolate is the frosting/glaze on top.


Vanilla Buttermilk Cake with Icing and Sprinkles
I use an RDA single coil about 0.16-0.20 ohms and 50 Watts.

Thanks to Pippa for the review here https://youtu.be/_RGvzfe4RjE?t=6126
Read reviews here https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3650274/Vanilla%20Buttermilk%20Cake

Feel free to check out my one shots available
here https://www.diyflavorchaser.com/lukeloop and https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/collections/luke-loop

**This Is A Duplicate Of The Original Is on The Accidental Duplicate Account under "DIYDownunder" rather than "DIYDownunderPippa"

Ready to take a dip into this one?
O oh!

You're about to get "Dunked"!
Strawberry Frosted donuts dipped in sweet cereal milk.

Every now & then on your mixing journey you strike gold.
This is one of those moments.
This is a profile that I have done commercially before but not as good as this!

This is a super versatile mix!
May I explain:

Firstly if you're "Strawberry blind" try subbing The strawberry with WF Strawberry Gummy Candy"

If you don't like strawberry but like the concept, sub the strawberry to something you do like, maybe a banana, some caramel or both. You can splash the beautiful flavour that you enjoy most with this this magnificent profile base! yes seriously!

There are 2 bases in this recipe.
1/ Sweet Cereal Milk Base: WF Buttermilk, Cap Cereal 27, OOO
Creamy Milk Undertones. Use it to dunk to your liking in your
recipes if you like. Tweek %'s to your taste!

2/ The Doughnut Base: WF Glazed Donut 2% & WF Philadelphia
Buttercake 1.5% just belong together, however a little Cap
Cereal 27 really assists with this delicious relationship.

The rest of the recipe is the "Glittter" (so to speak) that helps to bring the distinctive nuances to this profile. Flavorah Frosting is a must have thin yet definite frosting that brings a little vanilla which compliments the bases here nicely.

The Inawera Strawberry is a candy/jammy like strawberry that works here wonderfully. You could use other strawberry flavours instead if you wanted to or if it's all you have in your stash. Heck, you could throw a jammy berry, boysenberry, huckleberry, blueberry or what ever you like at this and it should still be lovely.

So now it's time to go & get "Dunked"!
Dive in to it! Enjoy it & enjoy all the versatilities that this recipe offers or click next, as long as your enjoying mixing and vaping that's all that matters!

I enjoy this recipe at 65W on a Single 0.15 ohm SST coil on a Recurve RDA.

If you like a solid recipe that works give it a go!

Cheers for reading this far, now go and get mixing!

"Together, Let's Discover!!!"

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