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My dream for quite a while was to create a velvety smooth vape that is simple for the palette to enjoy day in day out.
Something with depth, with a symphony of my favorite dark syrupy berries complimented with a hint of deep cream to suit.

Aged bourbon cream by WF paired best with FA Vanilla Bourbon here & up against the delicious mix of berries here it's just wonderful.
Adding just a little Cap NY cheesecake helped the depth of those creams a little more and the FLV Vanilla pudding really helped to round this out for an almost silky like finish.

Take out the berries & add your favorite other cooked fruit if you like!
Maybe you might prefer Banana or some baked strawberries.
Give it a go!

But this is about the wonderful blend of berry notes that I enjoy and putting together, that's why Jammy Berry, Mora & Wild Berry Gummy feature here.

There are some things in this mix that need time to meld & grow a little. You can mix this off the shake but the real depth of smooth & bold flavour seems to come in at around Day 4 of the steep.

I enjoy vaping this on a 0.15 SST twin coil RDA build with around a 2/3 open airflow at 70W.

I hope you enjoy these "Velvet Dreams" as much as I did creating this lovely blend.
Let me know what you thought or how you adapted it to suit you, regardless keep having fun with the best hobby in the world & staying off them stinkies!

If you like you can see more of what I do via DIY Downunder on FB or You Tube!

Made for Fresh From the Kitchen (Cocktails)

My Aim here is to create a summer fruits Icy & Slushy Creamy Granita(esk) cocktail.

I cheated & only used the bourbon in the cream for some relevance to the alcohol component of a cocktail.

Tested on a Hadaly, single 0.27 Alien @ 40-45 watts

Off the Shake:
A sweet creamy fruity (passionfruit forward) slushy textured vape.

3 Days Steep
It is a more balanced vape & the creams and fruits are working well together, the is a slight vanilla note with a hint of booze in the tail of the vape. Texture still Feelss like an icy slushy but not as prominent as it was off the Shake.

10 Days Steep
The combination of fruits is delicious, the slushy iced aspect is still present but has fallen back into the mix as the combination of creams round out the mix.

This is my interpretation of a mango macadamia cream for the #DevelopedWF contest. Simply & delicious ...

A Wonder Flavours only recipe, created for the #DevelopedWF contest, April 2021

This is my take on Fresh's "RY4 Smoov" over on ELR & an acknowledgement to one of the best members of the DIY community.
@Freshepies thank you for all you do for us from a long time viewer of your channel.

This recipe was adapted from: https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3946311?

This recipe takes Fresh's "RY4 Smoov" and infuses the RY4 (FLV) with the Bourbon Aged Cream (SC) (WF).
Next I added Vanilla Ruyan Custard (WF) to smooth the line between the RY4 (FLV) and the Vanilla Custard 2 (TPA) & to add a more "dark woody undertone".
Last I decided to add a little more depth and richness with 0.5% of Biscuit (INW).

IMHO this recipe is perfect for kicking back and just relaxing with those dark smoky flavors as the creamy custard just mellows out with you into the darkness of the night.

Note concerning steep time: I've yet to have time to allow a proper steep of this mix due to the RY4 having only been released for a couple of days.

Remember folks be beautiful to each other, educate, advocate & be good for this community.

Now I’ve never eaten one of these before but here’s my interpretation of a bourbon buttermilk pie. Two really good pie crusts paired together form the crust here what could go wrong, and the filling obviously has to have buttermilk and Wf buttermilk is really good imo I added to that vanilla custard cheesecake to fill it out some more and the aged bourbon cream supports that also and adds that hint of bourbon I was looking for this is a v3 and I’m happy with it now as when I tried with other bourbon concentrates it overpowered things for me where as using the bourbon cream adds a subtle note whilst also supporting the other creams.

Tested on svbm mod recurve single coil rda 0.20 alien coil and can’t put it down.

I went heavy on the ry4 here ima new mixer but i felt if i went heavy itwould push through what im trying toachieve with myhazelnut and ap i want the ry4 to carry them along with a hint of boozy cream flavour something id love in a coffee with a smoke backin the day

One of my all time favorite juices is Mamasans graham slam i wasn't going for a replication here but more of a matured palate now that i am mixing. I have come to realize that the flavour i have always chasing in over the counter ejuice purchases has been ry4 double so with this graham recipe i just wanted to try to push forward a very rich graham dessert flavour with touch of that bourbon cream. I feel like going forward in my mxing journey you will see a lot of me chasing these rich deep brown notes like with vapestasia royalty II my all time favorite e juice it even knocked off country clouds cornbread pudding from top honors its just too bad i didn't discover royalty II but 2 months before thismailban so here i am chasing that taste i wouldn't call this a cloinethough just me spit balling why im combining these deep rich flavours. I love vaping and the culture the good and the bad we all grow together smoke free and now i love mixing i am gonna start calling vaping the hiphop of all vices because like hiphop it has all these different aspects and cultures within it that make up the vape community And also make the community so diverse and rich just like the juices i chase We are all artists inside with a bright light to shine so don't be a bitch be humble & keep on MIXING effra efrra efrra kutch kutch koooo

I heisted this off the internet and thought it would be a fun vape.
For a while, the Belmont’s official drink was the White Carnation. It never really caught on, and in 1997 it was replaced by the Belmont Breeze. Dale DeGroff designed the drink.
The Belmont Breeze was supposedly created with a younger crowd in mind, and it lasted for a little over a decade before it, too, was replaced in 2011 by the Belmont Jewel, a much simpler drink that is easier to mass-produce and is “more fan-friendly." Mixologist Drew Revella’s concoction truly is simple: all it takes is some bourbon, lemonade and pomegranate juice, mixed together and served on the rocks in a small glass. The Jewel has been the drink of the Triple Crown’s third jewel for a few years now, and we’ll have to see if its simple structure helps it become entrenched as an annual tradition.

You may want to add more WS-23 for more of an icy effect or none at all. The OJ is for garnish. According to one site I read from, you can garnish a Belmont Jewel with a lemon or orange slice or a cherry.
It can go without saying "I was horsing around with flavors again".


Coconut cream, bourbon and bright flowers.

I decided to go with FA Coconut for its non offensive coconut flavor and creaminess and FA Vienna Cream for its light vanilla notes and milkiness. Together you get a light coconut cream base.
WF Bourbon Aged Cream is the canvas. It is used to bridge the light coconut cream with TPA Kentucky Bourbon and adds its own unique abstractness.
The star ("light", if you will) is the 1:2 ratio of FLV Sugar Orchid (AKA vanilla flowers powder) and FA Lavender. They complement each other.

Sweetener is not a must, but FW Sweetener @ 0.25% is used to add a nice separation between the layers of this recipe.

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