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(WF) Blackcherry Jelly Bean SC

By: Wonder Flavours (WF) - Buy Direct

Used in 216 recipes at an average of 1.249%.


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I was just experimenting layering a few cherries & limes. Left for 5 days & it's pretty damn yummy 😊. I like cold vapes so the WS-23 (30%) is optional.

I was inspired by a polar seltzer water mango cherry bliss. I never thought of putting mango and cherry together, but it is amazing. If you like cooling agents just add it in.

A sweet chewy cherry taffy.

Yumberry is an amazing compliment to cherry. It makes it taste more like cherry candy.

Cherry taffy and black cherry jelly bean are the main flavor.

Marshmellow enhances the mouth feel of the taffy.

Raspberry adds a hint of tartness to the cherry.

Em boosts the candy aspect.

I'm horrible at flavor notes!


It's nearly springtime! Been working on this one for a while now, and I feel like it's ready to share. Enjoy the rich, sweet, and tart combinations of cherry and lime in all it's Sonic loveliness.

Recommended for: High Wattage Drippers / RTA's

What I vaped it on during development:

Dually RDA
80 Watts
Rambo's Wire Art Coil:
3mm .16
28g Stainless Steel Frames, .3 Ribbon 3ply 316L Nichrome80 Fralien Single Coil

Elfy RTA
35 Watts
Mini Staple Single Coil
3mm 6 wrap
.3 N80 / 40g N80 .25 Single Coil


See video: https://goo.gl/Ld6EBC

Steeping recommendations:
I would recommend letting this formulation sit for at least 3 days to allow the notes to properly meld together and the inherent alcohol and throat hit to dissipate. Don't expect a super smooth draw from this one as authentic citrus recipes should inherently carry a slight throat hit.

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I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

It's a dark, sweet cherry with a splash of vanilla almond milk.

You do NOT need to purchase FA Milk to make this. FA Cream Fresh makes a good 1:1 sub. Or try CAP Sweet Cream as a 1:1 sub. Or use OoO Cream Milky 1.5% or TFA Sweet Cream 1% instead of 2%. If you don't have TFA Vanilla Swirl, first of all, what's wrong with you? Second, try your favorite creamy vanilla. It's really not important, just use whatever you think will splash this cherry with a lightly vanilla'ed vanilla milk. 1% INW Shisha Vanilla would probably be good.

TFA Cherry Extract/WF Black Cherry Jelly Bean/INW Marzipan are the non-negotiable components of a dark, sweet natural cherry. TFA Cherry Extract is pretty much the cherry version of TFA Blueberry Extra. I think you have to suffer through at least half a dozen nightmarish cherries to appreciate that as a very good thing. It's a darker, natural-type cherry, nothing like a bright red cherry candy. It's a pretty weak concentrate both in terms of standalone strength and getting bullied in a mix. It suffers from an almost overwhelming mediocrity, in that it is neither sweet nor tart. It's flat and thin and has no texture to speak of. But it also lacks the horrific off-notes characteristic of many cherry flavors, and in a world of idiots, the average man is king.

WF Blackcherry Jelly Bean SC is one of those idiots. Down real low you get just a tease from a nice sweet black cherry candy flavor. You want more. You add more. Makes sense right? Nope. Nightmare plastic flavor and some harshness to boot. Here I just use a touch of it to push that cherry extract to be a sweeter, darker, bolder cherry. Goodbye mediocrity! If you're not as sensitive to it as I am, you can definitely bump it up to 0.5%. I tried that, liked it, just prefer the 0.25% version a little more, 0.5% is starting to get just a hair candied for what I was going for. INW Marzipan has always tasted more like cherry extract than anything else to me. It's thick and creamy and a tiny amount of it gives that thin TFA Cherry Extract some meat. The hint of amaretto-like almond it brings along just completes the milk. It's a strong flavor, but it can also be bumped up (or accidentally overdripped) to 0.5% without ruining the mix.

This is not a well-tested, carefully refined recipe like the kind I usually share. I'm throwing this out here with just an overnight steep after comparing several slightly different batches using the same ingredients. It probably gets even better over time? Unless Vanilla Swirl mutes it all to hell. I won't make a habit of this. My ATF recipes are not LIVE MIXING. So, why the rush this time? Just wanted to share one idea of what to do with TFA Cherry Extract with anyone who might have noted that Bull City Flavors now carries it and decided to pick some up. We'll cover that cherry and many more cough syrup...er.... cherry flavors on NOTED on the DIYorDIE Youtube channel Monday night, 1/22/18, at 11 p.m. Eastern.

Thanks your your help with this one and with so many other things @DigitalDrops!

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