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Psycho V.2 #TeamFingerGuns #PewPewForever

This is a Creamy Caramel Apple Custard, created in protest of Grimm choosing some apple bull pucky over the ever elite Psycho V.2 by Folkart.

I wanted a candied mellow apple to mix with the other flavors. I went with Cap Apples Snacks using that cereal note to provide a little texture to blend with the custard. WF Apple Gummy Candy to provide another apple perspective and to add to the overall to the mouthfeel.

The Caramel layer with that FLV Caramel and JF Dulce De Leche is so good. The WF Caramel Butter to add to both help the caramel and custard.

The Custard layer with FA Custard Premium and VT Sweet Cream just rocks and blends so nicely. Hell of a butter creamy note here.

FLV Sweetness brings that custard right to the top.

I like this right off the shake. As I've let it steep, vaping along the way, it doesn't change dramatically. The flavors are blending and the cream is becoming bolder as well as the custard.

Get a box of Runts candy and pop a handful in your mouth! This is pretty yummy off the shake but will blend together even more with a day or 2 steep! Sweeten if you dare .....this is more than sweet enough for me as is :)

Graphic credit: https://www.melbournegraffiti.com/photos/pieces/Holmesglen/images/2sour_jpg.jpg

A blue raspberry green that's super reminiscent of a blow pop . For a sweeter version , cotton candy and sweetener can be removed for super sweet 0. 5. * Note LB's Blue Raspberry is mixed in 50/50 pg vg so you need to alter the pg vg ratio slightly to accommodate accordingly .

Super simple 3-2-1 strawberry & apple gummy candy to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ok, so this is a weird one. MaxSavage created a recipe using FW Grape Soda, CAP 27 Fish, and FA Fuji to try and mimic a grapple gummy. It was really good, but Nachef commented that the flavor was there, but seemed to lack the texture of a gummy. So, we wanted to work with MaxSavage's base to see if we could get that gummy texture. What we discovered was an entirely different flavor. Well actually, a "Transforming" flavor. This mix seems to change depending on what you're thinking about, within reason of course. It is a gummy, but it bounces around from a Tangerine, Pineapple, and a slight Grape-like flavor, but it's not a grape and there is no apple; it's very weird. It's more than the sum-of-its-parts. It's a saturated fruit, but a fruit that changes. So, we apologize for the deceptive name. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/lXMbjJoRJJs .

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An apple jelly wrapped deeply with a thick, warm, eggy custard with LIGHT vanilla notes and nuance from the aged burbon cream.

As always sweeten to your desires.

I test on a hadaly .35ohm at 45w
1 drop cap ss per 10ml

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