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Looking for a nice Vanilla Cupcake. This one is shake and vape friendly.


Add sweeter if you are that kinda mixer.... Blah blahhh blahhhhhh blahhhh blahh blabblab blabiddyblab
P.S I vape on a 5 mm 14 strand Celtic single coil on the DROP rda

Phil. butter cake for the buttery cake note. Angel Cake to fill the rest of the cake out without being too buttery. JF Cookie butter for light spiced noted.
Toasted almonds were an experiment to see what happens if you use both. Turns out it doesn't really do much so you can use one or the other if you do not have both.

We mix Angel and Fluffy White cake together for an incredible cake base, then take Sweet Cream and Frosting, for a delicious buttercream frosting, toss in some sweetener, and congratulations on your new wedding cake recipe! I work with a beginner's DIY group so I try to make a lot of simple recipes that work well together. This is simple but really sweet and tasty. I hope you enjoy it.

A plain fresh-from-the-fryer donut. Put whatever you want on top. Personally, I like to add 1% FLV Frosting.

This recipe gives you a great opportunity to use those ripe bananas nobody wants to eat anymore.

This is a simple Strawberry Shortcake profile, with light strawberry, light vanilla whipped cream, and fluffy yellow cake.

Strawberry Glazed Donut, a nice fluffy donut with vanilla cream and a hint of starfruit.

This is my entry for the Developed WF contest. I hope you like it.

This is my entry for Developeds #DevelopedWF contest.

A chewy, sweet glazed donut with dark coffee notes. Goes well together with some real coffee.

You can most probably leave out the Brazilian Coffee and add some other ingredients to the donut base.

Hope you‘ll enjoy this simple recipe and please leave some feedback if you do!



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