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This is my impression of lovely Baklava, Off the shake I think it's good.
Is it though?

What's good what does it need? Anything?
Thank's to Wayne Walker Diy Or Die for your Live Mixing Inspo ( https://youtu.be/S0J0LXFkhZ8) for this profile that normally I would never think to make.

Almond Cookie - solid linear base line bakery concentrate & almond is always a great partner of pistachio's

Butterscotch - used low for a kiss of sweetness to help the honey/sugar syrup like notes shine a little.

Cereal 27 - A nice little bit of AP helps the bakery here as does the slight honey like note.

Salted Caramel - Makes all the sweetness shine here, this is a swiss army knife of a flavour enhancer. Salty notes always help accentuate flavours better!

WF Croissant - For that buttery flaky-like pastry notes

Golden Syrup - for a very slight dark sweet note

Green Joy - The mother of all pistachio concentrates and the secret weapon of choice here, such a perfect round pistachio flavor, not to dry, not to creamy, just right!

Honey Circles - Never overlook some of those good ol TFA staples like this, great bakery notes with some sweet honey like notes that really help with the body of this profile.

FW Pie Crust - I was wondering when or where I was ever going to use this slightly spicy greasy mess of a concentrate, but it was exactly what was needed in context of the recipe here. Lesson- Never throw out a flavour!
FLV Pisatchio - a little gives a contrast of that authentic dry pistachio edge.

I think it's great off the shake, can't wait to see what happens after a weeks steep!
Regardless, I think this is a winner in flavour.
Quite the shopping list, sure but well worth it for this high level of difficulty recipe to nail down.

I enjoy at 80w twin sst coil rda

This is the best Ry4 I have made to date. Perfect balance between caramel and vanilla. I like the Tahitian Vanilla Cream much better than the vanilla swirl or shisha vanilla I was previously using. The Qlmond cookie could go up more or an addition of FA almond could take this more nut forward, as recorded above you get a ever so slight nutty note on the emd inhale and very beginning of the exhale. This is very creamy. I am going to sub jungle flavors ry4 double for the tfa at 4 percent and see what happens. This is Very flavor intense and does well in both mtl and dtl. For mtl mix at 60/40 dtl 65/35. Works well with both freebase and salt.

Findings with this recipe are that Wf tahitian vanilla cream, tfa bavarian cream, and fa caramel create a delicious vanilla caramel cream similar to that of the inside of a caramel drumstick ice cream cone.

Just got wf almond custard and wanted to make something with it.i came up with this recipe,its a good custard im liking it.

Add sweeter if you are that kinda mixer.... Blah blahhh blahhhhhh blahhhh blahh blabblab blabiddyblab
P.S I vape on a 5 mm 14 strand Celtic single coil on the DROP rda

A delicious, sweet almond cake for this week's episode of the Mixin Vixens:

It is good after a shake but really changes into something beautiful after 2 weeks if you can leave it alone that long.

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Another mixer recommended Inw Green Joy and I went to work trying to make this profile. I am a fairly new mixer and not a lot of notes on Green Joy so here is what I came up with. All input is welcome.

The Cookie base used is WF Sugar cookies with WF Almond Cookie
I used WF Blueberry gummy candy and WF Blueberry Jam to create a jammy blueberry inside the cookie
WF Lemon squares is mostly there to help the blueberry pop with a hint of lemon
Finished off with some WF Buttercream frosting ( I tried it without the frosting and it was definitely missing something
This came out very tasty
I also added .50 Super sweet, add sweetener to your taste

I wanted to vape a plain almond cookie so I came up with this. 7th version.... almond cookie at 4% taste burnt as a shake and vape but after 5 to 7 days it disappears. Shortbread to boost a little bit the cookie part, cookie butter for....the butter. Macadamia nut...trying the boost the almond and add cream. To me molasses at 0.5 act the same as FLV caramel at 0.25....for brown sugar. Enjoy mother truckers!

Those Fudging Nuts are at it again. This time in a lighter bakery flavor packed with nuts. Not like sweeten Pecans, which I love, but closer to a honey roasted type. I have tasted this recipe after four days of steeping and I thought it is pretty good for a lighter bakery vape. The White Fudge will fade over time and become more creamy, so I have read. I like the nut forward taste after four days. I may like it even more after a longer steep.


Another all WF mix, thanks to the guys at Developed and Wonder Flavours for hosting this awesome challenge that's getting my brain moving. This mix was actually a complete accident, but definitely a happy little accident. I was initially trying to make a shortbread cookie topped with hazelnuts, but wound up tasting really close to a golden oreo profile. So instead of scrapping it I just toned down the nuts, added some ice cream, and badabing badaboom golden oreo milkshake.
Almond Cookie/Shortbread Cookies: The cookie, I've always enjoyed the combo of almond cookie and shortbread cookie.
Hazelnut & Cream: an old school way to achieve that golden oreo frosting flavor, and still holds up. Plus, realistically, you can put this extract in anything and it'll be delicious.
Bavarian Cream: Adds some more depth to the hazelnuts and cream. Also a common ingredient in golden oreo recipes, so yeah it worked.
Vanilla Ice cream: The ice cream in the milkshake.
Vanilla Cream Extra: Everything overall was kind of thin after a week of steeping, so adding this took care of that.
No need for sweetener, its pretty sweet as is.

Overall % was 12.25 so I bumped hazelnuts and cream down to 2.75% just for Nachef.

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