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The Cookie base used is WF Sugar cookies with WF Almond Cookie
I used WF Blueberry gummy candy and WF Blueberry Jam to create a jammy blueberry inside the cookie
WF Lemon squares is mostly there to help the blueberry pop with a hint of lemon
Finished off with some WF Buttercream frosting ( I tried it without the frosting and it was definitely missing something
This came out very tasty
I also added .50 Super sweet, add sweetener to your taste

I wanted to vape a plain almond cookie so I came up with this. 7th version.... almond cookie at 4% taste burnt as a shake and vape but after 5 to 7 days it disappears. Shortbread to boost a little bit the cookie part, cookie butter for....the butter. Macadamia nut...trying the boost the almond and add cream. To me molasses at 0.5 act the same as FLV caramel at 0.25....for brown sugar. Enjoy mother truckers!

Those Fudging Nuts are at it again. This time in a lighter bakery flavor packed with nuts. Not like sweeten Pecans, which I love, but closer to a honey roasted type. I have tasted this recipe after four days of steeping and I thought it is pretty good for a lighter bakery vape. The White Fudge will fade over time and become more creamy, so I have read. I like the nut forward taste after four days. I may like it even more after a longer steep.


Another all WF mix, thanks to the guys at Developed and Wonder Flavours for hosting this awesome challenge that's getting my brain moving. This mix was actually a complete accident, but definitely a happy little accident. I was initially trying to make a shortbread cookie topped with hazelnuts, but wound up tasting really close to a golden oreo profile. So instead of scrapping it I just toned down the nuts, added some ice cream, and badabing badaboom golden oreo milkshake.
Almond Cookie/Shortbread Cookies: The cookie, I've always enjoyed the combo of almond cookie and shortbread cookie.
Hazelnut & Cream: an old school way to achieve that golden oreo frosting flavor, and still holds up. Plus, realistically, you can put this extract in anything and it'll be delicious.
Bavarian Cream: Adds some more depth to the hazelnuts and cream. Also a common ingredient in golden oreo recipes, so yeah it worked.
Vanilla Ice cream: The ice cream in the milkshake.
Vanilla Cream Extra: Everything overall was kind of thin after a week of steeping, so adding this took care of that.
No need for sweetener, its pretty sweet as is.

Overall % was 12.25 so I bumped hazelnuts and cream down to 2.75% just for Nachef.

My entry for the #Developed Wonder Flavours assignment. A decadent berries & cream jelly slice atop a crispy biscuit base.

Strawberry Gummy Candy is a deliciously sweet jammy type strawberry, and is the glue which holds this jelly slice together - literally! The berry layer is handsomely bolstered by the rich & deep berry blend compliments of Bumbleberry: A masterful blend of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. This baby has given other mixed berry concentrates a lesson in layering... This is one of very few blend type concentrates where various berry flavors are distinctly identifiable.

The biscuit base is compliments of Oats & Cream Cookie and Almond Cookie and provides a sumptuous & flavorsome bed. This is a granola-type biscuit base is the perfect combo and will certainly become a my go-to!

Vanilla cream extra is BY FAR the best vanilla cream to be released in the last couple of years. Rich, creamy, smooth - perfect in every way!!!'

Give this baby 5 days for all the elements to meld and enjoy!

This is one of my ADV's that I've been working on since the beginning of the year it's not perfect yet, but I felt it had come along far enough to release it as my first public recipe on ATF to be able to get feedback, suggestions & critiques from the vaping wizards out there.
The profile I'm going for here is a thick soft sugar cookie with hint's of almond, topped with a rich crème brûlée custard.

The Recipe's Breakdown as I see it so far.

The Cookie Base:
WF Almond Cookie SC: This is hand's down the best almond cookie I've tried. Almond sandy perfection however I'm looking for a softer cookie so.....I need to begin to soften this cookie with...
CAP Sugar Cookie: The OG sugar cookie that we all know, a nice warm buttery flavor that is similar to a warm & puffy cookie that perfectly supports the almond cookie and just embraces you with a soft warm dark buttery hug.

The Bridge:
WF Cookie Butter: This is butter not cookie butter as you would expect to quote ID10-T "this is like they extracted the butter from the cookie". This is exactly what I want to add more butter not only to the cookie base but also to bring more butter flavor to the custards.
TPA Toasted Marshmallow: The toasted part of this is mild however it should support the already dark caramelization of the INW Creme Brulee enough to just push that toasty flavor a little higher while the marshmallow brings a better mouthfeel to the recipe.

The Crème Brûlée Custard:
INW Creme Brulee: Some say the caramelized/burnt sugar note is out of proportion to the custard. After a SF batch test I tend to agree however this pairs well with our next flavor in the custard.
INW Custard: using it as our main custard sitting under the brulee to bring egg, thickness, a mild vanilla note and a creamy butter note that is much needed for the recipe.
WF Cream Custard SCs: A creamy custard that leans more towards a diary note to me. I'm using it here to add more cream to the INW custard without adding more vanilla as I'm wanting a mild vanilla in this buttery custard.

Cap Super Sweet: Finishes off the recipe by adding a little more sweetness that needs to be there imho. Use your preferred sweetener of choice or none at all. Suggested min steep of 2 weeks but it continues to improve beyond that as it ages.

All reviews, feedback, suggestions & critiques are welcomed with open arms.

This took me quite a few renditions, and going back to basics, to get good enough to publish. I'm quite happy with this final version.

A soft almond cookie sandwich with a sweet fluffy cherry filling.

Sweet , buttery , soft almond cookie with hazelnut and vanilla cream filling , some powdered sugar on top.

The (WF)Almond Cookie+(CAP)Sugar Cookie is a match made in heaven and i played a lot with this combo lately and it always works for me.
Sweeten to taste.This mix is pretty sweet by itself , i like to add .2-.3 CAP SS to it for sticky sweetness

I enjoy this as a SnV but i would recommend a 3day steep for the (FA)Hazel to blend in.
Tested on skyfall fralien 0,28Ω @ 60watts

Derived from MECH MOD RN original recipe called almond cherry cheesecake squares. I replaced cherries with new SSA flavors. This is an awesome mix and saturated flavor not just full flavored. Ive gone thru about 120mls so far. Cherry forward to say the least but what ive noticed is that after 3 weeks the cherries settle in. Im noticing they are taking a back seat to the cheesecake. Not saying that's a bad thing as I've got them pretty high but I may have to tweak as time allows.

I noticed the flavors Almond Custard and Almond Cookie, so it made me wanna have some almond custard.
Searching pictures on the net I saw "Honey Almond Custard". Hmm, sure, a smidge of honey can absolutely make this pop.
But the flavor did not really want to pop till I introduced the Meringue and the Maple Syrup.
Still dry tho.
Golden butter did the trick.
So i introduce to you.
Lush, moist and flavorful.
Honey Almond Custard.
Goes trough some funkiness.
Let it sit for a week and it is art.

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