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(WF) Vanilla Ruyan Custard

By: Wonder Flavours (WF) - Buy Direct

Used in 199 recipes at an average of 2.399%.


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This is not my work. I have found this recipe on the Wonder Flavours Website. This is their take on a RY4 dersert tobacco. That is a good one!


An RY4 mix I've been working with folded into Alfred Pudding's Cheesecake layer. I keep coming back to this, and it doesn't get old. Tasty as hell off the shake and only gets better given time. For me, this reaches ADV status . . . from pairing it with coffee in the morning, to accompanying a sip of whiskey at night, and everything in between.

This is a sweet, robust RY4 tobacco slathered in vanilla-laced caramel backed up by the velvet-smooth cream of cheesecake . . . I'm in my happy place.

Listening to this amazing Deftones Mix throughout concept, creation, and testing. The colors/visuals at about the 4min 15sec mark is what sparked the idea.

So, I didn't have everything for MaxSavage's Golden Boy, but it sounded delicious. Therefore, I mixed his idea with my Long Gone Lonesome Blues (minus the blueberries and lemon), adding what I had that was "all things golden." Thus, Stay Gold, Ponyboy was born . . . I thought I would share. I've been vaping it all week on the ride to and from work and felt like it was ready to share . . . not to mention, after a long week, I've had a few and have been listening to Dinosuar Jr's You're Living All Over Me and Sonic Youth's Sister on repeat . . . 1987 was a truly a golden year for music. I'm feeling my oats.

This is a dessert tobacco . . . a creamy, golden dessert tobacco.


This is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: Skiddlz, AlfredPudding, Max Savage, Graham, and folkart.
This RY4 Custard is a medium Tobacco with a creamy custard and caramel notes. Full Development Notes on DEVELOPED Ep.1 https://youtu.be/8ATnCB3Pc4U

Our weekly episodes will be released at 6:00pm EST every Tuesday, and catch our live shows every Saturday at 6pm EST https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzB1igt2ymRFlP5Fd6HEq9Q

It is the first time i use cinnamon in a tobacco and i am really happy because the final result came out really good.Vanilla ruyan and native tobacco are an excellent pair as a tobacco base and there is no need to use other creams.Smoked butterscotch and butterscotch add body and sweetness and cinnamon crunch add that light spicy note.
It is literally a snv mix,nothing really changes with steeping.After a few days the mix smoothens a little,but that's all.

Inspiration: Black Phillip by RuntDastardly.

This is Black Phillip's softer, more gentle, younger brother. The shift to fall weather, the Halloween season, and the arrival of FLV Smoked Butterscotch necessitated the creation of this remix.

This is a smoky, fall custard. In place of FA Black Fire, I used the much more forgiving FLV Smoked Butterscotch. The result is a butterscotch custard kissed by tobacco and smoke. Works as a SNV, but give it a few days and the flavors really come together. Enjoy.


These were all flavors that just belonged together naturally IMO. They practically screamed at me to combine them. This recipe ends up a sweet, creamy, dark vanilla, dessert tobacco with warm bourbon intermingled. Although you can vape this within a few days it would be better to let it steep longer if possible. If you do not have the WF-Vanilla Ruyan Custard you can sub it with DIYFS Holy Holy Grail RY4 3% and CAP-Vanilla Custard v1 2% and it will still get you pretty close. If you are a fan of oak flavorings you could easily add a drop to this as well. I was just trying to keep the recipe list a bit shorter for a change.

Photo credit: The Electric Tobacconist Brunette girl vaping Smok G80 E-Cigarette creating cloud of vapor (monochrome) via photopin (license)

This is my take on a pistachio tobacco flavor. I let mine steep for about a month.

TFA- Vanilla Custard - I only used this because I ordered a 4oz bottle on accident. It would probably be leagues better with CAP vanilla custard V1. If you use V2 idk what to tell you I don't use it.

WF- Vanilla Ruyan Custard - The main Tobacco note here. I started off by grabbing some to add to my regular vanilla custard at .25%. It's a very rich creamy tobacco.

INW- Yes, We Cheesecake - This is used here to pair with the custard. You can use CAP New York Cheesecake at 2.5% and Some INW Biscuit at .25% instead if you don't have this.

TFA- Pistachio - My personal favorite pistachio. All of the others are too dry to use for this recipe. I suppose you could use pistachio cream at around 1.25% instead if you do not have tfa.

VT- Butterscotch - Personally I do not like caramel so I use butterscotch instead. You can sub your favorite caramel or I would have used FW butterscotch ripple at 2%.

INW- 7Leaves - Used here to boost that tobacco note slightly.

FLV- Popcorn - Used here for its butter notes.

Also you don't have to add any additional sweetners or additives they are only there because that is how I personally like to vape them. You can sub the EM for FLV cotton candy at the same percentage. If you use CAP vanilla custard V1 don't use vanillin you don't need it.

STEEP TIME- I steep all of my custard for a max of 30 days if I can. Give yours about a week and you should be good.

DFS is Euro Flavor Orient Tobacco Black ATF doesn’t seem to have any of the Euro Flavor stuff listed, but a whole lot of the DIYFS tobaccos have mysteriously similar names. Hmmm...

Anywho, this is a tobacco and cedar forward RY4 recipe. It ain’t the kind of RY4 that’s going to remind you of grandma’s cookies or anything like that.

EF Orient Tobacco Black: Strong cedar note. Like when you open an old cedar chest and breathe in that strong, musty cedar scent. It’s a taste I never realized I was missing in DIY until I got some of the Euro Flavor tobaccos.

Black Fire: Why not burn that cedar a little bit? Give it some bite.

Black for Pipe: You know I just gotsta throw it in there to up the tobacco and bring a less intense smokiness to it than Black Fire brings.

RY4 Double: Pairs well with a stronger tobacco to mellow things out a little, but doesn’t lose the bite. Using the JF here to get away with a shorter steep time, and also because it’s just a bit cleaner and works better with real tobaccos. Doesn’t seem as sweet to me.

Vanilla Ruyan Custard: Has a bit of bite of its own with some nice vanilla notes. Good body as well.

This one seems to be good to go fairly quickly. After about three days the Black Fire and Cedar mellow out a considerable amount, and it gets smoother from there.

A re-imagining of my earlier Strawber-RY4. I basically just took the brulee and tobacco base from Long Gone Lonesome Blues and replaced the blueberries with strawberries.

The name, Paradeisi, comes from the name of a village on the northern coast of Rhodes, Greece. It is also the site of an annual Strawberry Festival.

The body of the creme brulee is FA Custard Premium and WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard. The OOO Creme Brulee is there to add the torched sugar top to the custard. The creme brulee part of the recipe, with the Vanilla Ruyan and burnt sugar of the OOO Creme Brulee, really plays well with the FLV tobaccos. FLV Cured and Native provide the earthy tobacco backdrop for the strawberries and scorched custard.

Mixed at 60vg/40 pg and well-shaken, this performs well as a SNV. I put it away and brought it back out a week later and it was perfect (in my opinion) . . . this is a creamy, strawberry, dessert tobacco.

Flavor Notes