(WF) Sour Blue Raspberry Candy

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Just a real nice little two flavor banger, I've tried it with a couple drops per 30ml super sweet too, its also nice but personally prefer it without, enjoy.

Sour Blue Raspberry Pixie Stick
Not much more to say but, yumm!


I saw a silly Truth ad, which showed a gentleman by the name of "Jerry Purdrank" hating against vaping. The irony. Anyways, I dedicate this recipe to him. Maybe it will help him also kick his LEAN ADDICTION (which I'd argue is far worse than a little vaping).

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Simple and nice recipe. Blue Raspberry is the main profile. Sour Gummy Candy bring some bubblegum/jelly feeling, and Lemon Lime Soda helps on fizzyness and sourness. Enjoy.


Simply sweet and cool ADV for the upcoming warmer weather ahead Wonder flavors sour ball candy will really make this recipe pop and any other fruits you toss it into.....

Great as a shake and vape. Enjoy and please leave some feedback.


Flavorah blue raz.. worth the hype? Abso-fuckin-lutely

3 different blue raspberry’s form to make the blue raspberry base and then I just chuck my taffy base on top, I know, sour ball candy isn’t necessarily a blue raspberry but it is to me and you know What I say goes 😉 give this 32 seconds to steep, or let the bubbles fade and you’re good to go.

Sweetener subjective but this is a candy profile after all, Don’t be a chicken.


This recipe is pretty basic for me. After hearing @id10-t refer to the new FLV Blue Raz as the best Blue Raz I knew I needed it. I vaped about 2 ml's of it and this idea hit me. Although it is a VERY good blue raz, its incomplete. I think the combo of FLV Sour Apple + WF Sourball candy is a pretty killer tart candy base and that's the purpose it plays in here. I want the tart, but not the apple. I originally didn't have the WF Sour Blue Raz Candy in this and it was very good, but I felt it was missing something. I wanted MOAR blue raz, this was the added touch as it not only helped the tart but rounded out the blue raz. Enjoy

A blue raspberry green that's super reminiscent of a blow pop . For a sweeter version , cotton candy and sweetener can be removed for super sweet 0. 5. * Note LB's Blue Raspberry is mixed in 50/50 pg vg so you need to alter the pg vg ratio slightly to accommodate accordingly .


Again Nevans Taffy Base here

A classic blue ras combo (for me)

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