(WF) Roasted Pecans & Cream

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This recipe gives you a great opportunity to use those ripe bananas nobody wants to eat anymore.

Baked pecan crust with a lemon custard, this is my recipe for the wonderful flavors giveaway. Thanks developed for the opportunity to win all those flavors!!

Its a sunday afternoon and you just want to enjoy a nice Mochaccino Milkshake sitting outside.Vaping this you get the roasted coffee note upfront and on the exhale you get the mocha the cream and the froth layered one after the other

The Brazilian Coffee and the Coffee Milk Froth are used for a capuccino base and the Roasted Pecans and Cream gives the mocha note.
(FA)Meringue , (FLV)Cream and (LB)Vanilla Ice Cream are used for the milkshake base.

I enjoy this after a 3days steep , but it has some miniscule harshness on the exhale.It gets velvety smooth after 7 days

Sweetener/coolant to taste.

Tres Leches con Café

MB Classic Sponge and FLV Pound Cake for the base.

FLV Cream for the “icing”.

VT Coffee Milk Froth and OOO Undertones for the wet milk on the bottom.

MB Double Mocca for the main sweetened coffee flavor with WF Roasted Pecans & Cream to reinforce and add some depth.

A decadent nutty custard with a hint of tobacco a great desert tobacco ,,pecans maple 🍁 hazelnut And a little tobacco come together in this different custard please lmk what ya think,, thanks, DiyNightmare


Got Cap CDS, wf angel cake and fw yellow cake as my base for this delectable dessert. Cap cds at 3% was just SLIGHTLY unbalanced and cinnamon foward over coffee so i dropped it just a smidge. You can bump it back to 3% if you want though and it tastes amaazing! I changed my mind 3% is perfect.

My coffee layer here is wf roasted pecans and cream, and at 3% for that flavor it bring a really good roasted coffee note, bolstered by wf smooth cappuccino cream (both are very dark flavors, this juice isn't light by any means)

And for my creamy cheesy layer we combined fa custard premium at 1.5% with wf mascarpone 1% and that just wasnt shinning through so we bump em up each a bit and we landed where we are at time of public release.

If you like what i do please mix and review!!!
Love yall

always sweeten subjectively

this IS a cotton killer after about a day lol but worth it

A delicious pecan and caramel cheesecake.I use more flavours than the average in this recipe,but the result is complex and delicious

A butterscotch pecan Creme pie with butter caramel this is the third version i deleted the wf caramel rice treats and lowered the wf roasted pecans and cream,, its ooo butter pecan ice c and wf butter pecan pie and wf roasted pecans and cream make the pie part the cream and wf caramel butter and wf butterscotch cream pie for the filling, enjoy its much better got rid of some muting from taking out the extra caramel yummy i really am enjoying this if you like butter pecan mix this and my name is wrong this is a "DIY Nightmare" recipe,,i cant change my name here

This mix is Watergate salad just like grandma used to make. The profile up front is a creamy Pistacio pudding, with a bite of pineapple in the center and a warm nutty aftertaste.

(The pudding) FLV vanilla pudding + FA cream, no surprises here. I’ve added WF Pistacio cream and TPA pistacio to make it a pistacio pudding.

(The pineapple) CAP golden pineapple tastes just like canned pineapple, the caveat is that it tends to fade after a steep so I used it pretty high here. If it’s too sharp for you off the or you plan to shake n vape use less. It will decrease after the recommended steep time.

(The rest) WF roasted pecan and cream is so good, it adds to the creamy texture of the vape and just the right amount of nutty pecan flavor so you know it’s there at the finish. The FA Marshmallow adds just enough of those fluffy little pillows of sugary goodness that every Watergate salad needs.

I sweeten with 1% FW Sweetness.

made llive on fresh03 dog and cats show..will update after the steep..shows promise off the shake

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