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For many of us an authentic orange juice is something we’ve long been after.
I started this years ago (just now releasing June 2021) and tired out from oranges at one point. I picked up SSA juicy orange and knew I had to try again. I gotta say this is the closest I’ve gotten so far. Still not 100% but I figured I’d share anyways since I think I'm done chasing this whale for now.

I have to thank Dave @ID10T for the suggestions of using FLV pineapple, smoothie base and pear (amongst others but those are what I settled on). It seems like a complex recipe but anything simpler took orange in a direction I didn't want. Using these at low percentages allowed me to fill in bits and pieces without allowing any of them to take me in a direction other than an orange. Go EASY on sweetener, if you use any at all, I'd suggest stevia or FLV sweetness, very low, or you'll just get orange candies. Go ahead and add WS23 if you like but personally I found it made it too fizzy.

WF orange juice Is a great orange juice but it's kinda thin, flat and is missing those bright top notes of an orange.
SSA juicy orange Is very bright but bordering on candy so its kept low and the balance of the orange is made up with other concentrates.
FLV pineapple When I had a conversation with Dave, I mentioned I was having trouble finding something to thicken up and add some pulpy texture, this is what he suggested, stating that if it could be hidden under enough orange, it just might do the trick and it sure does! He was also correct in the fact that it has a slight orange note to it.
FLV smoothie base Is there as a thickener and emulsifier. Has complementary citrus notes that do a good job of holding this all together.
CAP Italian lemon Sicily Is there as a brightener. I tried several lemons mostly for the top note and wetting effect and this one just seemed the least intrusive. You could sub this if you like though with pretty much anything but FE lemon since it doesn't fade off very well or JF juicy lemon since I felt it turned it more to soda.
FLV sour apple Adds some tartness and juiciness.
FA bergamot Used for some pithyness, initially I tried INW orange shisha for this but it was just a bit too orange for me, this adds the pith without overloading in orange.
FA bitter wizard I recalled reading that tobacco lovers use this in a mix to eliminate any inherent sweetness and thought to give it a go in this. This seems like to wouldn't really be necessary but given the included sweetener of WF orange juice, it does help to tone down the sweetness that we can't get rid of here, taking it a tad further from an orange soda. If you want less sweet still, you could bump this up a tad.
TPA smooth This is there for the triacetin. it helps to thicken the mix and round the harsh edges. Can be subbed for FA magic mask, FA mts vape wizard or FW flavor toner/enhancer. Though not sure about %ge since I don't have those.
FLV pear Was actually a last minute, I'm curious, addition and I don't know how or why but I felt like it made it less sweet somehow. Also gives some more texture and body to back up the pineapple that I dare not push too high.

One of my many iterations included SSA multivitamin and while it was really good, it took it too far away from being authentic and more to a punch... also brought the pineapple out too much for what I was going for. Still though, 1-2% makes for an interesting deviation.
VT fizzy sherbet at 1% makes this into a really good orange soda.
To make this more of a smoothie, bump the percentage of FLV smoothie base up to 1.5-2% and you're golden.
Lots of fun things you could do here to play around with it and prevent boredom.

Let this breathe for 24 hrs, its pretty harsh off the shake. I found it best after being steeped 2-3 days to let the edges meld a little.

Please rate, review and enjoy :)

I heisted this off the internet and thought it would be a fun vape.
For a while, the Belmont’s official drink was the White Carnation. It never really caught on, and in 1997 it was replaced by the Belmont Breeze. Dale DeGroff designed the drink.
The Belmont Breeze was supposedly created with a younger crowd in mind, and it lasted for a little over a decade before it, too, was replaced in 2011 by the Belmont Jewel, a much simpler drink that is easier to mass-produce and is “more fan-friendly." Mixologist Drew Revella’s concoction truly is simple: all it takes is some bourbon, lemonade and pomegranate juice, mixed together and served on the rocks in a small glass. The Jewel has been the drink of the Triple Crown’s third jewel for a few years now, and we’ll have to see if its simple structure helps it become entrenched as an annual tradition.

You may want to add more WS-23 for more of an icy effect or none at all. The OJ is for garnish. According to one site I read from, you can garnish a Belmont Jewel with a lemon or orange slice or a cherry.
It can go without saying "I was horsing around with flavors again".

The energy drink Pipeline Punch Monster. Orange, Guava, Passionfruit. Vanilla, cream and marshmallow are used to give density.

A friend asked me to make a fruity drink vape and since I was three sheets in the wind I turned a cocktail into a vape. I hope you like it, it’s pretty close. The drink is melon liquor, vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice and a splash of sprite. It can be shake and vape, but it does get better after a day or two. I made it max vg with vg nicotine since he has a pg allergy. Tested on Titan RDTA 4 core Clapton (4*26KA 32KA) 6mm ID 7 wraps .22 ohm 120 Watts

This was a big experiment from the beginning. Recently had beer from a local brewery, inspired me to create a profile similar.

Drekker - Struggle Bus
"Struggle Bus combines orange, maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla, lactose, and brown sugar for a flavor that’s familiar, yet pretty out there, and well... goddamn delicious. ⁣"
This is very refreshing dessert/breakfast sour beer.

Developing this recipe, I went through many different version from using funnel cake to finding RF French Toast. While drinking the beer, you get orange juice up front with a French toast cereal soon after. There is the bubbly/tartness of the Sour Beer to finish.
-WF Orange Juice is spot on for what I was looking for.
-RF French Toast/FA Breakfast Cereal has the cinnamon/brown sugar note and some doughy/cereal I was seeking.
-OOO Creamy Milk Undertone PG brings in a slight dairy note.
-FLV Citrus Soda brings in another bubbly note with some more high end.

Tested on a mech with the Goon 24mm

4 fresh oranges, peeled.
2 cups ice.
1/3 cup milk (your preference – regular, soy, coconut, etc.)
1-2 tablespoons honey (or agave or your desired sweetener), if needed.
1 teaspoon vanilla extract, store-bought or homemade.

Day 3 - "To ME" this is a Orange Julius, from what I remember getting in the malls at the big city's in the 70-80's. I have not had one since then. At the moment I am getting a perfect Orange and Milk combo. This is a layered depth of flavors. I did try it the simple way, but it does not even come close to this, so much difference. Was worth the extra work. This is a ADV and I always keep 60 ml. of this in the cabinet. 3 days is good, 7 days is heaven.

FLV Prison Wine finally found its partners in crime.

I love FLV Morning Mimosa, even though it really does taste like pretty much like prison wine. Or maybe because it tastes like prison wine. Brings back memories of my more miscreant youth.

Vape Train has created a ridiculous concentrate in Blood Orange Champagne. It's a remarkably accurate champagne flavor that tastes like it has blood orange flavoring added to it, rather than actual orange juice or blood orange juice. Which means it’s kind of weird, but it’s not unpleasant. It’s sweet and bubbly (which is pretty freakin cool) and actually tastes like champagne more than the other champagne/sparkling wine flavors I've tried. Specifically it's a light and sugary champagne like Spumante rather than Brut or Dry. It's definitely not as boozy as it should be, nobody is getting tipsy at this brunch, but it's fizzy enough for a change. I wish that champagne flavor was sold separately, because why would you add blood orange flavor to that? I don’t know, it’s mind-boggling. It’s specifically blood orange, but it tastes like the same blood orange flavor you get from store brand blood orange flavored zero calorie sparkling water, and not like the San Pellegrino Blood Orange sparkling juice beverage that has real juice and yummy sugary calories.

WF Orange Juice has its own issues. Here's a flavor that pretty much actually tastes and feels like OJ, which is apparently quite a feat for oranges. And then they go and add sucralose to it. Unless you like put splenda packets in your OJ, this is a problem. So much sucralose that it doesn't work by itself as an OJ, it gets offensive before you can use enough to really fill out an orange-forward profile like a mimosa. But just a little bit of it here at 2% helps the fermented orange in Morning Mimosa make up for the silly blood orange flavor in that VT concentrate. Sweetener level seems about like adding 0.25% CAP Super Sweet to your recipe. Detectable, but not obscene by any stretch.

FLV Morning Mimosa's orange zest notes mingle with and nearly overpower that blood orange flavoring, which WF isn't zesty enough to do alone. Down at this 1% the baser orange juice doesn't get too fermented when mixed with a brighter orange, so it doesn't bring it into jailhouse hooch territory. Meanwhile, its somewhat funky but otherwise accurate champagne flavor gives VT's some more boozy character that it needs, but doesn't weigh down its superior effervescence.

If you're in the "cold things should be cold" camp, add some of your favorite cooling agent to this at your preferred strength. 0.5% WS-23 (30% Dilution) works for me.

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