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WF Vanilla Ruyan has become one of my favorite RY4ish tobacco bases.I used Red Burley + Kentucky in pretty low percentages to turn it into a more "dirty and true" tobacco base without overwhelming the mix , but feel free to bump those numbers up if youre a tobacconist.
WF Hazelnuts & Cream + FA Hazel complete this mix and give it a nutty , darkly creamy endnote.
I like to add a touch (.25%) of FLV Sweetness to boost the custardy and creamy part of the mix

Tested on a citadel RDA with SFC 0.5Ohms @ 30Watts

Simple and delicious Hazelnut Chunk Cookies Drizzled with Grandmas White Fudge Sauce! CAP sugar cookie for my base, WF chocolate cookie crust for some added Flexture (flavor/texture) WF Hazelnuts and Cream for my primary Flavor and to add a little softness to the white WF white Fudge as the Fudge can be overwhelming if your not precise. All together a easy and complicated mix hence the name Basic B!tch Cookies! Tested with a Wasp Nano RDA

This is my entry to the DevelopedWF contest. It’s a simple yet amazing recipe. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Ruyan is definitely the star of the show. So if you expect a straight forward banana vape better drop this one off :D

It’s more a dirty banana sponsored by the RY4 aspects of Ruyan Custard with charming vanilla note supported by a yummie caramel and hazelnut cream.

An yeah it’s .5 for my friend Nachef only! Like you guys!

Hazelnut cake with cream and chocolate . If you prefer more chocolatety then WF Cocoa can be increased . Sweetener is optional and can be added if wanted.


Another all WF mix, thanks to the guys at Developed and Wonder Flavours for hosting this awesome challenge that's getting my brain moving. This mix was actually a complete accident, but definitely a happy little accident. I was initially trying to make a shortbread cookie topped with hazelnuts, but wound up tasting really close to a golden oreo profile. So instead of scrapping it I just toned down the nuts, added some ice cream, and badabing badaboom golden oreo milkshake.
Almond Cookie/Shortbread Cookies: The cookie, I've always enjoyed the combo of almond cookie and shortbread cookie.
Hazelnut & Cream: an old school way to achieve that golden oreo frosting flavor, and still holds up. Plus, realistically, you can put this extract in anything and it'll be delicious.
Bavarian Cream: Adds some more depth to the hazelnuts and cream. Also a common ingredient in golden oreo recipes, so yeah it worked.
Vanilla Ice cream: The ice cream in the milkshake.
Vanilla Cream Extra: Everything overall was kind of thin after a week of steeping, so adding this took care of that.
No need for sweetener, its pretty sweet as is.

Overall % was 12.25 so I bumped hazelnuts and cream down to 2.75% just for Nachef.


A creamy, flavourful dessert tobacco with hazelnut notes.

While FA Soho alone is a great flavor already, INW Biscuit perfectly compliments Sohos cookie side whereas FLV Native and Kentucky make it a real tobacco flavor.
WF Hazelnuts and Cream does a great job at adding an excellent hazelnut topnote that comes through after 3 days of steeping and gives the whole recipe its unique, creamy mouthfeel.

Great after 3 days, best after 2 weeks.

Tested MTL in Vapefly Holic and Uwell Yearn.

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A decadent nutty custard with a hint of tobacco a great desert tobacco ,,pecans maple 🍁 hazelnut And a little tobacco come together in this different custard please lmk what ya think,, thanks, DiyNightmare


Mixer's Club April Submission - April Fool's: make a tasty vape with one odd ingredient - FLV Arabian

I originally wanted to use LB WCPM to make an odd vape with tobacco. That ended up being a delightful ADV for me that I had no need for feedback on. So when it came submission time for this entry I was out of fresh ideas that I wanted to pursue (and test various failures of). So, I saw some notes scrawled on a post-it note by my computer and I remembered a mix that worked with an idea I had a while back to use FLV Arabian as an accent note to a bakery of some sort.

I have been really lazy mixing during Covid, mostly spending the time doing tests and write ups at the computer over the busy life I generally lead where I can make some tests and not have a chance to vape it until 3-4 weeks later when I next have time. Needed a quick mix one day and decided to try Kokanda's Sick AF. I like SC and MnH so why the hell not? I was struck off the shake how sweet it was and it didnt have a strong singular note that stood out on top of that sugar. I figured this would be a great base to play with and i probably over-complicated it with a couple of flavors I knew would pull it where I wanted. To top it all off, I added a few drops of Arabian and so v0 was born. The current recipe as it stands is a bit pared down. I am currently in love with WF HnC with tobacco thanks to Tesla DelMar and so I opted to leave out the MnH from the original mix. SC could probably go higher if I wanted a prominent 'cookie' vibe, but I didn't. I wanted it to be in this nether region between sweet and spicy, tobacco and bakery, sugar and cream. I chose WF Caramel Butter over FM or FA Caramel or an RY4 because I wanted it to play to the cookie vibe, HnC because good but also to add that nutty creaminess to blend the bacco to the cookie. Decided to see if I can bend the spice notes of Arabian just a bit with a touch of Cardamom. For me, 0.5 is about right but here I'm going for an indistinct blend of warm subtle spice. This is a new addition and I know Cardamom works but not sure if it will poke through enough at 0.15, but fuck it, let's try it. It is taking the place of FW Hazelnut which was there to boost the nut and overall vibe, I just felt it wasnt needed opting for SV for mouthfeel and to match that ry4 vibe. The Cardamom should add to the overall flavor, blend in nicely but also remain a distinct, warm spice that plays both sides tobacco and bakery while highlighting the Arabian spice notes. Not like me to play it light touch and, if anything, I am proud of my restraint.

Do mind the steep. I haven't actually pinned down when it gets best, 2 weeks is a minimum guess, 3 probably better.

Thanks to the support of the gang in MC for being such a cool group and always encouraging me to try new things!

A coffee-tobacco vape.I tried to keep creams as low as possible,but yet the final mix is quite creamy.I know that a couple of ingredients are not very common,but they worth a try.
Stay at home,stay safe,keep the people around you safe!This storm will soon come to an end and i hope the day after will make us reconsider our priorities and the way we live our lives

A Custard Dough recipe. Notes of cake dough inside a yellow eggy custard cream.

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