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Thrown together on Fresh03's "Mixing For Mike" show on 6/12. Rawlinsonboy's donation to the GoFundMe for VapinTrucker's family bought him a recipe request, and that request was honeycomb chocolate cheesecake. I asked everyone if the chocolate meant chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, or the cheesecake itself is chocolate cheesecake, and fellow mixers seemed most interested in chocolate chips, which made me happy because it's by far the easiest to do, though VT Chocolate Mousse probably wouldn't have made chocolate cheesecake too hard. I just used PUR's NY Cheesecake and Cheesecake Graham to give a slight upgrade to this Cheesecake Trinity, dumped a ton of VT Honeycomb on top, used as much WF Chocolate Chunks as I thought I could get away with without it getting weird, and added some Sweetener because chocolate honeycomb cheesecake. The little bit of VT English Toffee is where I imagine the honeycomb toffee bits and cheesecake start to melt together a little in your mouth.

This might be done, but I'm probably going to try it again after a steep and tweak it a bit. Might consider switching to a chocolate cheesecake instead of a cheesecake with chocolate chips in and on it, switching from graham to a chocolate cookie crust, or trying to make it more like a milk chocolate-coated honeycomb toffee candy bar crunched up on a cheesecake. But it's already pretty yummy, and if Rawlinsonboy's happy, I'm happy.

All exclusive Wonder flavors recipe all these flavors are so amazing and I love my cookie dough 😋 five day steep minimum.

Another lightly boozy drink vape using Irish cream
smooth and creamy with a minty bite to it. Good off the shake but best after about a week or so

Mom says sharing is good, so that is what I am doing for the #DevelopedWF assignment. Gosh, that Cinny girl loves her late night Cappuccino with some spice to it. While this may appear to be a lovely bakery treat, it is in fact a nice coffee related vape experience not to be missed. The Chocolate Chucks can be on the dark side, which is ok, but Cinny likes chocolate a tad lighter in a cappuccino, so I added the Nanaimo Bar to lighten the chocolate. The Coffee Cake helps with a smoother coffee flavor as we all know one coffee flavor is rarely enough.
I wanted to have a cinnamon flavor and Apple-Cinnamon Strudel SC is all I have in stock that is Wonder Flavors at this time on Earth. I doubt you will taste any apple or strudel. The cinnamon can be very sharp if bumped up. Just a hint works fine here.
Who doesn't like creams with their coffee? The Bavarian Cream adds a nice soft caramel flavor.
Cinny and I both like our coffees to be lightly sweetened, you are free to add more to your taste. We don't mind a bit.

Working with the new WF line!

I'm happy with these numbers!

Cookie dough lays the base down very well. Imo it's a lighter flavor but here 4% works great. We add some depth and butter with the cookie butter, and some grain with the sugar cookie, just a little extra depth.

Chocolate chunks in the background with that Caramel sitting so nicely on the mix, MUUUUUAH!

3 days on this.
I didn't make it last 2.


Experience the extra creamy goodness this Is actually one of my Personal ADV minty and chocolate,vanilla 😋 sharing this recipe with pride...If you love SADBOY Shamrock cookie give this a try...

An amazingly authentic maraschino cherry, saturated, surrounded by a gooey, sweet, sticky creme, covered in a smooth, thin layer of dark chocolate.

My mix for this weeks profile on Mixin Vixens. There's nothing to say about this except it is freaking delicious! Mix it up, seriously, mix it up!


made live on DTF Live show..ITALIAN DESSERTS...Will update after the steep and adjust as necessary

lb Vanilla ice cream - well enough said
Fw - Hazelnut creamy nut flavor
WF Chocolate chunks for the shaved chocolate
SM Italian Roast - Made from starbucks beans naturally extracted and no off notes...love this coffee


Rich Vanilla Ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough mixed through out.

Sweeten to taste.

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