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This is my entry to the DevelopedWF contest. It’s a simple yet amazing recipe. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Ruyan is definitely the star of the show. So if you expect a straight forward banana vape better drop this one off :D

It’s more a dirty banana sponsored by the RY4 aspects of Ruyan Custard with charming vanilla note supported by a yummie caramel and hazelnut cream.

An yeah it’s .5 for my friend Nachef only! Like you guys!

Hazelnut cake with cream and chocolate . If you prefer more chocolatety then WF Cocoa can be increased . Sweetener is optional and can be added if wanted.

Sliced banana mixed into a gooey monkey bread with a hint of cinnamon a nice twist on classic banana bread.

The bnb is my base and quite a light flavour imo with the sugar cookie adding a bit more depth to the bread, cinnamon pastry helps the outside part of the bread and adds a light spice note.
Banana puree for the sliced banana's on top.
And bavarian cream and caramel butter combined for lashings of sweet sticky caramel sauce to drizzled over.
Sweetener can be left out but i feel i enjoyed it more with.


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This is from a request on a FB Group, they wanted a Coconut Milkshake with Caramel and Wafer. After vaping through 400ml since batch mixing a few different versions I thought I better release it as I have enjoyed it so much.
This is a dairy based milkshake just like I used to have as a child, a generous amount of Ice Crean blended into a pint of whole fat milk.

The milkshake base appears throughout with the caramel leaving a sticky and sweet mouthfeel with pleasant coconut accents and the wafer appearing right at the end of the vape.

The Milkshake base consists of LB Ice Cream for the ice cream part, a good ice cream on it's own but does nornally need a boost with another if using as an Ice Cream as this was to thicken and add more dairy to a milkshake this is fine on it's own here. After trying different %'s they were either too much ice cream or not enough to thicken 3.5% is the magic number just enough dairy boost and thickening without going into ice cream.
FA Milk at 1.5% gives us that creamy yet unmistakable full fat whole milk taste, higher than this makes it too thin and lower doesn't give the right consistency.

WF Coconut custard used here for the wonderful soft and silky coconut (no suntan lotion) as well as the thickening from the Custard part, this adds to the dairy and gives you a pleasing thick milkshake

FA Caramel was my first choice as a sweet and slightly sticky caramel 0.75% is enough without making it sickly however it was missing depth this is where WF Caramel Butter comes in.
WF Caramel butter combined with the FA gives this a lightly buttery sticky and syrupy caramel exactly like you'd get from a a fresh caramel.

WF Crispy wafer gives you the actual ice cream wafer slightly dark with a pleasing wafer taste and texture, taken up to 2.5% as any lower and it just disappears into the mix the texture is then boosted with JF Biscuit at 0.75% to ensure that this doesn't fade out.

Finally dessicated coconut is used to boost the coconut notes, this was chosen as it is a dry shredded coconut, this ensures that it doesn't sink into the mix too much like a creamy coconut

A yummy poundcakish bakery, with nice nuts, on a light vanilla-caramel frosting.
I like it how it is, but there is enough space to add a fruit or a other note, if you like!
I.e. 0.25-0.5% INW Raspberry(Malina) or 1.75-2% TPA Banana Cream is working well with the cake and the nuts.
2% TPA Dulce de Leche is also a secret wappon, to make anything special out of this cake.
Change and/or add sweetener to taste.

"Publiched yesterday for the the WF-Online-Mixing-Challenge".
Notes follow!

This is a Hail Mary. There is no picture for it because I don’t know what this would look like, but boy does it taste good.

WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough for a thick bakery texture.
WF Croissant for some buttery bakery.
WF Caramel Butter to counter the brightness of the fruit.
WF Coconut Custard to thicken the cream and add coconut.
WF Passionfruit for Passionfruit.
WF Sesame Candy for some god damn flare.

It's a recipe only with Wonder Flavors concentrates, for Developed's competition.
Not another one sugar coookie recipe, but an excelent cooperation, with concentrates of the same label.
Well, the first taste you get, is the old sugar cookies from granny's rounded tin box; now in this there is sewing items!
The Sugar Cookie have the first role with support of Shortbread Cookie. The Butter Cookie, tighten the dough and gives a little bit push to Cream Filling at the exhale.
I use Hazelnuts & Cream with Caramel Cream, (great pair for many uses) for the unique sense they gives!
For the cream, the Vanilla Cream Extra & Tahitian Vanilla Cream, with this combo, have the right balance.
Thin cream with the help of Cream Filling, make a smooth taste - not another cookies & cream.
Marshmallow use it, for the gummy effect but and for the connection between the creams.
Creme Brulee Cookie, is here for the cream, it seems like custard with a sense of caramel syrup and the cookie in addition, as a light buttered cookie.
Last but not least, both cream vanillas, give us no more-no less vanilla we want. The Tahitian is a delicate vanilla, perfect for bakery and the cream from Vanilla Extra, give us a "bold" and rounded filling.


Very light vanilla tobacco with notes of caramel, cereal and marshmallow. Vanilla Ruyan Custard is one of my favorite flavors by Wonder Flavours. It is everything I want in a delicious RY4 type vape. I made this recipe to enhance some of Vanilla Ruyan Custard's strong suits

Vanilla Ruyan Custard - I Used VRC as my main note to carry all the other flavors. I used this flavor at 4.2% to really bring out the RY4 tobaccos notes and allow me to add other flavors that would complement it at their current percentages

Caramel Butter - I used caramel butter to add to the caramel in the RY4 type profile I was going for while still driving home a dessert profile

Flapper Pie - Flapper Pie was used here to blend the Caramel Butter and and Caramel Rice Crispy Treats into the Vanilla Ruyan Custard and further the dessert profile of this mild tobacco recipe

Caramel Rice Treat helps fill out the tobacco notes with a hint of cereal while while adding to the caramels in this recipe

Lastly Marshmallow (Gooey) - Marshmallow (Gooey) was used in this recipe to give it body and add some sweetness. It give a nice sticky mouthfeel to the ry4 flavor her

Sweeten to taste. It doesn't need it, but if you like your juices on the sweeter side i suggest WF Sweetener (SC) @ .5 - .75%

This is my first take on an original recipe and I absolutely love a slice of caramel apple cheesecake so my mission was to make it in a vape!

This is good after a SNV however best after a 2-3 day or more steep.

Please comment and critique if you choose to mix this one up.

Vaping in a Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA using the Turbo Mesh @ 70 W

This is my attempt at a Taco Bell Apple Cinnamon Empanada. Basically a fried cinnamon pastry filled with cooked apples. And yes for the full empanada flavor give it the full 21 day steep.

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