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(WF) Banana Purée

By: Wonder Flavours (WF) - Buy Direct

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Sticking with my down home cooking theme where you have your grandmother making you some old fashioned banana custard.. This recipe is derived by an old family real banana custard that I took and made into a vape juice..
Some recipes can be complex where others are are so basic.. This recipe to me is fairly basic in my eye's with an extra banana flavor with the custard as the base and the rest melt together..
Both the Soft Banana and the Banana Puree are a must in this recipe..

This is my bourbon banana foster turned into a creme brulee. I was watching mixing vixens last night and they were doing creme brulee's and I remembered I had never released this take on one of my favorite recipes!!! Sorry for the lack of notes all I did was added creme brulee and custard by inawera and it worked great!!!


If you like banana cream/pudding vapes then this recipe is for you. This recipe was made with a banana pudding ice cream 🍦 with vanilla wafer chunks throughout. In my opinion it's exactly what I was looking. I think its delicious. Probably my new all time favorite banana cream type of flavor to date and that is saying quite a bit.

What I used and why:

My banana combination is the same combination i almost always use the percentages change depending on the profile. If you want a strong in your face bansns I used banana puree by wonder flavours and banana by flavorah . I absolutely love this combination. In this recipe I went a little light and delicate with the banana but I feel it's just perfect in my opinion of coarse. My ice cream/pudding base is a combination of toffee ice cream by vta and vanilla ice cream by lb and vanilla pudding by flv. Toffee ice 🍦 cream adds that thick buttery ice cream that I don't get from lb vanilla ice cream. For me toffee ice cream mixed with vanilla ice cream by lb makes a great buttery ice cream base for me. The ice cream flavor i was going for was a banana pudding ice cream flavor with vanilla wafer chunks throughout so if course I had to use vanilla pudding for my pudding component and biscuit by inawera as my vanilla wafers. The biscuit may be able to be bumped up being that the vanilla wafer note is light at best but overall it's just delicious. If the profile sounds good to you then just mix it you won't be disappointed!!!
I kept the banana 🍌 as low a percentage as I possibly could and still get a good banana flavor. If for any reason you want a 💪 stronger banana flavor then boost both bananas .25% each at a time and you will end up finding the perfect banana percentage for you but for me this is the perfect percentages. 😘

Sweetener: I used .35% of sweetness by Flavorah but feel free to use or don't use your preferred sweetener.

Steep time: 7 days but it's a banana cream recipe so it will keep getting better and better the longer you wait ✋.

Based off the Voortman Strawberry Banana Wafer..
Nice light refreshing flavor mixture hints of vanilla and wafer..
Super simple mix for many new mixers to try out..


I really like layered vape recipes and I try to create at least 1 a month with this being the recipe for the my month.. This is my rendition of something I had seen when I first started to D.I.Y. and I have struggled with in the beginning and I think I have the right amount of everything for the correct tastes so what better then the best of 2 worlds.. Banana Nut Bread with Strawberry Cheesecake combined into one hell of a vape.. Slight coconut hint with the right cream and vanilla.


A rich banana pudding lightly drizzled with butterscotch and salted caramel.

This recipe was on a whim.. I had a request for something different from my wife for juice so I came up with this.. It is not super over powered for the chocolate due to the Glamour Chocolate being used.


This is a recipe I have been playing with. It is my take on a Bourbon banana foster. This recipe is good after an overnight steep! Give it a try and let me know what you think in the reviews!!!!!😃😜 I just realized I had to put butter pecan pie wonder flavors when I used butter pecan pie real flavors super concentrate because it wasn't available for a selection teach me to put up recipes late at night because I forget to right down what I did. Sorry if anyone mixed it the way its written but I bet its good either way lol.

Delicious banana cheesecake.
The banana purée is actually from cupcake world but ATF don't have it listed.
This cheesecake is very creamy with a touch of banana pudding on top. The Devon cream is used to help with the missing butter in the crust and also gives a cream cheese flavor of cheesecake to the custards.
I love this as a SNV but of course steeped for a week or so enhances the creaminess.

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