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(WF) Banana Purée

By: Wonder Flavours (WF) - Buy Direct

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This part 3 to my recipe deconstruction/creation of an excellent banana split. Finale and complete banana split recipe to come in the near future.

I am using the deep fried pastry dough and biscuit for the main note of the puff along with the eggy note from the Vanilla custard and the butter for my cream I wanted a flavor to spice it up and help set it apart I was torn between lemon and banana, since I just got banana puree in the mail I decided to try that with the cream from flv and again pulling notes from the vanilla custard but this time I was looking for the vanilla. As a shake and vape I am mostly getting the vanilla custard and banana puree. I am thinking in 5-7 days the bisquit and deep fried pastry dough will pop out and the banana will soften. I made this recipe by searching online for a recipe to bake some cream puffs and came up with this I have never had a cream puff in real life so in true #mixinvixens fashion I took a shot at it.


A simple fresh banana and a strawberry with a mango loofa took a dip in a cream bath that happened to be in a blender.....HMMMMMM....DELICIOUS!!!

Banana forward light strawberry with a faint mango on the backside.

Thick creamy bananas blended in a decadent rich milky smoothie.

After the Naughty Banana has struck.. The crowd will be Pink With Envy and wanting more..
This is recipe 2 of the series.

Enter the new age of the Naughty Banana... Where this guy could rock your world or Taste Buds...
WF Banana and MB Soft Banana together will knock your socks off..
The Sugar Cone and Vanilla Wafer will take off the rest...
Vienna Cream and Slight Coconut to do the finishing moves and you are set to have this banana explode in your mouth..

This is version 2 of my Strawnana custard remix that I developed on fresh03’s Saturday show. This version eliminates the dryness and uses the citrus notes in the custard to boost the fruits. The Bavarian Cream will help smooth everything out and give the mix even more depth.

After many trials and errors this recipe came into light.. I am a huge chocolate and banana fan so I might as well add it to a crepe recipe I had set up way before I even had the flavors.. Both Australian Chocolate and Glamour Chocolate make a nice base.. Glazed Donughnut adds a little depth to the Crepe.. Everything else just comes together..

Many thanks to everyone from DIY Downunder FB group for the name of the recipe.

I wanted something different and different is what i got. I am in love with this unique banana blend. It's uniquely delicious. If you like sesame sweets by inawera and banana vapes in general then i dare say you will fall in love as well. I mean how cant you not love a fried glazed banana with sesame seeds sprinkled on top?? Give it a try you may be pleasantly surprised!!!! Once again this recipe proves my tried and true banana combo of wonder flavours banana puree and flavorah banana tastes like a real banana not a candy banana like most people think when they see flavorah banana. I use the flv banana to brighten up the banana puree and it works time and time again. It's just the banana combination for me!!!$$$

Sweetener: i used .35% flavorah sweetness. You can use or dont use your preferred sweetener at your preferred percentage its your choice.


if you are bored with the same desert vapes then this is for you. This is my twist on a traditional Asian fried dough desert with sesame, and dang . It is usually made with a rice flour and filled with red bean paste. In this case I wanted to use a starchy sweet filling and used banana puree. The dough is made with the WF sesame and FL sweet dough and the FE rice. While you do not get the overt fried oiliness - you do get a nice dense dough with the rice. The WF candy just brings out a sweet sesame note. along with the Kinako soy. The honey and milk helps bring the sesame and banana banana together and fill in the middle a bit by adding some body to the mix . I
Sweeten to taste with sweetener of choice Made for an episode of Mixin in the kitchen

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