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(VT) Walnut

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

Used in 29 recipes at an average of 1.269%.


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The base of the caramel danish is the combination of croissant and butter toffee base. Together they give me a buttery, flaky danish type pastry with just enough cooked gooey-ness. I used walnut for a slight nuttiness and to add a little texture to my pastry. The orange marmalade infuses my dough with a thick, sticky, cooked orange flavor. Topped off with a generous portion of rich, buttery caramel cream.

Έκαναν παρτούζα το Relax το Supreme και το Castle Long και βγήκε το Hok'ee!

Dessert Tobacco

Steeping Time: 7-10 Days

Walnut Apple-Peach
This is super delicious, and only 3 concentrates.

-WF SC Peach Pie and Cream is awesome to give that Peach taste I needed in this recipe.

-FLV Apple Filling gives that delicious cooked apple and cinnamon.

-VT Walnut this is probably one of the best walnuts I have tried. This just adds that magic touch to make this very authentic.

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