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(VT) Walnut

By: Vape Train (VT) - Buy Direct

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Every since I SF tested TPA Banana Nut Bread years ago I wanted to build a recipe around, but never got around to it. After watching the Noted Banana episode I decided to take a stab at, and i am really happy with the end result.


We have apples, cream, dark caramel and walnut in this mix that gives us a vaping result for an ADV. Just shake well and its ready! Enjoy!


The base of the caramel danish is the combination of croissant and butter toffee base. Together they give me a buttery, flaky danish type pastry with just enough cooked gooey-ness. I used walnut for a slight nuttiness and to add a little texture to my pastry. The orange marmalade infuses my dough with a thick, sticky, cooked orange flavor. Topped off with a generous portion of rich, buttery caramel cream.

Walnut Apple-Peach
This is super delicious, and only 3 concentrates.

-WF SC Peach Pie and Cream is awesome to give that Peach taste I needed in this recipe.

-FLV Apple Filling gives that delicious cooked apple and cinnamon.

-VT Walnut this is probably one of the best walnuts I have tried. This just adds that magic touch to make this very authentic.

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