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MaxSavage was craving some milk and cookies, so how could we not give him what he wanted. However, in DEVELOPED fashion, we wanted to give it a twist; cookies drowned in milk. Like when you dunk the cookie in milk and you have to chase it before it breaks in half. Well, it's not quite that accurate, but we did manage to make a wonderful delight...Milk with Cookie Crumbles! It's best to let this steep for about a week to let the milk settle down, but it can be vaped off the shake if you want that full milk "slap". See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/2kkoFqfOE7Q .

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I love tobacco and apple, so pairing those two is always a win for me. Am4a, to me, is a little bit spicy and bright with a nondiscript fruity accent.Cured is for a little bit of generic tobacco behind the mix. Caramel and vanilla just to add sweetness and vanilla I guess🤔🙂. Pear to support the apple. Enjoy! 7 to 10 days steep is the way to go but it's good right away.

This is my VTA remix of Castle Long by Five Pawns it is a blend of Bourbon with Almond and French Vanilla Ice Cream, plus light coconut and brown sugar notes.

This is a VTA based remix of Kibitzer eliquid by Five Pawns, part of their Red Series, it is a traditional pineapple upside-down cake, this blend i use scorched caramel and Sugarloaf pineapple to create a caramelized pineapple. You'll taste a pineapple juice infused in a moist yellow cake created using Cinnamon Donut, Butter Base, Vanilla Classic, Raw Sugar and Pudding Base. A touch of Cherry adds the flavor of marachino cherries on top of the cake.

A Vape Train version of the classic Baileys Irish Cream. A rich coffee infused vanilla, chocolate and almond cream infused with a nice shot of Scotch Whiskey to add that boozy bite.

The energy drink Pipeline Punch Monster. Orange, Guava, Passionfruit. Vanilla, cream and marshmallow are used to give density.


Read ‘em and weep... yeh, another recipe, and it will blow you’re mind if you love custards with a slight tobacco edge. Thick eggy vanilla tobacco custard, no explaining needed for this one. Just try it and let it become your new favourite recipe :) if you’re on the outside looking in and think you know what’s going on, think again you know nothing Jon snow ;) #jealousyisadishbestservedwitholiveoilandparmesan #saltybae

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