(VT) Swiss Chocolate

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I started with my cereal base and for that I used Cap Cereal 27 and WF Puffs Cereal (Cocoa). Then to add more cocoa flavor I added in VTA Swiss Chocolate which isnt a chocolate but a dry cocoa flavor. For the milk to go with the cereal I went with my go to milk base of FA Milk, TPA Meringue, and TPA Vanilla Swirl. Then because Cocoa Pebbles make the milk somewhat chocolatey I added VTA Chocolate Milk with FLV Sweetness. This does needs a couple of days to settle.


Bowden’s Mate features the flavors of crisp creamy mint with subtle dark chocolate notes and a malted French vanilla finish.
The original Bowdens Mate by Five Pawns reminded me of a Andes Candy a mint cream wedged between two slices of Dark Chocolate with a little bit of malted cream mixed in. So for my remixed version I decided to go with VTA Creme de Menthe for the mint aspect because it's minty with a hint of chocolate. Next I chose VTA Dark Chocolate with VTA Love which has a white chocolate and malty taste. The white chocolate aspect actually helps the French Vanilla Ice Cream pop more. VTA Sweet Mate give it a slightly sweet bump. Next the VTA Swiss Chocolate is more of a cocoa than chocolate but it helps boost the chocolate notes in the creme de menthe. The Vanilla cream adds to the creaminess of the flavor.

We have a delicious fresh waffle cone filled with awesome Vanilla ice cream and topped with a very satisfying Swiss Chocolate and mild peppermint sauce. My dreams of a tolerable chocolate vape have come true!

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